Grand Parade

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  1. hannahedanvers says:

    Absolutely amazing performance on Friday 29th! Does anyone know where or how to find photos of the night, specifically of the audience? Please could you help if possible?

  2. rudibotharb says:

    Btw, the 3 opening acts were a waste of time…even Beatenberg(No stage presence!) Uber a taxi so you arrive at 9pm. Mumford starts performing at 10pm until 12. We stood at the front right hand side of the stage. Lots of space. leaving as also easy and very orderly. 

    Cues for bar very long. No cash allowed…buy a R300 cash card when you enter.

  3. rudibotharb says:

    @Roxanne_Badenhorst There was a disabled area. did also see some pregnant women walking around in crowd. No chairs etc was allowed in at entrance though…

  4. rudibotharb says:

    what an epic concert last night in Cape town! Beautiful summer night…31 degrees in the shade of Table mountain. Love you guys! Thanks for the show. Will never forget it! 

  5. Roxanne_Badenhorst says:

    I am also 7 months pregnant and hoping it is safe. My husband is also worried.

  6. jeaninevox says:

    I have a ticket

  7. jeaninevox says:

    1 ticket for sale. R499, includes courier to Cape Town. If sIf situated in bloem, discount will be granted. Thanks ;)

  8. Richie_Madden says:

    I will buy them. Call me on 0786367410. Thanks. Richie

  9. Fayaaz_Sattar says:


    I have tickets for me and my wife for the Cape Town 29 Jan show. She is 7 months pregnant so I wanted more information regarding the venue and seating but the ticket sales site has no such information. Will there be seating and will it be suitable for a pregnant lady.

  10. Imogen_King says:

    @LisaAnna  I had same experience, then checked computicket yesterday and got a ticket for Friday – try again

  11. Imogen_King says:

    @Roxy_Buckley  Check computicket – I got a ticket yesterday for Friday

  12. Imogen_King says:

    Tried my luck and was thrilled to get a ticket just 5 days before the concert – see you on Friday! I paid normal asking price – not the inflated viagogo pricess – YAY!

  13. Imogen_King says:

    near impossible to get tickets unless you pay the ticket scalpers – viagogo – they block booked most of the tickets and resold at a premium – how is that even allowed? So disappointed.

  14. Roxy_Buckley says:

    :( so badly want to take my husband! So heart broken

  15. Bevan_Lane says:

    Not well organised.. unsure about the venue.. so many fans so little room…

  16. LisaAnna says:

    Wow!  You guys at Kirstenbosch.  Would be the BEST!

  17. LisaAnna says:

    Sooooo disappointed.  Started trying to buy tickets the second it opened.  Couldn’t get through.  Nothing for me.  Been waiting years.  Hope you guys extend for another date in Cape Town. 

  18. AEUser128192 says:

     All tickets sold out in a minute. You have so many fans here. Please book more concert dates or move to larger venues: ie the Stadiums. Please :-)

  19. Deon_Van_Vuuren says:

    Tickets sold out within seconds :-( was soo amped

  20. Sam_Marx says:

    On my 25th birthday!! Can’t celebrate it in a beter way. Yeay and awesome location!!

  21. Michelle_Fish says:

    Yeah baby!!! So stoked :)

  22. Cerize_Swart says:

    YESSSSSSS! :D Happy beyond words my first concert are you guys!!!!! 

  23. Natasha_Rheeder says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!! When will the tickets be available??? See nothing on Computicket yet?!

  24. Tammy_Hunt says:

    THANK YOU!! Have been waiting YEARS for this ❤️

  25. Gina_Dowling says:

    The happiest woman alive right now!! I get to see my absolute favourite musicians live in South Africa! Thank you 

  26. Rati_Mashego says:

    Oh my soul!!!!!!! This is the moment I have wated many many years for!!!! Thank you thank you!!

  27. Wentzel_Dowling says:

    Yes. Cant wait…MUMFORD