CenturyLink Field (with U2)

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  1. silverPanther says:

    Do you guys ever donate to good causes? Would you like to? Remember I mentioned Bellingham? I spoke to the marketing directer at the venue and he said because it only accommodates 1,500 fans you wouldn’t end up making that much money and your manager would never let you do it. But since you’ll be coming this way anyway, you could still play at that venue on May 13 and donate part of your earnings to Rescued Hearts Northwest, our dog rescue. Check us out at facebook.com/rescuedhearts for our mission statement and fun pics. Make your fans happy, make our Theatre happy, and save some dogs’ lives all at the same time! If it sounds like I’m asking you to play for free, well…um…I am. Pretty please will you consider it?

  2. silverPanther says:

    So thrilled you lads are coming to the West Coast! I was also unable to get a ticket for the Seattle show on May 14, but it would have been a stretch for me anyway because I’m in a wheelchair. Still, you are coming from Vancouver and most likely will pass right over my hometown of Bellingham on your way to Seattle. If you are into playing at a smaller venue there is an awesome place that will hold a little over 1,500 of your best fans! If there is any way you can arrange to perform live here on May 13 it would be so much appreciated! The venue name is Mount Baker Theatre, phone 1+360-733-5793 (administration office). They are clear on May 13 and I have notified them of your tour dates (pretty sure they already knew!). I’ve been trying to see you live since 2008 and I won’t get another chance in my lifetime. Come and see beautiful Bellingham! Drinks are on me!

  3. apintsa says:

    I wish you guys have a better way to sell your tickets to your fans. It suxs soon much that scalpers are the ones getting all this tickets. :( I’ve been trying to go to your concert for the past 4 years and its been impossible. Since i cannot pay the ridiculous amount their asking for those resale tix. The only thing i can wish for is that you guys add more days in California or around Portland. :-) it would mean the WORLD to your fans!

  4. Kindlar says:

    Spiffieman, I got a presale code via U2.com. I had to subscribe in order to get it, ansd that was $50, but I got my ticket that way.

  5. spiffieman says:

    any presale codes?