Ted in Tennessee + more photos on their way

Hello friends,

I must apologise for not posting up any new pictures in really quite a long time. I just found a plastic bag in my flat with 12 undeveloped films in it so, today and hopefully tomorrow too, I’ll be posting a mishmash of a few tours we’ve done over the last few months. All these pics were taken on my 70s Nikon with the exception of the obvious Lomo fisheye pics. I have also just invested in one of those new fangled digital cameras so after this post there will be a higher proportion of digital images. I hope that’s ok. It does mean that pictures will move more quickly from the lens to the website instead of sitting in a plastic bag in my flat for a couple of months, however, I don’t believe the Nikon will ever be far from my side. Im already missing that 35mm magic!

Well much love to you all and thanks for stopping by for a Ted’s eye view of the band I call home. The angle from which it appears Mumford and Sons only has three members! I hope you enjoy your short stay xx


These first set of pictures were taken at a farm we stayed on in Nashville a few months ago to do some writing. Most of our time was spent in the front room picking with a few of our great friends, Big Mike from Apache Relay, Gill Landry from Old Crow Medicine show to name but a few of the wonderful souls who’ve helped to make the world a little smaller these last few years.

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  1. KatyD says:

    these are stunning. good SHOW!

  2. JenSheehan says:

    Casually save these in my mumford and sons folder

  3. hay234m says:


  4. samanthaann says:

    Ted. you pics always have a beautifully natural quality to them. Thanks for releasing them at what is a very busy time. We appreciate them. They will make a lovely collection one day.
    God Bless, SamanthaAnnxxxx

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the behind the scenes glimpse of down time for M&S. I just adore you guys and would love to have the pleasure of knowing you all personally.

    The chances of this is slim…but this gets me close enough

  6. SarahJeanMontgomery says:

    Would have loved to be a fly on that wall. Great pictures.

  7. loelra0524 says:

    Oh you don’t need to apologize for having the time of your life Ted~we understand~hahaha…Danke shein for all these beautiful shots…looking forward to more.

  8. verenageffken says:

    Great pics ! The ambiance looks so cozy, inviting and so natural, because of the wood, the stones and the plants. That’s how I’d like to live. Close to nature. Very nice !!!

  9. alex.kucharski says:

    These pictures are stunning! amazing lighting and perfect surroundings! very well done!!

  10. tripoli says:

    Beautiful shots, Ted. Absolutely beautiful.

  11. dzimmer says:

    Great pictures! I was so happy to take a picture with you after the St. Louis gig. I was even more excited when you signed my waistcoat! I’ll make sure to bring one for you next time! haha

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for more photos, Ted! We were just looking at your blog earlier today and noticed you hadn’t posted in awhile :-). I love the lighting in the new pics.

    Btw, we met you in KC last Friday! Thank you so much for letting us take your picture with my daughter and signing my son’s graduation card. I know he’ll love it. It was our first M & S concert and we had driven down from Minneapolis. You made it very special for us. Thank you!

  13. Ariel says:

    great perspective and lighting Teddy!! My fav is the one of Ben!! Can’t wait to see more of your great photography skills!!

  14. ClaireLee says:

    The light is absolutely beautiful in these.

  15. tawnyburgess says:

    I love your perspective :) Thanks Ted so much for posting these. You are so awesome to us fans, and a very talented man. Thanks!!! :)

  16. mrs.mumfordandsons says:

    THANKS! its a great feeling to see where you guys make your magic! thanks for sharing your guys’ memories :) love you T-Bear

  17. Gelfling says:

    Thank you, Ted!