Coliseum at Alliant Energy Center

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  1. lorigonz6 says:

    Does anyone know how the general admission tickets work to this venue?  Is there seating or are you designated to only one area?  Trying to find 4 tickets. Thanks!

  2. Marie_Bronder says:

    When will we receive our tickets for the concert in Madison?

  3. Molly_Poellinger says:

    I’ll buy them from you if you decide to sell

  4. AEUser2542763 says:

    Only 83 more days! I can’t wait!

  5. Natasha_Novak says:

    @Chinaglia  Would love them if possible..

  6. casi63 says:

    YES!!!!!! THAT FREAKIN HAPPENED TO ME! were was the make show Iowa? Had we had the choice of this show for sure would of kept them!

  7. casi63 says:

    2 days? I’ve been trying since they went on sale and sold out in 30 seconds! To a bunch of arse’s who put on ticket sites for 3x the price!

  8. Jennifer_Kramer_Schmidt says:

    My sister met an amazing guy who has been trying to get tickets for her favorite group! I’d love to buy the tickets if they become available. I’ve seen them a few times, it’s worth every penny!

  9. Jennifer_Kramer_Schmidt says:

    Are any other tickets going to be released for the Madison venue? Or are there going to be any Gotr shows this summer?

  10. Aubrey_Gravelle says:

    Can I get them??

  11. Chinaglia says:

    I may have 2 extra tickets to the Madison show.  I won’t know until February or March.  It depends on whether or not my daughter is able to come up from South Carolina for the show. 

  12. Vamer5 says:

    Hah, show is sold out in Madison (which sucks big time), but Stub Hub has tickets… if you want to pay $180. Some jerk is selling them for a profit. A ticket face value is $60, $80 with all the taxes and whatnot. Was hoping to give one to my hubby as a Christmas present (if I could go that’d be ideal, but I’d be happy with sending him), but I’m not going to pay a $100 mark up for a jerk who just bought the tickets to make their own profit. 

  13. sdawley says:

    Been trying on and off for two days – sold out…REALLY?????

  14. Badelie says:

    Good luck everyone, tried for 25 min on the presale before we were finally successful and got two tickets!

    SOOOO looking forward to this show.

  15. kdubbya says:

    Missed out on this presale but just bought on Ticketmaster’s with the same code ‘Arrow” was able to get 4 tickets….YAY!!!!

  16. angelgurl1 says:

    @melarroyo10 Congrats – I did too!!! SO excited – have never seen them live & Love them SO much! (Was a little skeptical after yesterday’s presale letdown…) Now I’m freaking out! lol YAY! :)

  17. melarroyo10 says:

    Radio presale code: DITMAS

    I got three tickets!

  18. kmanch421 says:

    For 12NOV presale code: believe

  19. Ashley_Robbins says:

    Got on for pre sale at 10am and was told tickets were no longer available kept trying never got through! First tickets should have went to the people who got screwed over from the postponed Chicago concert this past summer sorry some off our lives are not able to be changed in less than two days. Guess I am not meant to see Mumford and sons!

  20. Pazman says:

    The ticket presale email I received from took me to the site above.  Sounds like it was the one everyone else was on.

  21. bkoni27 says:

    Is this legit??

  22. astamas says:

    @Pazman where did you go on this site to buy tickets?

  23. Sarah_Liesenfeld says:

    I have never tried my luck with pre-sales before. Should I just bite the bullet and buy some from stub hub? Or do I have better luck with tomorrow on Ticketmaster? I am dying to see this show

  24. Pazman says:

    Just an FYI about Madison tickets…I got on the site right at 10:00 a.m. and experienced all the same problems mentioned below.  “No tickets available”, said I hit the back button when I didn’t, etc…  Then when I attempted to add tickets to my cart for the thousandth time (about 10:40 a.m.) it said I already had some in my cart.  So I did end up getting two. I wanted four but I guess it actually excepted my order at some point when I had asked for two.  I had tried every ticket option, one through four, numerous times.  I noticed the site immediately thereafter said they were sold out.

    So long story short.  It does appear like it eventually worked for me. 

  25. says:

    Where do I send the bill for my lost time?

  26. vibefrequency says:

    On at 10:02 no tix…

    I had this happen 2 years ago

    I went to the Chicago show and it got rescheduled. So I had to make two trips… Now this

    Very displeased

    Lionel martin 608-206-3867

  27. kshack25 says:

    StubHub was able to get tickets…

  28. winfield14 says:

    Already on sale from scalpers at $166 each.  So $100 more than what mumford tried to sell them as.  Shameful scalpers.  May not go now.

  29. Nathanbeck21 says:

    @Sarah_Liesenfeld – Yes, with ‘thewolf’.

  30. says:

    @angelgurl1 Thank you.  Then from a process improvement, ticketstoday should flip to the SOLD OUT status on a real-time basis (in this case, within the first minute of the sale.)

     Some of us crazies will keep trying until then…

  31. angelgurl1 says:

    @Nathanbeck21 Well – Congrats to you @Nathanbeck21 ! (& Good Luck to everyone else on getting pre-sale tix tomorrow!) Including me! lol

  32. Sarah_Liesenfeld says:

    Do we need to try ticketmaster tomorrow for the next “pre-sale”?

  33. angelgurl1 says: I called the ticketstoday customer service – the young man said he doesn’t know of any “glitch” – but, it was a very limited number of tickets being released today and most likely sold out that quickly. (Disappointed! But – will try again tomorrow!) Good Luck – hope you get tickets!

  34. Jason_Milburn says:

    I was in within seconds of going onsale, and got nothing. I got screwed because of the reschedule of the Chicago show, and got screwed again. What is the point of a fan “presale” when only 5 tickets were available? Come on….I have bought a lot of tickets in the past, and have never seen anything like this before…presale…really. sincerely, extremely disappointed fan

  35. Nathanbeck21 says:

    I noticed a couple people posted the pre-sale code for tomorrow (thewolf), but here is some more info:

  36. says:

    For Madison, it just changed from the BUY button to SOLD OUT and I have been trying to get tickets this whole time.  So, either the Code ARROW wasn’t working, or using Google Chrome is incompatible, or…..  There is no way that tickets were being sold for 40 minutes, while every one of my attempts til then were unsuccessful.  Strange and disappointing.  My kid was even trying on his phone, while in class – nada.

  37. Sean_Barry says:

    They closed it now, says its sold out. 

  38. Chenoah_Olson says:

    I couldnt get any for madison either and i was on the site at 10.. even tried Minneapolis

  39. Nathanbeck21 says: @Nathanbeck21 – Yeah, ARROW.  I’m so curious about the number of tickets that were available, because I’ve heard the same things from a number of other people.  Really, it just comes down to luck with these pre-sales.

  40. Sarah_Liesenfeld says:

    All I want is ONE ticket! I am so going to cry about this.

  41. Kgottsacker says:

    same thing…looking for Madison WI tickets…none :(

  42. Cheyenne444 says:

    It was the Mumford and sons newsletter

  43. says:

    @Nathanbeck21 Thank you for letting me know.  Yes, did you use ARROW code?

  44. Sarah_Liesenfeld says:

    @Nathanbeck21 How did you manage that? It seems no one else can get them

  45. Nathanbeck21 says: – Yes, I got four tickets to the Madison show.

  46. says:

    In within first ten seconds.  Tried 4, then 3, then 2, then 1 quantities to no avail for the Madison, WI venue (all entered within the first minute of available access.)  Received the same message as others had posted below.  Were any tickets really available M&S? Please review.

  47. jasrogness says:

    This was the link–it’s strange that they don’t have it marked as sold out like they do for indy though.

  48. Jeremy_Zuleger says:

    Relax everybody… they have like 4 different presales that will all go the same way. It isn’t being disorganized. It is what happens with high demand. You can try the Live Nation Ticketmaster PreSale tomorrow and that will also likely sell out right away. Then you can try the regular onsale on Friday… which will also sell out in a matter of minutes. They are a popular band. It happens.

  49. Sarah_Liesenfeld says:

    This is crap!! I signed it at 10 on the dot and there aren’t enough tickets???

  50. Jeremy_Zuleger says:

    Yep… I was refreshing my browser to get in at 10:00. I am guessing they limited the number of presale tickets today to have enough for the presale tomorrow for Live Nation and then the general presale. 

  51. David_Dominguez1 says:

    this is unbelievable! 

  52. Brittney_Behymer says:

    I got the same message and signed in at 10:02.

  53. jelsm37 says:

    I signed in right at 10:00 also got the same message…I wonder if the website couldn’t handle the Volume

  54. RandiK says:

    @jasrogness wondering if that message is coming from a ticket scalper rather than the tour promoters. 

  55. RandiK says:

    @Cheyenne444 I’m wondering if the email we’re getting is some ticket agent and not the tour promoters themselves. The promo code is not working for me as well. 

  56. jasrogness says:

    on exactly at 10 am and had the same message.  not enough tickets.

  57. Lauren_Bisgard says:

    @Cheyenne444 I’m having the same issue. Very frustrating

  58. ROLSEN says:

    Yeah I had the same problem.  I had been watching the clock.  Probably won’t get them tomorrow either……………. 

  59. kickenb says:

    This is extremely frustrating…I thought today was the presale however Ticketmaster is saying tomorrow?  How are some of you even getting an option to try and purchase tickets?  Nothing I see will even let me attempt. 

  60. Cheyenne444 says:

    I got an email, which sent me to a link to buy them today at 10. However, right at 10, it said “At this moment there are not enough tickets available to fulfill your request” for ANY amount of tickets! You’d think by now that bands would have this figured out. 

  61. David_Dominguez1 says:

    so there is no link on THIS site to buy tickets, and the email link won’t even let me buy tickets? SOLD OUT before the time available? WTF!!

  62. karikraus96gmailcom says:

    They are already sold out for the pre-sale today : (

  63. Mallsballs says:

    I agree definitely needs to be more organized I dont know where to go and now they are sold out

  64. kaldhust says:

    I’m confused as well. I’m worried about the organization that oversees their concerts. Last summer I took off of work, drove all the way to Chicago only to be told that the concert  was canceled. Who’s in charge?

  65. mbagins83 says:

    @tshepro I am also having the same confusion

  66. tshepro says:

    Maybe someone can help me. Ticketmaster says pre-sale starts Thursday. Here it says today, Wednesday. Is there a place here we can buy tickets today at 10 AM?

  67. Bill_Willcome says:

    the wolf

  68. Mark_Earle says:

    presale code thewolf

  69. sarahlcowen says:

    The radio code is “ditmas”.

  70. Kayla_Halderson says:

    Also waiting on the Presale code… 

  71. TDDerrico says:

    Did anyone get the pre-sale code?  Still haven’t seen anything yet…