Bridgestone Arena

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  1. brittvinsontwccom says:

    It is my number one bucket list item to witness the guys singing “Timshel” in person. It’s my favorite song of theirs and I just know I’ll be a ball of tears if they sing it!!!! So my fingers are crossed!!!!!!!!! Nashville!!

  2. volfancpa says:

    Play Lover’s Eyes at Nashville show.

  3. Beth_Eilers says:

    I’m not meant to have the tickets because I’ve been doing this all day and getting nothing but the Sorry no tickets match your search error message. I don’t understand how anyone gets tickets. So frustrating.

  4. Beth_Eilers says:

    Is Nashville sold out? I’ve been attempting to buy tickets all day with zero luck.

  5. Lauraash83 says:

    So, after persistence and luck I got 2 GA ticks. Not what I wanted at all (lower level would’ve been nice) but happy to have something. I saw them 5th row, center stage in an ancient Roman arena this summer in Verona, Italy. I’m not saying that to brag, but it’s absolutely ridiculous that I cannot get tickets for a show 5 min from my home at a decent (but not the greatest) venue, but I can get tickets with ease at the most epic venue of all time. Such bs.

  6. austinprevost says:

    @chuminoleyva3gmailcom Did you find out about the ga tickets?

  7. austinprevost says:

    where the frick are the ga tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????? Anyone have any idea?????

  8. Jordan_Burdette says:

    So is this show sold out?

  9. Sydney_Tomlinson says:

    So will there be 100 and 200 level tickets available tomorrow or will it just be what is left?

  10. chuminoleyva3gmailcom says:

    Are all the GA tickets sold out? Anyone knows? Please and thank you!

  11. Bethany_Staats says:

    I happened to be watching as soon as the page loaded for on sale. Got lower level 101 with code ARROW. Didn’t know there were other codes. Just glad to have seats. Yesterday was a nightmare!

  12. Jere_Warren says:

    I’m glad everyone else got great seats. :( 

  13. nbfallon12 says:

    So glad the folks on here are managing to get decent seats/tix! Especially after yesterday’s debacle.

    Codes are: WINSTON, LIGHTNING and BELIEVE.  Good luck everyone! :-) 

  14. clrumbaugh says:

    @Matthew_Lies @clrumbaugh the seats are more comfortable in the 200s. You’re not going to be super close, but you’ll enjoy the show!

  15. Matthew_Lies says:

    @clrumbaugh @Matthew_Lies Good to know!  It gave me 103 after a few tries so I jumped on them and the page wouldn’t connect and time ran out, then tried another few times before it gave me 207. 

  16. clrumbaugh says:

    @Steph1986 @clrumbaugh Yes, i noticed that too. And it has ticket delay so people can turn around and sell them right now. I got 300s at first too. I had it set at lowest price, and even though it said club level was included, that’s not true. 223 represent! haha

  17. clrumbaugh says:

    @Matthew_Lies club level is the best IMO. 

  18. Matthew_Lies says:

    Sweet! Code worked, thank you. I got club level. Not bad I guess.  At least I got tix!!

  19. Steph1986 says:

    @clrumbaugh @Steph1986  It gave me 300s at first too and then I switched to better seats and noticed it was set to cheapest price.  So got section 210 club level on 2nd try!  Yay!  Wish I could have gotten lower level yesterday.  So glad that ticketmaster has a bot scramble unlike the ticket site for yesterday’s presale.

  20. clrumbaugh says:

    @Steph1986 @clrumbaugh I had a mini panic because I HATE sitting in the 300s and that’s all the site was giving me. Kept trying and finally got seats in the 200s. WHEW! :)

  21. Steph1986 says:

    @clrumbaugh @Steph1986  Apparently there was a local radio station code too.  I received code from AEG Live Newsletter. Glad you got tix too.  Yesterday was so frustrating!!!

  22. clrumbaugh says:

    I hate the fees so much. $10.80 service fee, $4.50 facility fee, and then $5.45 order processing fee. I hate buying tickets. But I love Mumford & Sons… so, worth it, I guess?

  23. clrumbaugh says:

    @Steph1986 Interesting. I used WINSTON and got 2. I didn’t realize there were different codes. I found mine through 102.9’s website.

  24. Dntuthill says:

    Used BELIEVE on TicketMaster and got 4

  25. Steph1986 says:

    Ticketmaster presale is on right now.  just purchased 4 tickets.  code is BELIEVE

  26. clrumbaugh says:

    Yes, got club level! Tried for over an hour yesterday with no luck. 

  27. Tucker_Stokes says:

    @abayliss thank you so much

  28. abayliss says:

    The presale code is WINSTON – Good luck!

  29. Tucker_Stokes says:


  30. billyjarnagin says:


  31. Jeremy_Flemig says:

    Is there a code today

  32. heathernisleyyahoocom says:

    Thanks for responding so quickly,@ Matthew _LIES

  33. Matthew_Lies says:

    @heathernisleyyahoocom I don’t know, I signed up for a email updates through but haven’t heard anything yet.

  34. heathernisleyyahoocom says:

    I had no luck with pre sale yesterday, does anyone know the code for pre sale tickets today??? TIA

  35. kyleagius says:

    @kristinamuhlenk Can you please forward the email they sent out to

    I never received the email and would like to buy presale tomorrow.  Thank so much!

  36. kyleagius says:

    @2StepGrey Can you please forward the email they sent out to

    I never received the email and would like to buy presale tomorrow.  Thank so much!

  37. Jeremy_Flemig says:

    Any luck on a code for tomorrow? Do we even need one,I just want to get two GA tix for my wife and I…such a bummer this morning didn’t work.

  38. Cat_Connor says:

    Do tickets go one sale tomorrow for the general public? Or are they on sale today? I was not able to access presale tickets today due to being at work. :(

  39. mstoddard says:

    Do I have to sign up for an AEG account to get the new password for tomorrow, or will it be sent to all who got the password today? I’m new to this. 

  40. heathernisleyyahoocom says:

    Thanks for letting me know. :)

  41. Tresa_Renee says:

    @heathernisleyyahoocom It’s not the same.  AEG will send out a new password

  42. heathernisleyyahoocom says:

    Does anyone know if the password we had for today is the same one we can use for pre sale tickets on ticketmaster tomorrow? TIA

  43. kristinamuhlenk says:

    I got mine in 114 by 1030 as well. In row k. Idk if that’s great. I’m just thankful I got my tickets

  44. 2StepGrey says:

    @laceyrtober I assume now that the allotted presale tickets are all gone. There will be an “X” number of tickets available for tomorrow’s presale and then all others will be available for the General public sale on Friday.

  45. 2StepGrey says:

    @laceyrtober @2StepGrey I used the link that M&S sent out. I got seats right away, but I like I said, I threw them back to try and get closer ones. It was tough though. It kept saying nothing available every time. I just kept searching for them and finally 2 popped up. I was paid and confirmed by 1030.

  46. laceyrtober says:

    @2StepGrey  what site did you get them on? I have been trying since they opened and it has never let me on? thanks for sharing