Ted’s Photography… Salt Lake City

Here’s another batch of photographs from (one of) Ted’s camera(s), taken in Salt Lake City during the band’s US tour in August earlier this year…

saltlake1 saltlake2 saltlake3 saltlake4 saltlake5

Much love,
M&S HQ x (standing in for Ted)

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  2. hippiepeacenurse says:

    Beautiful. I sit here getting my daily dose of music and decide it is time to get to know you all a bit. I’m sure I’ll never truly “know” you all, but I certainly enjoyed the photos, the book club by Marcus, and the homage to 2013. The music is by far one of the greatest sounds I’ve been privileged to hear– the harmonizing and the words especially. Be well and peace
    Be with you, my friend.

  3. pedigo_s says:

    wow you are a great photographer, i also love photography and aint to bad my self. but anyways just wanted to tell you keep it up your pictures look great

  4. SpiritDancing1 says:

    I do hope you all enjoyed my home town, and the culinary creations of my dearest uncle, Executive Chef at the Maverik Center. Having eaten one of the recipes he made for you all, I’m sure you were well taken care of!. :)

    I think next time I’m in town, if I’m not skiing, I shall have to take a Trek to the Salt Flats and see what treasures abound. Thanks for your point of view! And, Happy 2013!

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  6. Sharon Welch says:

    You know that first picture looked a bit like a Piranah?In the desert?Someone’s lunch maybe?

  7. MQ says:

    When are you guys touring to south africa???!!!

  8. AlistairBeverley says:

    please tour to durban southafrica not to gauteng …………………..you guys have more of an audience in durban than johannasburg

  9. kathleen1953mc says:

    I’m with you Ted,what is this babbling?

  10. stephaniienicolle says:

    I was lucky enough to receive the Road to the Red Rocks special edition package, and the book, the video, everything about it is absolutely wonderful! You guys are so incredible.

  11. loriel0524 says:

    what isss thissssssssssssssss ted?!

  12. pamngrapins says:

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  13. libbyannarmstrong says:

    Dear Winston, Marcus, Ben and Ted, I know many people, as well as I, asked you to come to the East coast, since you are (WOOT WOOT) I just wanted to say thanks for listening to our suggestions!!!! See you guys in New York on the seventh for your concert, very much excited!!! Hope you are given a nice dose of hospitality, even though it seems hard to find nowadays, happy travels boys!
    Libby Armstrong

  14. Mary Jo says:

    ~PS~Thaddy has a FB page and his email is thaddymumford@yahoo.com
    ~Mary Jo (again)

  15. Mary Jo says:

    Dear Mumford and Sons, we adopted an abused one eyed dog from the SPCA because NO ONE wanted him and I named him Thaddy Mumford….before I ever heard of Mumford and Sons…and I LOVE your music and just wanted to ask if it would be at all possible to put a small picture of Thaddy Mumford on your next CD cover…he’s really very cute and I want to encourage people to adopt pets with handicaps. He was hit on the head with a hammer as a pup and is super clumsy but always gets right back up and tries again! Also his vision is very poor and he gets scared when things are out of place in the house but he always has a great attitude….anyway he is a lovely dog and it would make him feel so loved & proud if he could be on your next CD cover, however small a picture you want! PLEASE let me know if you’re interested and I can send you some photos, BTW, my husband was born in raised in Scotland and he loves your music as well! THANKS SO MUCH!~Mary Jo

  16. bev1 says:

    Please let me know how I can post a comment in the forums. I can access the page where others have commented but I cannot find a place to post my own comments. Many thanks, Bev1

  17. gailr says:

    Hello Mumford & Sons
    My eldest son Lloyd was a avid fan of your music. Lloyd passed away on the 26th of September 2011 at the age of 30, awaiting a third kidney transplant. In the last few months his favourite cd was Sigh No More and I truly believe that the songs on this CD meant a great deal to him. Lloyd was a true fighter and a inspiration to us all. Needless to say I love your music as well and my Christmas gift to Lloyd this year was your album Babel, which I am sure he would of loved. Your music is played quite often in my home as it has special memories.So thank you from the bottom of my heart for the deep messages that your music brings, it really has touched peoples lives. All the best for 2013. Look forward to seeing you in South Africa. All my love Lloyds Mom Gail POL (Power of Lloyd).

  18. Marfsies6 says:

    Is there a mailing address to send fanmail? I would LOVE to have it!

  19. Mugs0078 says:

    I’ve recently discovered you guys and instantly fell in love with your music. I was hoping to see you in fairfax, va but Ticketmaster has no more tickets and stubhub is selling them for $175-$1000! Glad you guys are that popular but that sucks that fans of yours can’t come see you because it’s beyond expensive. I guess i’ll have to hope next time I get word of the concert before everyone buys them up.

    At the end of the day you guys are still amazing and I love your music! Hope you are having fun on tour!!!!


  20. bradmezei says:

    You guy’s are absolutely amazing. You have come so far and I am extremely proud and happy for all of you. You came to Northampton a couple of year’s ago to do a gig and unfortunately I missed it. For my 19th in October I was told that I would love my birthday present, thinking that I would get tickets for your tour last month. However to my surprise, I only got merchandise. Naturally, I was over the moon with what I got! Once again, the hint was that my christmas present would beat anything that was given to me in the past. Christmas day came and I opened presents from my family, I received two posters and a hoodie but no tickets. Again I wasn’t disappointed but I was slightly upset. My best mate said he didn’t get me tickets as he thought my sister was getting them, and my sister said she didn’t get me tickets as she thought my best mate would! Long story cut short, I feel ashamed to call myself a huge fan of your’s when I have missed so many opportunities to see you live but that doesn’t stop me from constantly watching The road to red rocks. I’m going to try my hardest and see you at T in the park, but if i do not, then I honestly think you should come back to Northampton so I can finally come and see you perform and be amazed at how bloody brilliant you all are. For now, I will continue to watch my mate Marcus do covers of your songs but nothing can compete with the original tracks!

    My christmas rant over, hope you all had a fantastic christmas and I hope to see you live soon! Would do anything to come and see you live omg why is life so crap..
    love the photos btw ^

    Brad from Northampton

  21. edwinaguckian says:

    Well if there was ever a chance for 4 seriously gifted lads to meet up and make music I’m dam glad it was ye! 
    Your gig in the 02 Dublin made my year. It was absolutely savage! And thanks for introducing me to The Dawes. Loved their music.
     Congrats on Babel being so outstanding. Your two albums are the only 2 in the whole world that I love every single track on them. BABEL is like a really good book: a story you really look forward to reading over and over again and stays with you, always in your mind. I studied English literature and music in college and you albums seem to sum up everything I loved studying them.
    I teach in a primary school in the West of Ireland now and I have my wee students hooked on ye. Babel is their no.1 choice of art time music! :) they’ve just discovered your version of Wagon Wheel on YouTube  too and are now teaching me it!!!!!! Come back to Ireland again soon. Continued success. You deserve it all and more!
    Nolllaig Shona Díobh
    Meas Mór ye legends! :)

    Edwina in Co. Leitrim

  22. Nick Walker says:

    Classy pictures indeed! You guys are fantastic and an inspiration to people who dream of playing music and touring like you guys do.

  23. SLC holds a special place in my heart – it’s where I was born, where I grew up, where I started the journey I’m on now. I may be oh, so far away, but a glimpse of the place from where I come always warms my soul. Gorgeous shots. Thank you, so much, for sharing.

  24. Eric says:

    i love the song broken crown but i don’t know the tuning for it. many of your songs are open tuning correct?

  25. heyitsmonicaaa says:

    i love the colors! It’s good to know I’m not the only one who takes pictures similar to this. Marry Christmas and here it to a fantastic year!! Cheers!

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  27. Jayne Symes says:

    I am desperate for 2 tickets to your concert in Amsterdam on the 30th March… How would I go about getting them as comes up SOLD OUT – is there any way at all around this -pleeeeeeeeease – a few friends already going – would be awesome to get a couple more tickets if possible – thank you. Jayne x

  28. Sofia says:

    Beautiful photos! What camera is it?