Bankers Life Fieldhouse

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  1. Melissa_West1 says:

    I just got an email that said it was changed to Sunday.

  2. lord_gunners says:

    They scheduled a basketball game for Saturday 23 @ 3:00. I suppose the concert is now being moved to Sunday?

  3. Kyle_Schmitt says:

    Same here, I wanted to see them so bad

  4. Sarah_Barker says:

    All the resale sites are so ridiculous.  I am completely heartbroken I will miss seeing my favorite band…again.  

  5. Joannshega says:

    Are you on the Live Nation mobile pre-sale? I was able to get tickets a few minutes ago.

  6. Ama_Wesley says:

    the Live Nation app keeps saying We were unable to process your request! Does anyone know why?

  7. Sean_McCord says:

    Just got 2 from the live Nation app. Section 16! Hoping it actually worked or I’m gonna be really upset cause these tickets are gonna cost hundreds on resale

  8. dlinklater19 says:

    I managed to snag 4 tickets for Indy in the Live Nation presale this morning.  I checked again 5 minutes later and they seemed to be all gone.

  9. Sean_McCord says:

    What site did you go to??

  10. Sean_McCord says:

    I’m in the same boat as you.

  11. Anna_Winglemire says:

    What a bummer, this should be illegal. I was so looking forward to another Mumford concert experience. So much for signing up for a pre-sale

  12. AlohaAmigo says:

    Keep the earth below my feet. For all my sweat, my blood runs weak. Let me learn from where I have been. And never use Ticketstoday again.

  13. lauren18nicole says:

    @chadluttrull @theguy2124 I refreshed for probably 20 minutes and it never popped up as available. Don’t know how a couple people got through and the rest didn’t! How weird.

  14. chadluttrull says:

    @theguy2124 @chadluttrull My GF and I were both hitting refresh. She kept getting “No Tix Avail.” the entire time and I got it until about the 10th refresh…then 2 6th row tix popped up.

  15. chadluttrull says:

    @MumsTheWord LiveNation presale password is TRACKS

  16. theguy2124 says:

    @chadluttrull Lucky for you. I had 3 devices and still couldn’t get them for Indy

  17. chadluttrull says:

    No problems getting 2 tix for Indy on the presale

  18. MumsTheWord says:

    Does anyone have the presale code for ticketmaster and/or livenation?  Or would that also be ARROW?

  19. ak6143 says:

    @theguy2124 @ak6143 Well, Ill at least exhaust all options between now and Friday before giving Stubhub $1!!

  20. Jenn_Cimarolli says:

    @elizgalin  There is a pre-sale site?? Can you send me the link? I am not understanding how this all works. I was hoping to get it in an e-mail. No such luck.

  21. Jenn_Cimarolli says:

    @theguy2124 @ak6143 Thanks! So where do I go to buy them? I don’t see a “buy tickets” on this page, nor next to the city on the tour page. I’m so confused. :(

  22. theguy2124 says:

    @ak6143 103.3 has a presale tomorrow and livenation app is having a presale tomorrow also. Stubhub will most likely buy all of them too.

  23. ak6143 says:

    Tried right at 9:59 on 3 devices for tix to Indy show with no luck.  Was able to get 4 tix to the Nashville show an hr later with same method so its at least not totally jacked.  Any idea if there will be much chance come Friday morn for General sales tix?

  24. ak6143 says:

    @Jenn_Cimarolli You can use the code Arrow but if your city has already gone on sale,, you’re likely to not have any luck

  25. Jenn_Cimarolli says:

    Guys, help! I have signed up three times with three different e-mail, no code. I don’t even see a “buy tickets” button.  What am I doing wrong for the pre-sale????

  26. elizgalin says:

    Sooo to be sure, we can’t get pre sale tickets right now? The pre sale site pushed me over here and there doesn’t seem to be any indication that tickets are being sold on this site. Suppose we have to wait until gen admission goes on sale? Ugh. -_-

  27. richardcontreras says:

    Hey guys, if you’re looking for tickets there’s about 9,000 of em over at StubHub for about a million bucks each! Really great pre-sale!

  28. ktrb87 says:

    Such a scam, shit should be illegal! F-StubHub and TicketsToday!

  29. theguy2124 says:

    It’s crap. I called customer service because I was on at 10 to buy the tickets and it wouldn’t allow me to purchase 2 tickets. They told me the presale was pushed back until 11. What’s the point of a presale if stubhub just gets to buy them all up anyway.

  30. econwell323 says:

    Tickets Please… ARROW

  31. Dizzyedge says:

    General sale starts at 10am this Friday, 11/13, though I can’t see why that sale would be any different.

    Bummer. Mumford is phenomenal live, my husband and I loved the two Gentlemen of the Roads that we’ve been to, and we’ll definitely attend next time around. Was looking forward to an arena show so that we could take our 7-yr-old to see the band in a more controlled environment. Guess not.

  32. AlohaAmigo says:

    And for all you latecomers, the Presale Promo Code is BONED

  33. Tony_Stuckey says:

    @AlohaAmigo Amen!!  What was the use for this, if they don’t police it better!

  34. Sabunabu says:

    How many tickets were released in the pre-sale?  When do regular tickets go on sale?  It is bogus that Mumford didn’t control/limit the algorithms. 

  35. AlohaAmigo says:

    I would have commented sooner, but I’ve spent the last 30 minutes trying to treat the wicked rug burn StubHub gave me when they shoved my face into the carpet and had their way with me. Now that I’ve managed to pick myself up off the floor and crawl back to my computer, I see that I can still get the tickets I wanted in Section 4…and they’re only $750/each! And to be honest, I think a 1,250% markup (that’s one thousand two hundred and fifty percent) in less than 1,250 seconds is totally reasonable. Thanks ChubHub

  36. ak6143 says:

    The pre sale that was done 2 yrs ago worked well.  This one is garbage. No way 20 sec is enough for actual fans to get the tix.  What a total rip off.  This is about as organized as their Chicago show was this summer

  37. tvillini says:

    So we can all just assume that the other pre-sale tomorrow and the general sale will be a similar dumpster fire? I guess I’ll wait to see what the tickets on Stubhub does, if that’s the case. If they don’t really come down in price at all… oh well.

  38. Tony_Stuckey says:

    What a load of crap!!  

  39. Erinborn2run says:

    outrageously unacceptable that ticket brokers get away with scooping up all the tickets so the real and true fans are  f-in screwed

  40. kecalla says:

    I agree with the BS comment on the presale.  

  41. Nikki_Leininger says:

    @Wendy_Britton  agreed. 

  42. SK22345 says:

    What’s the point of a presale if all the tickets were gone by 10:00:01 and sold to brokers reselling them for double face within one minute?  

  43. Wendy_Britton says:

    @Brian_Runo Now lower level is going for $170/ticket. Way to gouge the fan. “Thumbs down”.

  44. Brian_Runo says:

    Seriously? I honestly hate these resale sites that use algorithms to buy the tickets and make a huge profit getting these first instead of actual fans who want to see the band perform. After 15 seconds, I can’t buy a single ticket?!?! Dafuq?

  45. Wendy_Britton says:

    Artists should block those. Garth Brooks does an awesome job of blocking that so real fans have a shot at buying tickets direct. Booooo is right!

  46. Nikki_Leininger says:

    refreshed….refreshed…refreshed to make sure I was on at exactly 10AM.  Couldn’t even buy 2 in the lower level.  Kind of shitty since there are tons on StubHub.

  47. Katana_Biehn says:

    @quicksilverms are you serious? what a joke! i was on at 10 sharp!

  48. sallyeharp says:

    I did too! Ridiculous!

  49. lmac626 says:

    what up with no “pairs of tix available at 10:00??

  50. quicksilverms says:

    Tickets sold out in 20 seconds, and now large number up for sale on stubhub.  Booooooooo.

  51. Wendy_Britton says:

    I tried at 10a sharp to get tix with an access code for pre-sale. Couldn’t get access to any combination of tickets. What’s up with that?

  52. ALj2897 says:

    When do the tickets for the April 23rd Indy show go on sale?

  53. Belgica08 says:


  54. Zak_Allmand says:

    Is there a presale code for the April 23rd concert in Indianapolis?

  55. Andycramner23 says:

    Your music really moves me and has helped get me through some tough times and an amazing moment in my life as we used Lover of the light in closing to our wedding. I appreciate everything you guys put out there musically. I’m looking forward to witnessing all your talent on display at this concert. I’m not settling for anything less but front row to this concert! Safe travels mates.