Amalie Arena

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  1. So excited to be here- love your opening act in Tampa tonight!

  2. Peggy_Herrod says:

    Any update about the Tampa show?

  3. Please please please play Hopeless Wanderer here in Tampa! (or Orlando…I’ll be at both!)

  4. I have 2 GA Floor tickets for sale. $175 for both

  5. Mmgriffin says:

    It keeps saying it can’t process my request. ugh

  6. I’m signed up! Where can I find the access code for presale tickets??

  7. darthsloth says:

    So, what are the ticket prices since Ticketmaster won’t list them?

  8. Erin_Eyre says:

    I am so excited that they are coming to Florida again, and I am ecstatic that on of the stops is Tampa!!!!

  9. Jenny_Davis2 says:

    My 30th Birthday is Sept 22nd! I NEED to go!!!!