05 December 2015 • Motorpoint Arena

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  1. Graham_Menagh says:

    Hi it’s my daughters birthday tomorrow and was wondering if you could give her a shout during the show tonight. If you can it would be great!!

  2. Dean_Williams says:

    Can you email me on if you still have the tickets.

  3. Steve_Colwill says:

    Hi, do you still have these..?

  4. Steve_Colwill says:

    Have these tickets gone yet..?

  5. churcher72 says:

    Could you let me know if still available please

  6. churcher72 says:

    Im interested if tickets still available

  7. Richie_Hill says:

    Hey am really keen in purchasing the tickets and hotel. Email

  8. Carl_Price says:

    @AEUser129572 Did you manage to get tickets to Mumfords at Cardiff on 5th December? I have posted on their site against the Cardiff date that I have two become available through rather unfortunate circumstances.

  9. Carl_Price says:

    @Christian_White Did you manage to get tickets to Mumfords at Cardiff on 5th December? I have posted on their site against the Cardiff date that I have two become available through rather unfortunate circumstances.

  10. Carl_Price says:

    @Carys_Thomas Did you manage to get tickets to Mumfords at Cardiff on 5th December? I have posted on their site against the Cardiff date that I have two become available through rather unfortunate circumstances.

  11. Carl_Price says:

    @Annabelle_Pemberton Did you manage to get tickets? I have posted on the Mumfords site against the Cardiff date earlier today….. as I have two spare tickets now available through rather unfortunate circumstances.

  12. Carl_Price says:

    @rrogers11 No other data added, so not sure whether you managed to satisfy yourself with tickets for this date, or are travelling to see the Mumfords elsewhere. However, see my post a the top of this page as I have a pair of tickets available at a very late stage through rather unfortunate circumstances.

  13. Carl_Price says:

    @Bailey1994 Not sure whether you finally managed to get tickets or not, but see my post at the top of the page as I have two available through rather unfortunate circumstances.

  14. Carl_Price says:

    2 tickets unexpectedly, and reluctantly, available for the Cardiff show on Saturday 5th December. We’re only selling because our son has recently broken his leg badly and can’t be left overnight. We would do anything to still be going, but common sense is telling us otherwise.

    I am not interested in making a profit as I would prefer a friend, fan or colleague to go rather than making a quick buck like too many touts.

    I am posting on the ticket exchange as well, but unlikely to see success through that route as the only option is to meet up and pass the tickets over in person – we are a long way from Cardiff, so therefore unlikely to find a perfect buying partner.


    OPTIONAL EXTRA: As we were due to travel to the show, we also have a hotel booking at the Park Inn just outside the city centre. It is very near a simple bus route, and is a 10-15 minute ride into the city centre, costing £1.60 per person each way. COST OF THE HOTEL IS £50 FOR A DOUBLE ROOM, BED AND FULL BREAKFAST.


    As the gig is in just a couple of days, tickets (and hotel voucher, if required) can be sent out via Royal Mail guaranteed next day delivery or courier. Both of these will be chargeable at cost, with the appropriate means to be determined by the purchaser. Actually, alternatively, the hotel voucher could be emailed, but the tickets are physical tickets and not e-tickets so that is not an option.

    I am also opening this wonderful opportunity to a wider audience through other means, so tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis.


  15. Gareth_Dunster says:

    Yes please

  16. vanegmond4 says:

    i Have 2 spare tickets, we’re not able to come over for the show.

    Anyone interested?

  17. Laura_Evans2 says:

    Please add another Cardiff date! :(

  18. rrogers11 says:

    Tickets seemed to sell out within seconds…seems they all sold out in the presale. Now they are getting sold at extortionate prices by websites such as GETMEIN. Seems pretty unfair for fans who really did try to get tickets but can’t afford to pay £130 for tickets from other sites. Another date, I think.

  19. rrogers11 says:


  20. Bailey1994 says:

     ADD AN EXTRA DATE FOR CARDIFF! (4th Dec). All the tickets are sold out (5th Dec) and there’s people crying out for them! (Me) Fans are being priced out by money grabbers selling tickets for 3x the price, plus fees!! Dublin and Glasgow had an extra date, hopefully it won’t be the ‘welsh’ factor for us not getting an extra date!

  21. Gill_Smith says:

    Can someone tell me what’s happening with Cardiff tickets please. Missed the pre sale but but on here it shows as tickets still available at Cardiff,however when I click on the link it just takes me through to all the acts on at Motorpoint in Nov/Dec…really confused? 

  22. AEUser129723 says:

    I logged on to pre sale site at a few minutes before 9 on Wednesday and waited about an hour before getting 2 tickets for Cardiff. I opted for the more expensive tickets at £37.50 each and discovered after transaction was complete these are standing tickets. Paid an extra £7.50 processing fee and £2.40 p&p. Delighted to have got tickets without having to pay too much of a premium. So glad I registered for pre sale link.

  23. Clare_Wilkinson says:

    Got me a standing ticket for Cardiff on Wednesday the pre sale website and only having to wait nearly a hour in the virtual queue! I’m so happy I seen your email at the weekend telling me of your pre sale date..thanks boys! So can’t wait now for 5th December bring it on!! ✌

  24. Tolch40 says:

    Am so disappointed about tickets for Cardiff, tried the presale two days ago and no luck!  been sat on computer since 8.55 am trying to get tickets and absolutely nothing……………unless I am willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money for various ticket partners, It seems they have mmore tickets than Ticketmaster themselves! Something wrong somewhere!

  25. Annabelle_Pemberton says:

    Literally so gutted, was up waiting for pre sale for four hours on Wednesday and was ready way before 9 today yet nothing, even tried other venues hours and hours away but either really bad seats or extortionate prices! So heartbroken because I’ve been waiting years to see them live :(

  26. Christian_White says:

    Sold out on phones now. Took 67 attempts to get through to them only to find out that they are sold out there too. Such a disappointment considering I was on Ticketmaster searching for tickets at 9:00 exactly after watching the timer countdown for over 45 minutes. Now the only option is to get ripped off by “partner companies”. Someone seriously needs to sort this out for the serious fans that have done everything they can to get tickets both on pre-sale and general sale only to be leaving empty handed :(

  27. SteveLiz_Tee says:

    Just got thru on tel and got 4. Standing only now.

  28. Barrettstandregular says:

    @Sian_Clarke @AEUser129583  hang in there Sian. just bought on the phone

  29. Barrettstandregular says:

    I know it’s popular but you would think the bands management would have a stronger say on these things. If ticket agencies don’t comply then don’t allow them to sell the tickets….there are plenty of companies who would willingly NOT rip you off like Ticketmaster clearly do….

  30. sofiamc says:

    @wastedLegend same here, we bought tickets for Sheffield which is miles away from where we live… At 9:01 no tickets left for Cardiff, what is all of this about?

  31. Barrettstandregular says:

    @Sian_Clarke @Barrettstandregular  Trouble is people are buying them and paying a £40 ‘processing fee’. What is that all about? Ticketmaster should be ashamed of themselves. Questions in parliament please on behalf of the consumer

  32. wastedLegend says:

    good luck y’all, my Mrs gave up and we got tickets at birmingham instead, Cardiff doesn’t seem easy to get tickets for anything. I can’t imagine every ticket got sold in one minute. I ain’t paying 4x ticket price for one ticket. not good

  33. Sian_Clarke says:

    @AEUser129583 Been trying but gave up as permanently engaged. Guess I’ll try a bit longer!

  34. AEUser129583 says:

    Ring motorpoint on 02920224488 my mate got through and bought 4 tix

  35. Sian_Clarke says:

    @Barrettstandregular Must’ve been earlier than 9.02 as I clicked ‘Go’ the second they became available through the TM website.

  36. Sian_Clarke says:

    What a joke. I’m really angry at this. Have been having hell from my toddler who’s tearing the place apart while I sit here pressing refresh on the website & redial on the phone just to come back with nothing. What’s the point in advertising tickets that don’t exist??

  37. Barrettstandregular says:

    Tickets sold out through Ticketmaster at 9.02 for Cardiff but available through Get me In (a ticketmaster company ) at twice the price immediately. It’s a scandal.

  38. Carys_Thomas says:

    Been awake since 5:30 waiting for tickets (was a bit to excited)- when they went on sale at 9 I was ready, I even counted down from 10 seconds like a weirdo. Apparently there all sold out. how is that possible? 

  39. Christian_White says:

    Same here, had the page ready, watching the countdown till sale. It was still 9:00 when I clicked to find tickets and already there was none. There must be something wrong here?!?!?!?

  40. AEUser129572 says:

    No tickets left at 9am for real fans – only on Get Me In at over double face value – you shouldn’t be allowing this to happen. 

  41. AEUser129572 says:

    @wastedLegend same here, unless you want to pay over double on Get Me In – same old story, fans ripped off by touts

  42. wastedLegend says:

     are there no tickets avaible at all? got in at 9:00 and appear to have none left at all

  43. sofiamc says:

    what time tomorrow does general sale start for cardiff?

  44. SteveLiz_Tee says:

    When does general sale for Cardiff start?

  45. SteveLiz_Tee says:

    Total fiasco today trying to get tickets for Cardiff.

    Managed eventually to get 4 Standing into my Basket and filled in card details etc only for Checkout to fail.

    Then see the message ‘Presale sold out’.

    We expect better than this and would appreciate clarity on wtf is meant to be going on.

  46. Bluebell29 says:

    Cardiff presale sold out :-(

  47. Howells says:

    Trying to get tickets for Cardiff!! The link just takes me to motorpoint home page even though I’ve signed up for pre sale! Can someone help? X

  48. bethm90 says:

    ticket master is now saying that presale isn’t until tomorrow with general sale on Friday morning

  49. bethm90 says:

    What is the link for Music glue?! I can’t find the Cardiff pre sale tickets anywhere even though I’ve signed up for them. Somebody help please!

  50. Martin_Wodehouse says:

    Finally in on the queue, takes you to music glue and you can buy there. Limit of 4 tickets, standing £37.50 each plus postage.

  51. TomMckeown says:

    @Lesleyella  how much were the tickets?

  52. Lesleyella says:

    It was there own site but it took me to ‘music glue’ and I filled in from there. I originally had a screen up on Mumford site for nearly an hour saying I was in a queue then it clicked off to music glue, Good Luck everyone x

  53. sarah123 says:

    @Lesleyella  what site or link did you use?

  54. sarah123 says:

    @Rosiebartlett  what site or link did you use?

  55. TomMckeown says:

    Cant find the site

  56. Rosiebartlett says:

    woohoo, just got three tickets for Cardiff :)

  57. TomMckeown says:

    @Lesleyella  where from?

  58. Lesleyella says:

    Yes just bought 4 for Cardif

  59. Lesleyella says:

    Absolutely gutted come on Mumford you must have known this was happening why didn’t someone from your team let us know this was a con?

  60. Graham_WrightEvans says:

    Tickets don’t go on sale till Friday looking at all other dates …..just a con to get u signed up n fill ur email with nonsense …….very disappointed with u Mumford ….

  61. TomMckeown says:

    The Cardiff ticket link is not working for me. just takes me to the motorpoint home screen

  62. Nattymcg says:

    Why can’t i find tickets for Cardiff??

  63. Chloe28 says:

    Why cant i get on the link for the tickets??

  64. hannahbrindley says:

    Is the pre-sale for Cardiff different? Why is this happening?!

  65. TomMckeown says:

    Is every venue apart from Cardiff working?

  66. Graham_WrightEvans says:

    Please don’t tell me Mumford that you are using ticketmaster…………can’t get Cardiff tickets …..

  67. Melaniegreen1 says:

    The Cardiff site isn’t linked to actually purchase TICKETS like the other venues – help!