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  1. annahendricksen says:

    Contacted CenturyLink. Blake Mills @ 7:30p, M&S @ 8:45p.

  2. calebulf says:

    @IOWAMUMFAN any idea what time it starts tonight? Website and Google say 6pm, Ticket Master says 7:30… 

  3. Aubrey_Schnee says:

    Does anyone know whose opening for them in Omaha?

  4. jackvanwink says:

    I purchased tickets via the presale some time ago, confirmation email mentions that tickets will be mailed via first class mail.  Anyone know when that will be?  Concerned about not having electronic tickets currently.

  5. Sarah_Shane says:


  6. cheltop says:

    @IOWAMUMFAN Thank you so much I got my tickets :)

  7. IOWAMUMFAN says:

    @cheltop @BNCJPC Try the code WILDER

  8. IOWAMUMFAN says:

    I think you can just go to the ticketmaster.com and search “mumford and sons.” Find the April 19 date in Omaha. There’s a countdown to the presale. That page includes a seating chart so that when TM chooses your seats, you can see where they are before you accept. Remember that all floor seats are general admission.

  9. IOWAMUMFAN says:

    Hi everyone. I’m on the email list for the CenturyLink Center. Yesterday’s email included the presale code for the Ticketmaster presale that starts at 10:00 CT. It is WILDER.

  10. Courtney_Mehmen says:

    @jakemcevoy_96 @awhansen05 How do I buy on presale? Did you receive an email? I signed up a few hours ago but haven’t received anything yet *sad panda.*

  11. jakemcevoy_96 says:

    @awhansen05 I got mine for $60 today. I bought presale 

  12. awhansen05 says:

    does anyone know how much tickets are going for, when we can get in?

  13. AprilN says:

    Do you know what the presale code is?

  14. cheltop says:

    @BNCJPC I’m having the same trouble! I even called ticket master twice and they all have no idea on how to even get a presale password.

  15. cheltop says:

    Does anyone know if the presale code for today can be used on the presale tickets for ticketmaster tomorrow morning?

  16. kaborg says:

    @IOWAMUMFAN @kaborg @jtefft  If there is a code idk what it is :(

  17. IOWAMUMFAN says:

    @Dorene_Spies @IOWAMUMFAN Good question. It’s a jungle out there in terms of ticket vendors. I’m not sure that all of them can handle the demand when a presale happens.

  18. Dorene_Spies says:

    @IOWAMUMFAN I have never heard of tickets today and they only have 200 likes on facebook-so I wonder how reliable it would have been?

  19. BNCJPC says:

    I am trying to get the tickets and can’t get in either. Do you know the pre-sale code through ticketmaster for tomorrow? 

  20. nbachtell says:

    Still can’t get it to work…ugh

  21. Pegyjojo says:

    Thanks for your help I was able to get tickets but had to buy 1 at a time because it kept telling me to reduce quantity

  22. jtefft says:


    I had to try a few times and refresh the browser but I eventually got in and bough GA floor seats. I even tried it again to make sure it was working for other seats. Upper bowl seemed to be working as well. Keep trying to try a different web browser if that’s an option for you.

  23. jelsm37 says:

    Finally got in…try again

  24. IOWAMUMFAN says:

    @kaborg @IOWAMUMFAN @jtefft Does TM give a presale code? All tickets can’t possibly be sold out already. I’m guessing that today’s presale was only for a certain number of tickets. They were gone in just a couple minutes.

  25. jtefft says:

    @IOWAMUMFAN  Yeah that is just stupid. I’m gonna keep my eye on ticketmaster tomorrow morning. Their website says presale starts tomorrow at 10am CT.

  26. IOWAMUMFAN says:

    FYI: Tickets are $60 (plus $8.65 service fee) each for general-admission floor seats and lower-bowl seats. Upper-bowl seats are $45 (plus $7.55 service fee). Let’s hope we have another opportunity to get them.

  27. IOWAMUMFAN says:

    BTW, this all happened in less than a minute. :(

  28. IOWAMUMFAN says:

    OK, here’s what I found out. The link apparently isn’t opening tickets for presale. I tried clicking a box on the email I received, and that worked. Try http://mumfordandsons.shop.ticketstoday.com/. But here’s the problem: I requested lower-bowl tickets, they give you the option, I checked the seating chart and decided I wanted a different spot. So I tried another request (for just 2 tickets) and it said there aren’t enough tickets left in the lower bowl to fulfill my request. Tried upper bowl. Same thing. Tried general admission. Same thing!!! I wonder if they released a very precious few number for today’s presale. NOT COOL.

  29. kaborg says:

    @IOWAMUMFAN @jtefft  nonthing on my site yet and my ticketmaster account is also saying Thursday at 10 for presale date and time

  30. schroederboat says:


  31. IOWAMUMFAN says:

    @jtefft @IOWAMUMFAN Slight correction — looks as if “TICKETS” appears, based on the other dates.

  32. jtefft says:

    @IOWAMUMFAN @schroederboat  That’s probably a good idea. We’ll have to wait a few minutes to see what happens.

  33. IOWAMUMFAN says:

    @schroederboat I think so. The site I was sent is mumfordandsons.com/tour. A list of all the dates appears, and I’m guessing/hoping that a clickable “tickets here” or something similar appears next to the Omaha date.

  34. schroederboat says:

    ya, where is it we actually acquire the tix through? this website? third party?

  35. IOWAMUMFAN says:

    @jtefft @IOWAMUMFAN The email from M&S said mumfordandsons.com/tour is the site. A list of dates comes up, and “TICKET EXCHANGE” appears next to each one once tickets go on sale. I’m hoping the email is correct!

  36. jtefft says:

    @IOWAMUMFAN  Ticketmaster is showing that they go on pre-sale tomorrow 11/12 at 10am CT

  37. jtefft says:

    @IOWAMUMFAN  What site are you purchasing the tickets from? I can’t find a site where they’re going on pre-sale today at 10am.

  38. IOWAMUMFAN says:

    Hi all. The email I received said the presale for Omaha starts at 10:00 CT (about 15 minutes away!) and the code is ARROW.

  39. cheltop says:

    @tmikuls I haven’t gotten anything, I even signed up for the newsletter on two email accounts!

  40. Pegyjojo says:

    I’m not familiar with Twitter and all so don’t know if we’ll get an email or tweet or what??

  41. tmikuls says:

    Anyone get a presage notice yet?  Supposed to go out today I believe….

  42. shoskis says:

    Is the floor GA?

  43. Pegyjojo says:

    Tickets on sale yet?

  44. mooth1 says:

    Haven’t heard yet

  45. jordanstahr says:

    Any Presale info?