Austin City Limits Music Festival

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  1. rphughes33 says:

    There is a reason that you are the best band in the world and the pinnacle of music in our generation. That was EASILY the best show I have ever seen. The amount of pure energy and heart poured into your last show of the tour was truly awe inspiring. Best of luck to you all in the off season, and I will be counting the days until your next tour.

  2. WOW.
    Thank you all for putting on such an AWESOME performance. You really did leave me in Awe. You all were fantastic and WHAT AN ENDING! Although this was the last show in your tour I am DEFINITELY going to watch you all again one day. Now I’ve got to go cry and let it all sink in.

  3. rojasg35 says:

    Great show in San Diego fellas! Much better than 2nd night at the Greek! There was very little energy from the crowd at this event and it felt stagnant. I can assume the band feeds off this energy and although you guys did everything on your part it still felt flat. San Diego on the other hand was off the hook! “Oliver” you tore it up! you may have heard me in the crowd and btw don’t think I didn’t catch your boo boo during “Lover of the light” LMAO!!! (vocals space out) Your boys Ted and Ben got a kick out of that as well as Ted kept trying to get Ben’s attention and then there it was, boom the eye contact and (The BIG BOSS f’d up!) Yikes! Ted, hope I don’t get you in trouble but this was a special thing to have witnessed. Great show none the less and my 8 yr old had a great time at his first concert but he was bummed out he couldn’t get a high 5 from Marcus when he ran past him in the front line of the crowd. See you in future shows w@nk3rs! JR