Baie de Beauport

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  1. Anne2219 says:

    @Josianne_CoutureOuellet I’m so excited to see the show too ! To see Mumford and sons on the beach at Beauport ! Just wow !!!! I hope they will play Broken crown !

  2. Josianne_CoutureOuellet says:

    i’m sure this is gonna be awesome! Can’t wait to see the show!

  3. Shawn_Sirois says:

    @JeffGarby No seating its outside on the St. Lawrance River shore! Its a beach!

  4. JeffGarby says:

    Anyone get word about the seating chart. I know it’s General Admission, but why the different codes when purchasing tickets. I got my presales but not sure if there is a special section or what. Let me know if you have any info. Gonna be an EPIC show!!!!

  5. Anne2219 says:

     Broken Crown and Dust Bowl dance on June 11 at Beauport !!! It would be awesome !!!

    Everyone please Shared if you agree !!!!

  6. Gilles_Hache says:

    Can’t wait for this show!!!

  7. claireeallsop says:

    Got my tickets for Quebec!!!! Can’t wait :)

  8. Yanick_Grohman says:

    Code pour Quebec?

  9. Yanick_Grohman says:

    Avez vous trouvé un code?

  10. Andreanne_Gauthier says:

    I received the e-mail but never received the code?!

  11. natachamoley says:

    are the presale tickets sold out for Quebec??

  12. natachamoley says:

    presale says it needs a code, but there wasn’t a code that was sent out. was there?

  13. mariepier6 says:

    How a can buy ticket ? I don’t receive email…. :(

  14. jillyflanny says:

    Is there any information on access to the presale?

  15. Jeremiah81 says:

    How do you gain access to the presale ?

  16. Francis_Boucher says:

    @Pamela_Belanger @Cheryl_Geldart_Greer

    DID you know out to get to the presale?

  17. Pamela_Belanger says:

    @Cheryl_Geldart_Greer I would also like to know!!!

  18. Cheryl_Geldart_Greer says:

    How does a person qualify for the presale tickets??

  19. Bl4ck_P4nther4 says:

    So glad you come to Quebec City!!!! Is there a presale for the tickets? Thankssss!!!

  20. Danielle_Crosby says:

    You guys HAVE to come more East! Bring it to Halifax or Moncton !!!