BOK Center

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  1. Kisha_Sala says:

    My husband and I will be attending this concert, it is our five year anniversary present to each other! We are so ecstatic to see Mumford and Sons live!! Where you invest your love, you invest your life. April can’t get here fast enough!

  2. argcallie427 says:

    I’m trying to contact someone with the tour and Ticketmaster has not been helpful.  I was unable to get tickets through the first presale so I panicked and took the first seats available on the Ticketmaster presale on my phone.  When I realized the seats weren’t that great I tried for better and got 4 more seats.  I planned to give the extra seats to my brother for Christmas, but then I got the email stating anyone with more than 4 tickets may have any or all seats taken away.  How do I contact a representative to correct this issue?  The response from Ticketmaster was that this is not their problem and I can not cancel tickets.  Thanks!

  3. donn41 says:

    is the code still ARROW for the ticketmaster presale?!

  4. Shane_Janssen says:

    @TMcCord Looks like the presale is sold out.  Ticketmaster is having one tomorrow.  Good luck!

  5. Shane_Janssen says:

    @candyhobson @Shane_Janssen @TMcCord My friend was able to pick up tickets in section 121 though so I guess they had them available too.

  6. TMcCord says:

    Thanks Shane, the only link I have is to register, not to purchase… Must b missing something

  7. kanakekiss says:

    @Shane_Janssen @TMcCord  Were you able to pick a seat under reserved seating?

  8. 13hodos says:

    @Shane_Janssen @TMcCord  I tried both the website and the link and had the code ARROW.  nada 

  9. Shane_Janssen says:

    @candyhobson @Shane_Janssen @TMcCord Sounds like they might be gone now.  Limited amount for the presale.

  10. kanakekiss says:

    @Shane_Janssen @TMcCord  DID YOU USE ARROW?

  11. Shane_Janssen says:

    @TMcCord I had to click the link in the email.  I couldn’t get there from the website.

  12. TMcCord says:

    If u have the code, do u still purchase in Mumford website??

  13. Shane_Janssen says:

    I got mine!!

  14. Mightymouse114 says:

    @candyhobson  what is the code so we can all try .. thanks

  15. 13hodos says:

    Shit!  I had code but tix were all gone.

  16. kanakekiss says:

    I received the pre sale code but couldn’t buy any…..  #disappointed

  17. Mightymouse114 says:

    no pre sale code at all and no tickets for sale either… WTH

  18. laurielucci says:

    I have not received anmail with the code for Tulsa.  Any suggestions?

  19. piedmontjet says:

    I didn’t receive an email with the presale code for Tulsa. Can someone share? 

  20. Caitlin_Walker says:

    Yes!! Meet and greet???❤️❤️

  21. tonydbaker says:

    Okay I might have to be in Tulsa on April 6th, to see Mumford and Sons at the BOK!

  22. Monica_Neri says:

    I’m beyond excited!! you guys are the B E S T! Can’t wait!

  23. James_Bertsch says:

    Can’t wait!  So glad Mumford and Sons is coming back to Oklahoma!!!

  24. Emmy_Nutter says:

    Wondering if meet and greet passes would be available and how I would go about getting my hands on some?

    Thank you!

  25. trudykemp says:

    Maginifique! Daughter, son-in-law (from Southend) and his sister (will coincide visit from Southend to good Oklahoma just for the concert), hubby and I for starters…can hardly wait!