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    November 12th 2017

    Dear Mumford & Sons
    Hello how are you…I really enjoy your great music! I am awriter of poetry and I have three books of my poems published. I am sending you four of my poems in hopes that you may like them for song lyrics. I send you my best wishes with this letter!

    God Bless

    Gary Edward Allen
    Nanaimo, BC Canada V9R 1K1

    Raining in Your Heart

    You say that it’s been raining in your heart
    And that you’re awaiting the clouds to part

    Loves seems to be an unattainable treasure
    All the while you seek some simple pleasure

    Love flew over you on it’s glorious wings
    And now it’s a sad song your heart sings

    Now you’re left with nothing but the rain
    And your poor heart that is in undying pain

    Somehow you will get by it’s my guess
    Wonder how life got to be such a mess

    Over your fears you want ultimate power
    Want to run naked in the oncoming showers

    The game of love you can lose or you can win
    It seems living your lonely life truly is a sin

    Your ever lonely heart is a blazing fire
    Fuelled by a longing and a wanting desire

    It has been three weeks of pouring rain
    Witnessed your hopes go down the drain

    Nightly you pray the Lord your soul to keep
    Meanwhile your heart’s in murky water’s deep

    Your sadness has sentenced your heart to a cage
    It’s a cold, barren and ever so lonely place

    Your tears are a river that leads to the sea
    From your gilded cage you long to break free

    And now all of the walls have come down
    Watch the lightning as it strikes the ground

    Out of the blue on a warm and sunny day
    Believe and True love may come your way

    Imagine a single golden leaf floating down a stream
    Sometimes things come true when your heart dreams

    One day soon it will be the ending to all of the rain
    And the golden sunshine’s rays will come out again

    By Gary Edward Allen 2017

    A Thousand Stars

    The full moon hangs low in the sky
    A thousand stars shine in your eyes

    You fill me with a want and desire
    Take me and set my heart on fire

    Your hands are magic to the touch
    Never knew I wanted this so much

    While lying beside you face to face
    I get completely lost in your embrace

    Seal my fate with your passionate kiss
    Dance with the waves in the mist

    Lying here on a moonlit beach
    Heavenly stars no longer out of reach

    As the waves crash upon the golden beach
    My loving hands are outreached

    This is no time for crying tears’
    Don’t say we wasted all of those years

    I have been loving you so long
    You give me the sense that I belong

    My heart is yours and your heart mine
    This feeling of love isn’t hard to define

    A thousand stars shining within your eyes
    Please don’t allow this true love to ever die

    By Gary Edward Allen 2017

    Close My Eyes Forever

    When I finally close my eyes forever
    Sadly lay eyes on you again no never

    I don’t know how much longer I can hold on
    Only memories will be left after I am gone

    Light a candle to show the Holy Spirit the way
    And here by my side I hope your gonna stay

    I’m sinking into an everlasting sleep
    Promises to yourself I hope you’ll keep

    Before it comes time for me to part
    I offer you the love in my bleeding heart

    It’s done nothing but to pour rain outside
    Remember all of the wild horses we got to ride

    All of tears we cried run like a river to the sea
    Of all of my earthly chains I will finally be free

    Will the wings of an angel come to cover my remains?
    And will freedom come to free me of all my chains?

    I can only hope that heaven waits for me
    From all of life’s pain I will finally be free

    Please say you don’t have to go my sweetest friend
    Cause it can get so lonely now in the peaceful end

    Death is final and he’s come to my humble home
    Here with you by my side I’m not dying alone

    Please scatter my ashes on the beautiful blue sea
    I pray that in your heart you always remember me

    By Gary Edward Allen 2017

    The Wings of an Angel

    I miss you like there’s no tomorrow
    Here drowning in my tears of sorrow

    We shared a love that could compare to no other
    I loved you just as though you were my brother

    The autumn breeze leads to bitter winter snow
    I wish you could tell me why you had to go

    My heart will always love you to the end
    I feel lost without you I can’t pretend

    I close my eyes and I swear I can still feel your essence
    Your memory has become like a ghost in my presence

    I can remember all of those bygone summer days
    Splashing in the inviting Pacific Ocean waves

    We climbed the gilded stairway never reaching the top
    Oh tell me why did our time together have to stop

    We were on a spiritual journey both heart and soul
    Eventually the hands of the ticking clock took their toll

    I send my undying love to you wherever you are
    The loss of you has left an everlasting scar

    How I miss you on this cold, dark winter’s night
    I can only hope and pray that your soul is alright

    Nothing or no one can ever take the place of you
    In my heart our friendship will always remain true

    A single candle burns for you in the lonely night
    Reminded of your spirit when I see an eagle take flight

    Your love will always burn deep within my lonely heart
    I will forever remember all the years before we had to part

    May the wings of an angel gently wrap around your soul
    And may he shelter your heart from the rain and cold

    Thought I felt your spirit on the mid-winter’s breeze
    Through my veil of tears I will endlessly greave

    By Gary Edward Allen 2017

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