Cape Town (2)

30 January 2016 • Grand Parade

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  1. Nelis_Strydom says:

    Does anyone know about the shuttles that will run from the parkings? 

  2. cdawnk2 says:

    Sooooo bleak about not getting tickets. having 7 tabs open on my screen trying for an hour but no luck. heres to hoping for a third show!!1

  3. LisaAnna says:

    No success for me.  Two days in a row.  My internet probably split seconds too slow because I live in the bush.  Super depressed right now.  Looks like I will just have to do some over seas travelling to see them.  My son even stood in the queue for me and was 2 people away before the big SHUT DOWN

  4. Scaramouche23 says:

    SUCCESS!! See you in Cape Town – I will be counting the seconds and heart beats! 

  5. JohnMichael_Nida says:

    Any way to be notified beforehand when tickets will be going on sale for the 30th show?

  6. Jacqueline_Plessis says:

    Hoping to get tickets tomorrow…

  7. Mirjam_Elsinger says:

    When will the ticket sale start for the 30th of January concert??

  8. h_kruthyahoocom says:

    Any chance we members get early tickets?

  9. h_kruthyahoocom says:

    YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you guys! Best news EVER!! Have all three your albums on vinyl and can’t wait to hear you live!