Ak-Chin Pavilion

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  1. Ines_Piquet says:

    Does anyone know if there is an opening band and who they are?

  2. I can’t wait to see you guys rock tonight!!! God bless and have a safe trip!!!!

  3. dancer40xxxx says:

    please I need 1 pit ticket for the Chula Vista Show can anybody help me ?

  4. Tonight’s the night we get to hear you guys rock Phoenix! Can’t wait!

  5. beccaleigh002 says:

    The desert welcomes you back boys!

  6. ddkath09 says:

    @bethsandig @camathis86 I don’t think the robots are able to get them with the “credit card entry” rule. no scalping either. Kudos to them for putting that in place. 

  7. ddkath09 says:

    I got 2 in the PIT!!!!

    Saw them in Dallas in the PIT and I will never go back to seats!

  8. bethsandig says:

    OMG I got four in the PIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. bethsandig says:

    @Doug_Myers OMG you’re right!

  10. Doug_Myers says:

    keep refreshing I just got two!

  11. bethsandig says:

    @camathis86 No it’s all the robots getting them once again while us real long-time fans cannot get our hands on them at the good prices M & S would like for us to get them at.  We can try again Friday morning at 10:00.

  12. camathis86 says:

    Logged on TM website, watched the presale count down to zero and tried to purchase tickets… no tickets available.  Is this a glitch?

  13. bethsandig says:

    @ddkath09 You had to dig for it in the original email.  It’s “forever”.

  14. bethsandig says:

    I really wish they would’ve warned you it was ticketmaster. I had to go through the whole “forgot your password” crap & lost valuable seconds. All the robots got the presale tickets, while us real fans got nothing.  :(

  15. mumfie1980 says:

    I cant get anything either and I was logged in right at 10

  16. Doug_Myers says:

    Did anyone get presale tickets today?  I was in right at 10 and nothing is available…

  17. Suzanne_House says:

    @ddkath09 mine shows today

  18. ddkath09 says:

    My email says pre-sale is tomorrow for Phoenix. Anyone else get that?

  19. Suzanne_House says:

    Anyone seen what the price ranges will be for this show?

  20. ddkath09 says:

    Where do I get the pre-sale code?

  21. Luvtunes says:

    Cannot wait!! Saw them in Boston and in CA. Sooo soooooo good!!!

  22. mrsgnome1537 says:

    Soooo excited!!!

  23. Julie_Ohlinger says:

    Thank you for coming this year to my home town! We loved St. Augustine and Salida…can’t wait to welcome you here!

  24. Kristen_Pendergast says:

    Ahhhh cannot wait!!!

  25. Lisa_Nelson says:

    Will you be sending us a pre-sale code in our fan email?  I don’t know how this works.

  26. bethsandig says:

    Phoenix has missed M & S!!!