Ted’s Photography… The Last of Last Year

Here’s the last of Ted’s camera roll from last year’s tour wanderings in the United States, Australia and Tasmania.

Looking forward to seeing what he brings back from the band’s upcoming journeys around the US East Coast and Europe…

Much love,
M&S HQ x (standing in for Ted)

Maine Before The Storm

maine1 maine2 maine3


With Willy Mason and friends

willymason2 willymason3 aus



Dog in a car on a boat in Tasmania

Crash of the ESMZs

A day off in Cairnes

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  1. Anitaboglioli says:

    This is great!

  2. Zimmerwoman-451 says:

    I love your photography Ted! What camera do you use? Your composition is lovely <3 x

  3. Maarjoleinn says:

    I like your photgraphy :) brings me to ideas for my own pictures

  4. meriem says:

    Awsome photos Ted!! I really liked the One on the Beach

  5. shannon_b says:

    i posted two long heartfelt messages last night about how happy i am for you and how much your music means to me and neither worked. i just need you to know that you and your music truly fill me with happiness and joy like all good music should, it really is all i listen to. and to top it off your all such nice guys. so just thank you xx and beautiful.pictures Ted, i wanna be there so.bad x
    *massive congrats on the brit xx

  6. loriel0524 says:

    awesome shots ted! i particularly like the doggie in the car and the fire pic~also its awesome to see you all relaxing..although ben may be taking it to a whole new level?

    ps. why has marcus abandoned us? does he no longer read?

  7. Drewadonaldson says:


  8. Rocket says:

    I do very much enjoy that you have listed Tasmania as a completely separate country from Australia :-)

  9. chloejobin says:

    such wonderful photos, i have a dream to be a photographer one day, and it just made my day to see that you like photography and to see how talented you are. best wishes for the future!

  10. RoadiEyes says:

    Nice pictures ! What camera do you use ? Hope to enjoy one of your concert someday, it was so great in Bilbao… Thank you !

  11. laurenjade1 says:

    Great photos! x

  12. SunnyBrooke says:

    Ted has quite the knack for capturing art in his photos. Good on ya Mate!

  13. babette says:

    Really like your photos btw x

  14. babette says:

    We broke the GOTR website….

  15. kpitcher says:

    So pleased to see photos from Maine (my homeland). It was such a great night and loved meeting Ben at the Space Gallery! If you all come to Maine again, make the drive out to Deer Isle. We’ll show you a good time, and it is hands down one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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  28. AngelaHuo says:

    All the photos are just too good.They are awesome.

    Checkout his website for more details.

  29. ImmesmogBon says:

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  33. ImmesmogBon says:

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  34. shannon_b says:

    Ps beautiful pictures x

  35. shannon_b says:

    Hope you have an absolutely brilliant birthday Marcus, have a great day !xx I want too ask about the religious influences throughout the albums anstronger any of you of strong religion ?x and finally please please please say you’ll be in the north of England (preferably north west) during the 2013 gentlemen of the road tour ?x
    Much love sincerely an massive fan

  36. Awe, hope u had a great bday Marcus! Looking forward to ur concert in 2 weeks…everyone says it, but ur music is so relatable & ur incredibly talented. Thanks 4 sharing ur gift with us!!!

  37. Batman99 says:

    Happy birthday Marcus!!!!!!!!!!

  38. AustinM&Sfan; says:

    PLEASE come to Austin, Tx or at this point anywhere in TEXAS ! I would really like to see you perform in person.

  39. gottaloveit says:

    this is all I’m saying — getting your tickets is d-i-f-f-i-c-u-l-t!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter is turning 23 on Valentine’s Day and she wanted to go to your concert. You are at George Mason University on that day… SOOOOOOO as a surprise I started hunting, and hunting and hunting. Buying 2 tickets is nearly impossible :( Good news for you though – you’re that good!!! Even this mom loves your music! Good luck with your careers. Hopefully, Kate will be able to see you next time!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Naomie says:

    Guys you are amazing! When will you come to Montreal, Québec ?! Can’t wait !

  41. bquigley says:

    When are you coming to Toronto, Ontario???

  42. Sarahbear88 says:

    Come to Texas! (Preferably Dallas)

  43. yodadiqien says:

    dateng ke Indonesia!!!

  44. pita0723 says:

    Can’t wait to see you at Barclay’s in Brooklyn!!!!!

  45. mrkavimenka says:

    tell me if you’ll ever get lost in Croatia

  46. rtaylor76 says:

    Hey guys, my name is Rob, I was wondering if you might help me propose marraige to my girlfriend? She is by far your biggest fan, listens to you guys everyday! I was thinking maybe it would be cool to get an email, message on your website, I will direct her to it? I want to do something for her outside the box and what better way than to ask help from her fav band. Can you help? Please let me know, rg.taylor19@gmail.com.

  47. fitterboy says:

    Will you possibly be visiting the west coast of the U.S. anytime soon? If you are may i suggest the Seattle area, there are a lot of fans here who would love to see you. If not anywhere on the west coast would work too.

  48. annacrawford99 says:

    I’m 13 and you as a band have no doubt changed my life. I’ve been listening to you since Sigh No More was released when I was 9, I’ve seen all your concert footage, have your DVD, all the albums and EPs and all collaborations! I’m truly obsessed. If you replied to this comment I think I would faint and die of happiness. Please please please come back to Scotland.
    Ps Ben is my favourite

  49. annacrawford99 says:

    Come back to scotland:(

  50. bigcee says:

    by the way……..the next time you’re in NZ better be soon!!!!!!!
    I’m waiting……..
    love you guys!!

  51. bigcee says:

    just as awesome as ever Ted!!
    Love seeing what you guys have been getting up to.
    Next time you’re in NZ I hope to see some great pics

  52. Beautiful ‘photos as always Ted! Love getting a little insight to what you guys get up to on the road! :) And that dog is soo cute! x

  53. lee0010 says:

    The Hangout Music Festival….PLEASE

  54. angelj11 says:

    hi my name is anglique from south africa big big fan would love it if you came to south africa. love your music its deep some people can related to sorry my english not that good speak afrikaans but passionate about you music came see what south africa can offer you

  55. qmjajzxxw says:

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  56. Fae says:

    Splendid photos! Well done yet again! Can’t wait to see some from the coming tour ! :)

  57. lande26 says:

    Phenomenal pictures. So glad you’re documenting all of your adventures for you guys (and I think I speak for all of us when I say thank you for sharing them with us!). Can’t wait to see your shots from 2013. Cheers, guys!

  58. KSam says:

    Ted you are extremely talented.. I love your photography, and also the fact that most of them are taken with Polaroid’s. Gives the pictures a really great look : ) Well done, can’t wait to see more!

  59. Borderbell says:

    No pics from the Tour of Two Halves??

  60. neta.maman says:

    must come to ISRAEL. MUST.

  61. ffionberry says:

    Beautiful photos!