Ted’s Photography… More from inside the studio…

Marcus live recording

Winston mans the mixing desk Winston-style

The setup

Guitars for everybody

Ben tinkers on the piano

Marcus gets behind the drums again

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  1. meme xxx says:

    just looking back through your blog again ( :p ) and I I just love all your photos ted haha
    meme xxx

  2. crowkrogh says:

    all the photos are so good! i love candids and they show how you guys all have a good time together. i just saw you play in seattle and i fell in love with your music. now i am loving you photos

  3. keeptheearth says:

    Thank God your recording again. We’ve been waiting over two years for the second album. And please begin touring in the UK again because i really want to see you live.

  4. ebrazzill says:

    Guys, you really need to get twitter. There is so much support for you there! Hope you’re touring the UK soon, much love x

  5. Anonymous says:

    I would loveeeeee to see mns in sydney nova scotia…..its a great place with great people who would really appritiate the way the band moves your soul ;)

  6. LizRozey says:

    That picture just increases my love for Country Winston :)

  7. vuitton189 says:

    love him

  8. Anonymous says:

    Heard loads of your new songs andlove all of them. please put Home onto the album. its my faviroute mumford & sons song. EVER!!

  9. Rachael101 says:

    THANK YOU for coming to Toronto. I got your presale tickets, lined up early and couldn’t believe how close we were to the stage. Cannot wait for your next album to come out, my new favourite song is Ghost, it brought me to tears. A night I will remember forever! Love you so much!!!

  10. annamae says:

    Blown away by your Hamilton Ontario show!! It’s painful to wait for your next trip to Ontario. Thanks for an incredible night!

  11. emma87 says:

    You guys are more than great! Please please please come to Holland! A lot :-)

  12. Anonymous says:

    Just can’t wait for the new album! Your musical talent and poetry is beautiful. Don’t forget your fans in Finland when planning your next tour. Would love to see you live. All the best with the new album. x x x

  13. ilovemumfordandsons1721 says:

    I can’t wait until the new album! It’s so great to see that you guys are working on it. Thank you so much for putting up these pictures Ted. The pictures really show the hard work and fun in recording.

  14. Sahi says:

    I feel very honored to have been fortunate enough to hear you guys sing hear in Montreal! Absolutely amazing band! I wish you guys all the best in your future endeavors! :D

  15. Bremf1321 says:

    I cannot stop listening to your cd! It touches every emotion in me! Being a fan of bluegrass music, I was pleasantly surprised to hear your stuff on the radio! I couldn’t help but think “finally it’s about time to hear some good tunes on the airwaves.” I hope that I get to see you guys play soon in the Midwest!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to say that damn you boys are good! I was driving in my car one daywhen suddenly there was something that came on the radio, and like music to my ears (literaly) there you where. Oh your music is so wonderfully lyrical, well written with alot of heart, and a hell of alot of fun. I missed you last year when you came to Chicago, and i hope someday sometime you guys will pick, strum, and drum your way back. much luv S.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Amazing show yesterday night in Montreal! Your music is absolutely amazing… it’s as if I was somewhere else, in a beautiful place where nothing can reach me. You guys are so inspiring, thank you for this perfect evening, it’s engraved in my memory for sure! xxxx

  18. jbones84 says:

    maybe its just me but you guys should definetly tour witht the avett brothers to minnesota

  19. Anonymous says:

    I saw you last night and broke my toe I stomped so hard. I waited in line for 3 hours before the doors opened and got to be front row in the middle. I also was lucky enough to catch Winston’s guitar pick. Best night of my life. I want to go back. Thank you for coming xo

  20. Anonymous says:

    Just caught you in Montreal. Thank you, it was a pleasure to hear you live. You made my feet stomp, my hands clap and clench and my heart smile. Everything I hoped!

  21. Anonymous says:

    You guys did an absolute AMAZING job in Toronto!! pure perfection. The performances were powerful and passionate, and your lyrics were brought to a whole new level-never seen a crowd so memorized. All the best with the new album-cant wait to hear it xoxo

  22. maclhan says:

    also, I LOVE YOU GUYS!

  23. maclhan says:

    had the best night of my life last night at Copps! It was my first concert ever and I’m so happy that you were that first band (: Wish I was in Montreal tonight, aha …

  24. Alimac says:

    Just was at the show in hamilton last night, let me tell you best show I’ve ever seen. Truly blew me away. I fell in love all over again with your music. You guys are the best I’ve ever heard live!!!! Please come back soon please please!!!!!!! What a party!!!!!!

  25. bertderb says:

    You guys were unvelievable last night!!! (COPPS coliseum). We waited in line for 3 hours and were basically front row, more than worth it! As always your music was breath takingly passionate. Don’t be suprised about the 13 thousand fans that shook the stadium with applaus last night! Thanks for the awesome show :)

  26. cnichols says:

    The show in Hamilton last night was UNBELIEVABLE! Come back and see us again as soon as the next album is out. I’ve never seen anyone energize a crowd so much. Your passion is just simply amazing. Greatest night ever last night!!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    hey guys,
    it would be soo great if you wouldn’t be that cosmopolitan next year as you’re now and you’d have some concerts in the UK, hopefully London. I’m from Austria and will take a gap year in England, pretty sure around London. I’d love to see you live!!

  28. emmaleigh says:

    LOVED all the new stuff! I can’t wait for the next album to come out. Pretty please come back to Toronto after this album because that concert was one of the best nights of my life c:

  29. Redann says:

    Luv Lover’s Eyes!
    You should put the Edge live recording version on the new album. I can’t stop listening to it.
    Sexy voice!
    Can’t wait for album to be released.

  30. celticwoman85 says:

    i really hope you guys come to oklahoma. it has been a hard year and it would be nice to see yall live. i listen to your music everyday and it always brings my spirits up. thank you.

  31. jennyjubjub says:

    I just wanted to say a HUGE THANKS!!! for coming to Ontario and making COPPS colliseum feel like a tiny pub where our mates were playing us a song. It was so warm and the concert was electric. Front row floors were a huge payout from the wait outside in the cold and the rain. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Crowds were shouting your names in the street after the concert and screaming. None of us wanted it to end. xoxoxox

  32. absolut_star says:

    calgary? see you soon?

  33. Anonymous says:

    HEY BOYS!!!!!! At the show last night in TORONTO at the ACC!!!!!! BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marcus, I was wondering why you muffed up during my favourite song lol “

  34. Andybandy says:

    I don’t expect you to have time to check it out but I wrote about you guys in my blog after your show last night… just want you guys to know how much you’re appreciated and to read a raving review (not that there would or should be anything else for you). Thanks again from the heart for your music.


  35. Anonymous says:

    You boys are DEFINATLYreturning to canada next year. I was at the ACC last night and us CANADIANS rocked your world, almost as much as you rocked ours. You guys are amazing live, I appreciated the new songs, your new album will be so succesful. ILOVEYOU guys. Will you ALL go out on a date with me??

  36. Anonymous says:

    Last night in Toronto was AMAZING!! I had goose bumps that didn’t go away for almost the whole concert, and it definitely wasn’t cold in the arena. It was the best show I’ve ever been too and have never seen a sold out ACC with every single person standing and dancing and clapping! This just goes to show how much your fans love you and the joy that you bring into their lives THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  37. cheechmiester says:

    Just wanted to express how happy I am that I got to see you guys LIVE in Toronto. The fact that the band said “thank-you” after every song shows how humble Mumford and Sons is. We should be “thanking you” for an incredible show. Come again, we would more then happy to see you guys play with more songs from your upcoming album. Grazie… Ti Voglio Bene..Buona Fortuna!

  38. lunadog33 says:

    I love love love the song Feel the Tide. My 3 little kids and I dance and spin to that song every night.
    Is there anyway you can put a Live version of the song on the new album? Specifically From the March 18, 2010 show? It captures your energy and love of music beautifully.
    I love you guys!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Saw the Toronto show last night, you guys are AMAZING! I’ve been listening to your new stuff and was really glad to hear it last night!! I can’t express how much I love your music and can’t wait to see you again next time you’re in Canada. Cheers xo

  40. canadiantoast says:

    Thank you for stopping by Toronto guys, you were perfect :)

  41. fan111 says:

    Toronto show rocked – love the sound of the new stuff and can’t wait for the album to come out. It sounds as honest and soulful as your first album, which was a very special gift to the world!!! Keep doin what you’re doin :-)

  42. K-La says:

    Toronto show was unbelievable! Just so you guys know, we all fully expect you to come back again soon :) throw Canada on your list of tours for next year eh?

  43. FlyFishing says:

    Toronto!!! You guys were AWESOME!!!!! Thank you for a wonderful show! I am so happy that I was able to see you live this evening. You guys did fantastic, loved every bit of it, and the sold out ACC fans all loved you too. Toronto, Canada loves Mumford & Sons!! (But I’m a bit of north of Toronto, but we love you up here too).

    Again, thank you for a fantastic performance. Well done!

  44. mliesch says:

    When are you coming back to Minnesota???

  45. jenninj says:

    When are you returning to do a UK tour. I love your music soooo much but definitely can’t afford to fly to america to see you live. Come home and do us proud please!

  46. Boston87 says:

    The way you guys express your every emotion in to your music is a rare and beautiful thing. As a fan and music lover I appreciate this more then anything. When I first heard you guys it felt like the first time I had heard Bob Dylan, almost like a humbling experience. I will take what your music has given me with me for the rest of my life. Thank you and I hope you come to Boston.

  47. darthgroovy says:

    Can I say thanks for your help with my recent English work???? As much of a genius as he was, if Shakespeare were still alive today id have ripped his head of I hadnt had your music to listen to while writing my new version of ‘ The 7 ages of Man’ . Mine was the seven ages of a gnome, and my English teacher found it……amusing…. Cheers!!!

  48. emart41 says:

    It’s amazing how somebody you don’t even know can make something so powerful and motivational and have it speak directly to you.
    Please keep it up! And never sell out!

  49. Anonymous says:

    Twice in 2010, looks like zero in 2011…..I don’t think I can survive!! PLEASE come to Boston, MA or even Providence,RI! Looking forward to your new album, thanks guys!

  50. Anonymous says:

    A sense of comfort and infinity…. A truth in everyones eyes, the world and how humans take for granted and destroy the most beautiful things..ourselves…thank you, God Bless, I hope one day to see you all in person, concert, and shake ur hands tell you thank you face to face!

  51. butterfly7679 says:

    The first song I heard from you guys was The Cave, my late fiance’ of 7yrs committed suicide 3yrs ago, tht song among Little lion man, hold onto what u believe, thistle n weeds, white blank page, love of the light….I could go on n on….you reached into my soul, I look up more now and your words, your songs lift me up, think and really have helped me get thru my loss of a lover, agreat father, and a lost soul of a wonderful man ….I miss him daily, I fall asleep w ur songs, forthey cast a sense of comfort n words I can not describe…..ive walked out of my cave walking on my hands….thank you, God Bless, and I hope one day to see you in person to shake your hands!

  52. jonahk14 says:

    Love you guys, seen you a few times now. Cannot wait for the new record, not only because you’ll be having brand new music, but because you’ll be on the road again! good times.

  53. RAD113 says:

    I can’t wait to see your performance next Wednesday in Hamilton! I saw you live in my hometown (Montreux, Switzerland), where you signed my guitar- and walked past us busking your songs… Haha..

    Your words and music has meant a lot to me, and you have been a real inspiration. I would love the opportunity to meet you all again (although Lake Ontario isn’t quite as nice to swim in as Lac Leman is… ) for a short while after the show. Please let me know…


  54. Andercs says:

    I can’t begin to express the profound effect your music has on me! Never has music brought me such a feeling of joy and relaxation, it feels like your lyrics speak undeniable truths! You guys are great! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with all of us!

  55. annB says:

    hay I love your songs so much

  56. annB says:

    hay I love your songs so much

  57. erind says:

    I lol’d at the pic of Winnie manning the mixing desk :D Dang it, when are you guys gonna be finished?! I’m dying for more Mumfordness! Just kidding, take your time; I know it’ll sound great! Cheers, boys! ~Erin D.