Railroad Revival Tour announcement – American Southwest

From M&S HQ… Here we are then: another waffle, another dollar. Making stacks on the corner of the blogosphere (done a little sick-up in my mouth just now) dealing Class-A blogs, an’ dodging dem Po-Po. Well, not really dodging; the common man he say casually strolling into their open arms after the shockingly low-quality fix I flogged you last time out. BUSTED. They threw the book at me and Xerox George – 125 YEARS! We’re already one months hard labour in to the stretch… One whole month writing the Bruno Mars anonymous artist blog. You’d get less for murder yo.

As a consequence of my incarceration, supplies of mis-adventure are running low – not a lot happens in internet clink – so I’m just gonna pluck a completely, and in no-way-pre-meditated word to run with and see where we end up. The word is… ‘train’. Every time I include the word ‘train’ I’ll score myself one point, like this☝, and every time I some way work in a lil’ train wordplay, I’ll score myself two points, like this ✌. It’s all fun and games here.

Poop Poop, all aboard the run-a-way ramble express (✌)!

Of course, the real beauty of writing in a continuous train (☝) of thought fashion is that you’re at my mercy – I’m like an out of control freight train (double points please for the metaphor ☝✌) and at some point this whole thing’s gonna come off the rails (✌) and end in a spectacular train wreck (☝). If only there was a GCSE in this, cos I am #winning.

I have a kind of love/hate relationship with trains (☝). I’ve never been hit by a train so they get love for that, though I did once get stuck in the doors of a tube train, so they get a strong dislike for that. I really like trainers (1/2 ☝), and I love 80’s movie training (1/2 ☝) montages – these being my favourite, natch – but trains (☝) also played a significant part in the rise and demise of a relationship, so it’s swings and roundabouts. Proper love/hate, real talk. Sigh. Let’s begin…

The Rise: After university, my best friend from those hallowed halls of learning decided to expand his horizons and mind on a Masters tip in the far flung fields of Nottingham. So one early Autumn day I caught the train (☝) up to see him. It was while traversing the tubes on this particular journey that I got mixed up in the carriage door carnage actually. Eventful all ’round. Anyway, it was also on this journey that I met… er, let’s roll with a name change here, shall we… Steve. Steve had the face of Kiera Knightley and the body of Blake Lively. Naturally, with my wet hippo hair, hairy tramp face and baboon’s bum we were the perfect match. And so began a short courtship, from which eventually blossomed a gratia garden bursting with beauty, filled with the sweet-smelling scent of that rarest of roses; Eau de Romance pour Him et Her. By Steve. 1ltr bottle, £2.99.

The Demise: Months passed and by early Summer it was time to meet the parents. A weekend at the family home to celebrate the youngest member of the bunch’s Birthday seemed the ideal opportunity. No problem. Present for brother – check. Flowers for Mum – check. Bottle of wine for Dad – check. New shirt for me – check. Knowledge of sibling names and no-go topics of conversation – double check. What could go wrong? Well, quite a lot apparently…

First day was fine, despite the revelation that the Birthday Boy was a nine year old nightmare in Nikes. Second day was a trip to a theme park, and just a nightmare. Now, I don’t know who suggested it was a good idea to go on the ghost train (☝) but let me just say this: CHEERS FOR RUINING MY LIFE. And I definitely don’t know who suggested I share a cart with the Nightmare and Grandma but, again: CHEERS FOR RUINING MY LIFE. Now, the last time I rode a ghost train (☝) it was absolutely rubbish, so to whomever designed this one: CHEERS FOR RUINING MY LIFE. It had actual people in it, dressed as serial killers and escaped lunatics…? Why would you do that? WHY? It was terrifying, like, genuinely terrifying. Rounding the final corner of the course, having endured several hairpins of horror, my nerves were shot. I couldn’t take anymore… It wasn’t my fault… What do you expect a grown man to do when confronted by the contorted face of a machete-wielding mad man!? Well, I’ll tell you what Grandma didn’t expect; me to push her out the cart and into the path of the oncoming killer. And I’ll tell you what the Birthday Boy didn’t expect; me to blame him. Straight home and straight to bed for you sunshine, it might be your Birthday but Nana needs changing and you’ve ruined it for everyone. “Welcome to big school”.

Problem is, these new parks take a keepsake snap innit. And as the image processed and the flickering screen slowly revealed my shoving shame, I knew the relationship was over. Straight home for me, but never to bed again. Welcome to single school.

So yeah, trains (☝): rubbish. Except of course, if you happen to be travelling across the American Southwest aboard 15 vintage railcars in the company of two of the US’s finest bands. Which just so happens to be what the boys Mumford will be getting up to this coming Spring when they perform SIX unique, outdoor shows alongside Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes and Old Crow Medicine Show from California to New Orleans on the Railroad Revival Tour!!

April 21 Oakland, CA @ Middle Harbor Shoreline Park
April 22 San Pedro, CA @ Ports O’Call Village
April 23 Chandler, AZ @ Arizona Railway Museum
April 24 Marfa, TX @ El Cosmico
April 26 Austin, TX @ Cap Metro Parking Lot
April 27 New Orleans, LA @ Woldenberg Park

The bands will be eating, sleeping and collaborating on the train (☝) for the duration… read all about it at this specially put together website http://railroadrevivaltour.com/

Well jealz, this sounds spectacular so stop slouching and pounce on a ticket when they go on sale this Wednesday. Or sign up to the newsletter quickly to access a fan-club pre-sale. The pre-sale will begin tomorrow at 9am PST/12pm EST but the newsletter will be going out very soon, before then.



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  1. Snowi says:

    I happened upon this blog by a clumsy tap of the finger at 5am in n the morning, and I’m glad I did! LOL funny!! Pushing granny out the cart!?! LMFAO! Blaming little brother and the relationship break up because of it. How awkward! I had a great day having started it off laughing at this read, besides, a day without laughter, is a day wasted.



  2. Miss_MumfordandSons says:

    Amazing tour! Best Night of my Entire Life!

  3. Hooptime says:

    I purchased tickets for Austin and FrontGate voided them!!! I have been trying to see Mumford and Sons for over a year and a half in 3 different cities with out luck and now when I have tickets they get canceled. Need help Mumford! How can you let your ticket company screw over fans like this.

  4. cvsrmarketer says:

    You should come to NE Ohio and ride Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad – which travels through Cuyahoga Valley National Park!
    It is a beautiful area, great for inspiring more incredible music!

  5. jaceyjay says:

    I wish I lived closer to the places that you are coming to!!! I think you guys should come to North Carolina because I love you guys and I would LOVE to see you live!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    For those rock’n one of the RRT stops, make sure to join the individual city’s FB groups and get in in the excitement for the bands, get local food recs, or connect with others caravanning:

    Oakland: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_205573406136588&ap=1
    San Pedro: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_172966899417368&ap=1
    Chandler: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_196637600367249&ap=1
    Marfa: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_160132290708767&ap=1
    Austin: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_152988131428848&ap=1
    New Orleans: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_209217632425195&ap=1

  7. detroitersloveyou says:

    Haha how long after the incident did the relationship last. At least you can laugh about it now right. Very funny story; major brownie points. :{)(mustache smily)

  8. lgould says:

    Oh dear…I hope your Grandma was okay in the end! And enjoy your tour of the Southern US, its a unique and lovely landscape, just watch out for snakes in your boots and rock hard!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Oh my..hahahaha…this was hilarious!

    A perfect way to start a dreary work week! Thank you!

  10. zargarian89 says:

    Seriously Austin sold in 19 minutes! So no ticket for me :( damn scalpers….

  11. Nichole says:

    great story! :)

  12. mwinicki says:

    just got my ticket for austin!! missed you guys the last time, so excited!

  13. helenhagan says:

    i tried to buy pre sale and it sold out and regular sale tickets are sold out too. I logged on at EXACTLY 11 and waited thirty minutes to not get any. So sad. Hope you guys will come back to Austin! Obviously this whole town loves you. Have a great trip!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Toot, Toot, you rock HQ, always make me laugh!
    Sounds like an amazing journey, can’t wait to here about it.
    Paula from oz

  15. ngolden says:

    Does anyone have the Oakland presale code – I am a member and still not received anything? email me PLEASE: nicolagolden@hotmail.com

  16. Anonymous says:

    Kudos to whoever writes these blogs! My writing doesn’t even come close to your narrative wit ;) I have a lot of fun reading these.
    The train tour sounds like such fun – the kind only some get to sample in their lives. I was recently watching ‘A Hard Day’s Night,’ and I’m now wondering, keeping in mind the train scene in which the Beatles played cards/sang, if bands actually sing along together when they find themselves in the same train wagon…? Like, whip out the guitar and just pass the time in a musical fashion… It would be awesome if you guys did that, and posted the footage online :D
    Cheers, Suzie :)
    PS: Tour Eastern Europe!!!

  17. rcheedle says:

    Just got my Oakland tickets, so dang excited!! Cant wait.

  18. Annalalith says:

    Seriously at least stop in New Mexico…. >.> *runs away feeling silly*

  19. elizabethgrace says:

    Come back to Sasquatch Festival my fine fellows! You would be warmly welcomed back!

  20. kmarcus5 says:

    Looking forward to this. How could you guys have the New Orleans pre-sale on Mardi Gras Day!

  21. allyjo says:

    has anyone received their Oakland presale code? PLEASE email me – allysonjosephs@yahoo.com

  22. samanthaann says:

    Well I don’t know who writes these but this is a fine piece of narrative, worthy of discussion in Marcus’ book club! It’s fine balance of pathos & humour, the underdog who doesn’t seem to have much luck where kids are involved! Have you been TRAINED (!) in the art of blogging?! You’re certainly a master of blog (& I think you won your own game!) ‘Til next time, God Bless & keep blogging! SamanthaAnnxxxx

  23. eje6582 says:

    where do I sign up for the newsletter?

  24. elphieofkiamoko says:

    Got my confirmation email. ♥ Hopefully I’ll get the presale code before 9 in the morning!! My mom is really excited about going, too. We love you guys so much, and can’t wait to see you.

  25. tripoli says:

    That was one hell of a read!

  26. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t received presale password email either and I’ve noticed my emails from this website have been delayed in coming to my inbox. For example, it took awhile for me to receive my ‘forgot your password’ email. Please send the emails soon. I really want to see you guys in San Pedro!

  27. elphieofkiamoko says:

    x_x Haven’t gotten confirmation yet.
    Please send me presale info… You guys are killing me….
    I still love you, of course. ♥

  28. minhthuthi says:

    just got my confirmation e-mail. no password yet but I read on a forum that someone checked in with FrontGate and they said there will be a password.

  29. elphieofkiamoko says:


  30. Littleredbird says:

    No password or newsletter received by me either. Hoping something arrives in the morning prior to the pre-sale.

  31. deedlebug says:

    I love reading your stories! And I LOVE even more that you’re touring the US! …Please come to Ohio! ..There are plenty of tracks here for you! =D (haunted & not!)

  32. minhthuthi says:

    So it’s for sure that we need a passcode? I’m waiting on it then. Please send soon!

  33. katieallyn says:

    waiting fo rthe presale password!!!

  34. shelbford09 says:

    Yeah, I haven’t received any emails since signing up to this, and I signed up months ago. I even missed the Santa Barbara presale. I hope that they just haven’t sent the emails out yet. :(

  35. autumn66 says:

    Once again, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE M and S check this out, were all having an issue with not receiving an email for the pre sale, and the newsletter and all want to see you all LIVE! in San Pedro! When you sign up for the newsletter, it does not go through? Your words are so incredible and enlightening!

  36. harpman52 says:

    No confirmation password since I signed up @ 1:40PM PST this afternoon….any clue whatz the status on this and the presale tickets for website members tomorrow?

  37. bsagirl101 says:

    No password email here, and ditto from my friends. Hmmm… So excited about the show as a bday present. =)

  38. minhthuthi says:

    I haven’t gotten my confirmation e-mail yet!

  39. S-D says:

    Has the newsletter gone out yet? Will it contain a presale password?

  40. Anonymous says:

    Love this! Don’t want to miss the presale tickets like I did for Santa Barbara, is the newsletter posted yet?

  41. jesslulu says:

    the last newsletter with the pre-sale code i received via email was sent after the pre-sale date – i hope i get this pre-sale code on time. i would really really really like to attend this show!! :) Has anyone received an email yet?

  42. Anonymous says:

    Ultimate happy face to the AZ show. You guys kept your promise. Thanks.

  43. annizoom says:

    I’ve been signed up for the newsletters for awhile now, but haven’t rcvd any. I’m worried that I won’t rcv the password…

  44. saradiane says:

    Is anyone else having trouble trying to view the railroad revival tour website?

  45. Jayden says:

    Ok, you’re getting closer… so since your are in the south, swing over a little east, take a nice vaca at Daytona Beach, the weather’s absolutely perfect for a little surfing, then head down my way near Orlando or Tampa, so I can partake in some of your awesomeness… mmmk?

  46. Anonymous says:

    you have no idea how happy I was when I saw that you guys were coming to oakland because I have dying to see you guys!! now I hope I can just get the tickets.

  47. autumn66 says:

    Dont want to miss the pre sale, as I did for Santa Barbara, is the newsletter posted yet???

  48. thebfam says:

    This sounds great and we can hardly wait! We will have to cut our vacation short but it well be worth it to see the show. Keep true to yourselves and keep up the great work!

  49. Anonymous says:

    Now see here, my dearest Mumfordy boys. You’re teasing me with your US tour, and I don’t know if my poor nerves can withstand such torment. Nearly two years of unwavering love has passed, and while we have (we being myself and my lovely roommate/hetero life mate in the style of Jay and Silent Bob) enjoyed your album and the two shows we’ve had the joy of attending, we would be most appreciative of a Seattle stop this year. It would serve as a most appropriate graduation gift as we embark on our careers as massage therapists. We’d even massage you…fo’ free! (What? Oh man, that DOES sound like a magical deal!) In conclusion, please stop in Seattle; you’ll get free massages and make, at the very least, two girls exceedingly happy.
    Best regards, Molly

  50. anative says:

    Any package available that includes a ride on the train? Would love to hop aboard and see each show along the way.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Cannot wait to see you guys in Santa Barbara; Also will try to score tickets to your San Pedro show. It’s amazing to watch as all of your talent and hard work (and did I mention TALENT!?) finally begin to reap the rewards and garner the attention that you so richly deserve! Here’s to a successful, fun-fulled, eventful and productive tour for you gentlemen, and an explosive, raucously good time for me! It’s a win-win situation all around… :)

  52. stebiejo says:

    We’d love to see you in the land of 10,000 lakes but not yet, they are frozen and it’s frickin’ freezing up here Mr. Bigglesworth. This summer though, it’s lovely!

  53. bkppya5 says:

    This post literally made me laugh out loud. I love it! You have a masterful way of writing. Yippeee for this new tour, it sounds as if it will be EPIC! =)

  54. CCannon says:

    Can’t wait to see you again! Thanks for stopping in AZ!

  55. svesprani says:

    Come to Ohio! Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati-anywhere!

  56. Gelfling says:

    I very much hope to go to the San Pedro show!!!

  57. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait to see you guys in Santa Barbara; Will be trying to score tickets to your San Pedro show, as well. It’s so great to see your talent and hard work (and did I mention talent?!) finally reaping the benefits and getting the recognition you all so thoroughly deserve! Here’s to a fun-filled, eventful and productive tour for you all, and (hopefully) two amazing shows for me-It’s a win-win situation all around! :)

  58. PookieRae says:

    This is brilliant. I hope to god that I can go to the Austin show. If I can go, I’ll make you guys brownies. :) Everybody loves brownies.

  59. hippylove says:

    When you’re in Inverness come to our live global photogallery at 19 Church St, Inverness. Ask Dougie where it is, he’ll tell you :D

  60. kthrnklly says:

    I am so incredibly excited that y’all are going to do a show in New Orleans (which is where I am) before JazzFest! I already have my JF ticket, and I’m going to be ALL OVER getting a ticket for the show in the park, too. Maybe y’all will be out and about around town, too…?

  61. gachimayaa says:

    these blog posts are entertaining. I’m loving them :) unfortunately, I won’t be going to any of these shows as they are nowhere near me but I’m OK w/ patiently waiting for my own opportunity to see the boys live. in the meantime I’ll be listening to sigh no more on constant repeat.

  62. aamendoz says:

    This tour sounds amazing!

    …but a trip up north would be nice…not to demand anything…just a sugestion, a very encouraged sugestion…

  63. alex.kucharski says:

    I was talking to Cory from Old Crow Medicine a little while ago about this tour. but i was hoping that you guys would come a little closer to canada so i could actually go to one of the Concerts. It would be cool to see Old Crow again and Edward Sharpe is also very good. You picked amazing people to tour with.
    Add more tour dates, and at least come close to Canada, cause i have a passport and the ability to travel to the states for you guys!!