BC Place (with U2)

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  1. MrScallywag says:

    I really hope you guys come back to Vancouver soon and play at a better venue than BC place as a large portion of fans didn’t get to see you perform. We payed top dollar for floor tickets and were left waiting in line for 2 hours as you performed to an empty venue.

  2. Thank you for releasing more tickets!!! Scalpers are way out of control. Praying this time around I can get a ticket. Would love more than anything to see you guys!!!

  3. Looking for tickets the to Louisville show! Can you help me out?

  4. Please have more shows in Los Angeles!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Karenock says:

    We just got scammed for over $500 CAD trying to see you in Vancouver on May 12 . We have literally been waiting for years to see you, and honestly thought we were getting a direct Ticketmaster ticket transfer; however there are very sophisticated fraudsters profiting off your name here in Canada. Something needs to be done, as it is impossible for true fans to see you live with having to pay, or in our case, lose hundreds of hard earned dollars. Our money is long gone, and we can’t afford to buy new tickets, so won’t be able to attend your show, which will undoubtedly be spectacular. Any suggestions how to remedy the problem? Sincerely, Two truly heartbroken fans :(

  6. Just got my flight up to San Jose to see Mumford and U2, together… gonna be fabulous!!

  7. Please come to Missouri again because I love you and people in the flyover states need Mumford and Sons too. You’ve gotten me through a lot

  8. Jessica_Pojo says:

    Please do that in Brazil too, for the love of God!!!!!

  9. asiabelle10 says:

    HUGE FAN from Vancouver BC here, been waiting a few years to see you guys! Was so excited that it was announced you would be playing Vancouver with U2 in our biggest stadium! As soon as tickets went on sale they sold out in minutes (probably a lot of scalpers) and went onto resale tickets for hundreds-thousands of dollars each. This industry and ticketmaster really make it tough on fans who just want to support and experience their favorite artists live. Love you guys – hope you come back on your own so I can try desperately to get some tickets again.

  10. Tommy_Meier says:

    Fantastic news! Can’t wait for this tour!