BB&T Pavilion

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  1. The rain, wind, lightening and mud couldn’t stop an AMAZING concert! They played and played and played and we sang and sang and sang! So glad we still went and danced our hearts out with Mumford and everyone else in attendance!

  2. Suzese says:

    The lightning is cause for concern. No clue why this concert hasn’t been cancelled. Scary stuff.

  3. ctysdahl says:

    Stuck in Kansas City with flight delays and no plane so likely going to miss it. So sad.

  4. Please message me if you are looking for 2 GA tickets for tonight’s concert! I won’t be able to go and will have to part with them.

  5. Amy_Stremmel says:

    I just listed 2 PIT tickets on the exchange. Please put in a request or contact me if you are interested! So disappointed I can’t make it tonight!

  6. Marty_Shea says:

    Looking for ga pit tickets for camden if anyone is looking to get rid of.

  7. mbfrutchey says:

    I have 2 GAPit2 tickets that I am devastated to have to part with, but if anyone would like them, I’ve offered them up thru the ticket exchange.

  8. alilim8 says:

    I also have two lawn seats that I am trying to get rid of at face value. We just ended up getting better seats and want to sell. Anyone interested let me know!

  9. fitztom98 says:

    i have two lawn tickets, and I can’t make this concert anymore. let me know if you want them, will sell at face value, not trying to scalp, just want what I paid back.

  10. pohldylan says:

    I AM BEYOND EXCITED TO SEE YOU GUYS FOR A SECOND TIME! I saw you at Forest Hills and it was absolutley amazing. Cant wait for the Camden show! Who will be opening for you guys?

  11. monicancahillgmailcom says:

    So happy you all are coming to Camden! I missed the presale but was lucky enough to snag some lawn seats as soon as the regular sale began!!! So so happy! Your music means so much to me…stumbled across a cd in my local library and fell in love. Was so inspired to change my life and live the way I was meant to be. Met the love of my life soon after, who also shared my love of the music. Love you guys! See you in May!

  12. Willywings1 says:

    I was lucky to win tickets from 93.3 WMMR during Preston and Steve’s morning show this morning. I never get thru when trying to win tickets that I really don’t care about. However, second ring and person on the other end welcomed me and asked my name. I WON!!!!!!! Hell yea. So excited to be going. Maybe it was the power of excitement and sheer will of me saying answer the F*&^ing phone. See you in May.


  13. msmartin says:

    As of 10am when they opened ticket sales you could not buy tickets…unfortunately the scammers already got all of the tickets…so sad

  14. Kissedbyfire3 Kissedbyfire3 says:

    I want to go so badly, but Ticketmaster is acting faulty! Is it sold out? Wth

  15. CaityG says:


  16. cmlgreil says:

    what is code??

  17. tobyoberg says:

    Got the email from Spotify this morning for the presale and figured what the hell .. 2 tickets right in the pit in front of the stage!! See you May 25th!

  18. dmolson2 says:

    I cant believe I didnt get a ticket to your show!! :( I have been a fan of your band since the day you came out with your first album and have been dreaming to go to one of your shows because I have never been! I had gotten a pre sale code the morning of the sale and was promptly at the site at 10 am and as soon as I entered my code, the screen kept freezing and wouldnt let me click on the “im not a robot” button. I tried several browsers and tried at least 10 times to get the code to work but it still didnt work. Once it FINALLY worked, all of the best seats were gone and wanted seats that were close to the stage. Next time, I would make sure your presale works better than it did yesterday. Im very disapointed and upset because I now have to wait till your concert is close enough for me to see your band. Can anything be done about this??? Thank you. Best Regards, Danielle.

  19. How do I find out what the offer code is?

  20. Tuna44 says:

    I can’t believe this happened!! Before 10:00 I didn’t receive a pre-sale code for Camden, and by 10:30 still nothing. I figured all was lost and I would have to wait for the General Sale on Friday. I’m in a meeting at work and at 12:30 I get a text on my phone and it’s the pre-sale code! What!?!? I couldn’t believe it, so I went to the Ticketmaster app and punched in the code and sure enough, it worked!! I selected Best Available and what came up was GA Lawn seats. I didn’t want those, so I threw them back and tried again. Same thing second time around. I tried a third time and I was able to get seats, but it was in the second to last row, far left side. I didn’t want those either. I try again but now I select the highest priced ticket option, not the Best Available option. I hit find tickets and in less than five seconds, I now have a pair of tickets, Section 104, Row G!! Are you freakin’ kidding me? How was that possible? After reading the earlier posts, I thought I had no shot! Don’t know what happened but I bought those tickets and I’m now going to the show!! Has anyone else experienced this today? Don’t know what the glitch was earlier this morning, but I guess they got it fixed now. I hope you guys got the codes and were able to get tickets after all. See you at the show!!

  21. randijenn says:

    i haven’t received my passcode; can anyone give me their’s?

  22. frazee05 says:

    Where do I get the verified pre-sale code?

  23. Website would not let me put in my presale code. Screen was faded like other people are saying it wouldnt let me enter the code. After refreshing 100 times I finally got the code in and then the screen faded again and it wouldn’t let me check the security box that I wasn’t a robot. I tried on 2 different computers same thing. After refreshing 100 more times it finally let me click it but all the tickets were gone. WTF!!!

  24. Jennaclarke says:

    I am very disappointed. presale did not properly work and kept freezing. i was on at immediately 10am and would not let me order the pit tickets i desperately wanted. finally only let me order lawn seats which is not what i wanted but want to go to concert. Will someone send an email explaining why this happened and if anything can be done?

  25. Presale did not work. Faded Screen had to refresh constantly. finally got through selected tickets and went to pay and got an Error. VERY DISAPPOINTED AND UPSET . :'(

  26. jenmorse says:

    Presale refused to work on desktop, it would be a faded screen asking for my code and it would never click through once it was entered. Disappointed …..

  27. Ryan_Shank says:

    missed the presale. had tickets in the cart and everything and ticketmaster timed out

  28. cubkrupa says:



  30. Chris12386 says:

    The excitement that just came over me can not be put into words. I have been wanting to see you guys in concert for the longest time and have missed my opportunities. This time I will not be missing it! I can not wait to see you guys live! My favorite group hands down!

  31. Gingersway says:

    Hope I get to see you this time

  32. This show is on my birthday!!! I would LOVE to get out to NJ to see you!

  33. crhoads2 says:

    Thank you for coming back to Camden! It was were my husband & I saw your first & now we are hoping to bring our kids along :)