Railroad Revival Tour in retrospect

Mumford & Sons are back in the UK and as articulated by Ben on the band’s Facebook page this morning…

“Had an extraordinarily good time these past few weeks. We made a whole lot of new friends, enjoyed playing lots of music and learnt a thing or two about how to put on a good show. Here’s to Old Crow Medicine Show and the fantastic Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. And to everyone who believed in the Railroad Revival Tour!”

Below are just some of the photos from the tour that are available to view on it’s own especially dedicated website Railroadrevivaltour.com. Head thattaway to view more photos plus read all the daily blogs that were posted, if you haven’t already. Some bits of video footage tucked away in there too. It’s all about the journey, literally.

The first night, in Oakland

Train jammin’

Marcus prepares the setlist

Look how many musicians can you fit on one stage!

In Austin

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  1. brenreeves says:

    Noooooooooooo, they are ours, saw them a couple of years ago at the Hop Festival in Kent and again at Glastonbury. Got tickets for the Olympic park, can’t wait. Only discovered you on Radio 2 (Simon Mayo I think on the way to work) and then spent the night on YouTube instead of working !! LOL

  2. kaytee07 says:

    I am so sad that I missed this. Please come back to Cali!!

  3. fjfabbri says:

    Hi guys! You’re really great. Hope yo can make it to Argentina some day! It’d be absolutly awesome! Me and my sister listen to you guys all the time!

  4. blackbird.fly says:

    Please oh please come to the West Coast of Canada!! Victoria needs you!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey everyone.Ive never joined any kind of fan club or anything like this in my life.But mumford and sons are the best band ive heard in a very long time.im from glace bay nova scotia.its a small town thats riddled with addiction and pain.and i have struggled with addiction myself,and i can honestly say that listening to mns really helps.i only learned of them about 5 months ago.Now i make sure i listen to them for at least an hour every day.listening for an hour is for sure the least amount of time per day.u guys r soooo good.im a huge music fan and i listen to a very wide variety.but mns are in a leage of their own.great job.i really hope too see them live.does anyone know if theyre playin bonaroo this year?and also,when i comment on here do we actually get respnses from anyone in the band?thank muchly.keep playin your mind blowing music.peaceeeee

  6. bunji says:

    Australia needs you. Come to the vineyards in the Hunter Valley NSW

  7. Anonymous says:

    I had one of the best nights ever at the hammersmith apollo on your final concert of the UK tour, and i would give anything to see you again!!! pleeeeaaasse come to cardiff, it would make my life complete to see you guys again!!! you are my inspiration and your music moves me in a way you cant imagine!! dying to hear your new album too =)

  8. Coconut says:

    I know you were recently in Canada (Montreal, Toronto, and Hamilton), but you need to come back to Canada to perform in Ottawa! I know it’s a little off the beaten path as far as good venues and population, but you have a good following here :-)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Come back to the U.K…. We miss you guys!!!

    P.s… when is your new album coming out!? I Literally Cannot waiiiit! :D


  10. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t heard a WHOLE CD touch my heart and soul since the Cure’s Disintegration. I can’t say I love you guys enough

  11. Anonymous says:

    amazing concert in mOntreal. drove 6 hours from boston to stand front and center…super spectacular. hope to see y’all in bOston soon. (preferably very soon)

  12. BigNick says:

    Hey Boys! Its your buddy Big Nick here from Toronto. Just wanted to thank you all again for hooking me and my lady up with tickets to the show! The seats were unreal and we had an incredible time. Really enjoyed meeting you all and having some drinks! Sincere thanks from Nick and Laura in Toronto, can’t wait to see you guys live again!

  13. Chanel89 says:

    Thank you for your amazing performance in Montreal on Thursday ! Your music gave us shivers. You truly are genius !!!!!
    Crazy night, incredible show, you let Montreal speechless !

  14. jennyjubjub says:


  15. Anonymous says:

    come and play at McAllen T.X i would love to see you guys perform. =) =) please come

  16. 0211kateG says:

    Come play in New York or New Jersey! I’ve been dying to see you all play live but your only in Canada and California:( Honestly, your lyrics are like poetry, its beautiful. Can’t wait til you come play on the east coast USA. Maybe I’ll get lucky and you’ll be by London when I study abroad next year. Thanks for making great music..

  17. thebritt1 says:

    It is an amazing thing to find real artistry and honesty in music nowadays. I would have to say that it is such a rare quality. It’s what makes the 4 of you an incredible band, the writing and the music are all so direct and open. There is no false modesty, or any attempt to cater to anybody. It’s just…you. And it’s beautiful. thank you so much for doing what you do. You guys are an inspiration. Your music is helping me get through my husband’s deployment this year, there’s a lot of healing and strength to be found there. Again, thank you :)

  18. amybennetts says:

    *cough* New Zealand *cough*

  19. catinacat says:

    Your music is such a blessing, I believe that music and heal the soul. Your songs helped me through a very hard time the lost of a child this summer and for that I will be forever grateful.

  20. Anonymous says:

    This looks amazing I hope you can co e and tour back in England soon! I seriously really want to see you live and meet you that’s my life long dream, keep up what your doing because I love it,thanks xxxxx

  21. old.soul says:

    Your poetic music expresses beyond what my broken heart feels and my soul has begun to mend. Gracias! **ABRIL**

  22. Anonymous says:

    Sigh No More is without doubt my favourite album, ever. You are all incredibly talented, and I am so very looking forward to hearing your new album, i’m sure it’s fantastic!! :D

    P.s…. I can’t wait to see you perform again. I saw you at Hammersmith last October, and I must say.. I was blown away!!! :D

  23. Ru1N says:

    *Cough* Madison Square Gardens *Cough*

  24. ozrev says:

    G’day folks… Glad I discovered your band. Breath of fresh air in today’s world. Have been watching some of the videos of lives gigs. Guess what really drew me in – apart from the power of the music – was that it reminded me of the days back at the “Folk Centre” in Brisbane. I used to perform there most Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights. At the end of the night we would have, what we called, an “Ugly”. Everyone who had performed that night (and some who hadn’t) would all get on stage and away we would go. Loved it!! You guys bring back a lot of sweet memories. Are you planning on coming to Australia? Would be great to see you all at the Performing Arts Centre or Entertainment Centre. Bugger it; just go straight to Lang Park. Cheers guys and keep doing the great and powerful things. Ian T

  25. The_Midnight_Night says:

    Love everything about the music, the sound, melody, and the lyrics. I really has changed my life. Thank you.

  26. Miranda1429 says:

    I’ve recently fallen in love with Sigh No More and can’t wait until your next album comes out. Your music is so inspiring and it gave me the courage to pursue what I really want out of life. I can’t thank you enough for how you’ve touched my life. And if by some miracle you guys actually read this message all I have to say is never lose your passion. The passion you guys have for the music is literally palpable even on the record and its incredible! O and Marcus, stop calling yourself fat in interviews, you’re incredibly sexy!
    PS. Everyone is asking you to come to their home town, but please consider Indiana next time you’re in the US! Thanks for everything!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I may be old fashioned for my years as I wish there was some way I could write you gentlemen a letter expressing my thoughts. Absent such ability (as far as I can tell) I will simply say this: Your music arrests my soul and aches my heart. Fate has truly done something amazing with Mumford and Sons. Thank you.

  28. anke says:

    When will you come to Germany??? My daughter brought your album along, when she came back from a one year stay in GB and at once I was thrilled of it! So, continue your success in Germany!

  29. RobertDale93 says:

    Hey there guys! Sigh No More is the sigle best albume i own, and is the best albume in the world! i went and got it on vynle also. If i was to get an adress to send it to, would i be able to send you the vynle and get it signed by all of you? i would pay for postage and package and all sorts. pretty please :) with a cherry on top??? it would be a dream come true! thanks guys! x

  30. andreainnesh says:

    This sounds and looks like a wonderful time; hope you can tour again and make it to Mexico City! Your music is incredible, you words are so real, touches my heart and I bet so many others in my country feel the same way, I know lots of my friends do. Keep up what you are doing and never go too comercial, just perfect how it is.

  31. musiclover says:

    to listen as fully as I can! I hope you come to Onatrio Canada! Cant wait till the next our! I WILL be there! Thank you for restoring my faith in music,you are all AMAZING!!!! Love you all xoxoxoxo

  32. Anonymous says:

    Hello Boys!!!!my name is Heather, I am 28yrs old,stay at home mum and also a musician myself(singer) for quite some time now I had lost faith in new music. I mostly listened to 60’s and 70’s stuff…I felt so much of todays music had no soul,no passion,with musicians not writing their own stuff,lyrics having no story behind them ect…it made me sad….BUT NOW you came along!!! I am IN LOVE with your music! I find myself closing my eyes when I listen,as if Im closing off all other senses just to hear it as fully as possible! I hope you come to Ontario Canada asap I WILL be there! I cant wait for the next tour! Thanks for restoring my faith in music once again! you all are AMAZING!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  33. Anonymous says:

    Marcus u look so focused preparing the setlist

  34. curiosity says:

    I have to say I am hooked on your music. After listening to you on XM radio, I had to rush to download the album on iTunes. Keep it up guys! Can’t wait until you are back in the US and near Oklahoma City.

  35. nee24 says:

    Call me obsessed, but I do not know what your music does to my soul!! Mumford and Sons is like a smoothie for the soul. Please come to California very soon, I have asked for nothing but a Mumford and Sons concert for my birthday the last two years and I have missed your past shows. Please come to CALIFORNIA soon!! I want to see you all front row:) Please please, LOVE, NEELA

  36. Anonymous says:

    I have really learned a lot from your music and I want to thank y’all for that. Y’all are definitely an inspiration. Your song ‘Awake My Soul’ has inspired my first tattoo. I can’t wait until it’s complete! Keep up the amazing work and I am so ready for the new album.

  37. Hannabob2 says:

    … jealous of your accents! I want one:) sorry, this is continued from the comment below, it can only hold 500 letters:)

  38. Hannabob2 says:

    Hey Marcus,
    I was just doing some math and thought I might fill you in that my mom and dad are 10 years apart and they were married and so with you being 23… I think… and me being 15… we still have a chance because that’s only 8 years apart and when i get older… like way older… age won’t matter then;) haha I’m joking! but really, your music is fantastic! every time I listen to it I get a tear in my eye. your voice is so beautiful and sounds the same live as on the CD:) P.S I am so jealous of your accents! I want one!:)

  39. Hannabob2 says:

    Listening to the cave right now and it’s on repeat:) I just wanted to say thank you for being so amazing and changing up the bad pattern of music lately:) also Marcus you are so hot:) also Marcus I really wish you didn’t smoke!:( it breaks my little heart:( I love you too much for you to die!…
    I have other things to fill my time, you take what is yours and i’ll take mine! That’s my favorite part:)

  40. Anonymous says:

    i think i could be one of your biggest fans:) i heard your song “The cave” and fell in love. I want to see your show sooooo badly, its one of my biggest dreams. I live in Vancouver Washington and it would be amazing if you could come down to the rose garden in Portland Oregon so i could see your show. I understand that you guys have been extremely busy but it would mean the world to me.

  41. EmmaleneAndstuff says:

    Oregon Country Fair 2012?!?

  42. megs1993 says:

    could you come to Vancouver, Canada? you have only been in the eastern part of Canada, but the west side is much cooler:)!!

  43. Anonymous says:

    So I finally got the new cd last night as a birthday present. Yes I’m a little late. Let me also mention that my mother who is only 55 was just diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. These past few weeks have been a really trying but also beautiful time. Our family has pulled together and have become so much closer. I’ve kind of been just on the go lately and haven’t really been able to express my emotions, having to stay strong for my mom and everyone else. I couldn’t wait to POP in the cd on my way home….I just want to say that listening to you guys is something words can’t describe. Half way through the first track I burst into tears. Something that I’ve been holding back since we got the diagnosis. It was one of those crys that after your done you just feel better. Like everything is going to be ok. Your music and words reached me on a level I can not portray with words. It was one of the most beautiful feelings I have ever had. Needless to say I drove around and listened to the entire cd from start to finish. I just want to say thank you all for helping me through this rough patch in my life. Your music is truly inspiring and are one of the few bands that I believe can reach anyone on an emotional level and set free the feelings you’ve been holding in. In any life situation really. Now if you’ll only go back on tour :). Again thank you so much. I’ll carry this cd everywhere I go knowing it can always help me through my day and rough times that the future holds.

  44. Anonymous says:

    What can i say you guys truely are amazing artists and songwriters you capture the world and life in a beautiful but truthful way i smile when i hear your songs i shed a tear at times too… I always think songs are away of expressing how you feel at times in your life and your songs are so meaningful and powerful that
    help me to understand things and events i have went thro i get goose bumps when i hear you guys sing it is truely a magical experience listening to you all your all amazing!!!! X

  45. hkash says:

    I saw you guys in Denver a few weeks ago and it was by far the best show I have gone to. You truly are a talented bunch and it is so refreshing to hear. Appreciate you guys thinking of the U.S. Can’t wait for the next album and the next tour (maybe you could play at Red Rocks…most beautiful venue and a heck of a time). Make a pit stop in Fort Collins, Colorado while you are around Denver, we have a handful of great breweries! cheers

  46. mmetz says:

    PS, you killed Atlanta on 12 June. Winston, if you dance like that while you play any longer, you just may find yourself in a compromising position with something other than a banjo. Please keep playing in the same fashion. Gah, I’d love to get absolutely blasted with you guys, I have a feeling I’d end up with a cramp in my cheeks and six-pack abs the way you laugh and give one another hell. If only the world didn’t pay mind to fame. You fellas truly deserve a nod, though. Good stuff.

  47. mmetz says:

    Your music moves a number of souls incomprehensible to you. Had you even begun to fathom such a then far-fetched idea at the time? I wish I could just kick it with you guys pre-fame so it didn’t seem so creepy, ha. I bet you guys would be great to grab a brew with, though, especially after seeing your quirky arses on the intimate interviews via OnDemand and others. So humble, it’s lovely and refreshing! Cheers, do whatcha do.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Sorry didn’t mean to post two comments,its crazy how Marcus captured all of me and I have never met him I wouldn’t know what to say if I did…i feel like a school girl an I’m 21 how does that happen??? I can’t erase you from my head Marcus. Lame I know everyone who reads this, I know its a long shot if he ever will read this. Always in my dreams I can’t shake it.

  49. My.Heart.Weaps says:

    Come to the USA!!!! If I ever saw u it would b worth anything…not all of us ain’t that lucky I guess. My heart told my head…

  50. My.Heart.Weaps says:

    If I ever saw u it would be worth anything….guess not all of us are that lucky.

  51. welchmau says:

    I went to yalls show in Asheville a few nights ago. Drove 5 hours there and back and it was totally worth it. That was the best show I have ever been to in my life. Every person in the crowd knew every word, and when yall did Thistle and Weeds, I had chills for at least 30 minutes. I can not begin to try to explain how much I love your music. Everytime I hear one of your songs it means something different to me. No disrepect to any other fans, but I’m definitley the biggest fan :)

  52. trulaka says:

    I was just in Raleigh NC for your show last night. It was amazing, no better than amazing. i truly have no words for that experience! i loved every minute of it. PLEASE come back to see us in North Carolina. If not i most certainly go to your home land! Thank you! xoxox Tristen

  53. Anonymous says:

    Country Winston, I heard you enjoyed bluegrass. Every heard of Rockin’ Acoustic Circus?

  54. awesomethroughme says:

    It’s my birthday when you guys are coming to MD, so excited!

  55. lydia_king says:

    you guys are amazin

  56. mylobster27 says:

    The Railroad show in Phoenix was incredible! The Train was the best encore I’ve ever witnessed :D I feel it should be an annual event!

  57. Anonymous says:

    that IS a lot of musicians on one stage….still I could beat that. Mind you, most of us would be teenagers….skinny ones at that.

  58. tenentesrevenge says:

    please come to san antonio, texas. I love you and so many more in this great city. please. many thanks.

  59. eg says:

    hey hey . please come to austria . i love your music . u’re great !

  60. Paul.C.S says:

    Hey you guys need to do a canada tour, you have alot of fans around the Toronto area, we would love for you to come and perform there. Thanks ttyl

  61. Michaela.Munkie says:

    Oh my Gosh! You guys are AMAZING! Can’t wait to see you guys in Kansas City on June 3rd of 2011
    God bless-

  62. shannen.murray says:

    Belfast? North of Ireland? Please, we all love you here! Your work is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. keep it up guys, and, come to N.I! :D looking forward to seeing you ;)

  63. Anonymous says:

    Really, really, really dissapointed that I will not get to see you guys in my hometown of St. Louis. I have been waiting for you all to come here but unfortunately, the ticket companies have bought out the tickets and priced them at over $150 a piece! Many of us cannot afford that price for a ticket. I hope to see you guys another time soon in the future. ;(

  64. ttouch says:

    Please come Virginia Beach Amphitheater!!! Sure to sell out!!!

  65. Anonymous says:

    Every decade, one or two bands produces a sound and stage presence that sets them way apart. You guys are IT!

    Attending Railroad Revival was a month ago and I’m still high. Also, Marcus – – your vocal talent is phenomenal. Only a few vocalists can sing EVERY WORD so effortlessly and still be totally heard and understood. Brilliant!

  66. messiah says:

    so just an idea – and not intending to sound like a pushy tweenager, but i think it’d be pretty legendary if you guys came out to Melbourne, Australia some time soon. Preferably with all ages concerts, but yeah just a suggestion, dont forget absolute adoration of you on behalf of the sensible population of australia.

  67. Anonymous says:

    I want to see Mumford Madrid. MUFORD AND SONS FANS CLUB SPAIN

  68. casajeronimo says:

    COME TO MADRID. Mumford and Sons Fans Club Spain

  69. makahfili says:

    I am hoping Mumford will stop by Portland, OR again!! Tickets sold out in 2 minutes last time!!!! SOOOOOO many people weren’t able to attend!! :( PLEEEEAAASEEE!!

  70. caroline93 says:

    Europe needs you and your music ! Especially Poland !

  71. priscilladawn says:

    I heard them on British XM radio, so I’ve been listening to Mumford and Sons for about 2 years now. I was the musical director at my high school for one for our plays a bit over a year ago that we did (Shakespeare’s, As You Like It) and I put a folk band together so we could cover “Winter Winds” – it was a lot of fun, and no one really had heard about them yet. Now they’re performing just a few miles away from where I live, at Wakarusa, but I can’t afford tickets. /:
    It stinks, I know people that still don’t listen to them that are going. Ugh.