Letters from the Hills – Part Two (more photos added)

The latest from Tobermory – Stornoway, with some (more) photos too…

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  1. Tabster says:

    I love Mumford & Sons – I am only thirteen, but I am completely inspired by you guys. You are the people who I aspire to be, and yet you are still both humble and talented. Your music (and I speak not just for myself) brings me hope, and it makes me feel like there is nothing to worry about. I love you guys so much.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am a newer member to the site and every time I come here I find more gems! I just love that you posted a personal journal in your own handwriting. It made it so more intimate & I felt closer to getting to know you, Marcus. I hope you are able to continue to do this in the future. Your fame is growing yet your feet remain firmly grounded & you guys are not letting it get to your heads.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s wonderful that you kept a journal, Marcus. And thank you for uploading your own handwriting! It’s so refreshing to see someone’s own penmanship and not just a generic typed document. Any chance you could do this on your next tour?? I’d love to keep up with you guys on the road! Thanks for the beautiful music, by the way :) ~Peace and love, Erin

  4. TRC30 says:

    Marcus, Thanks for sharing your diary with everyone. Your song writing is amazing; as is your voice. Love the band! and the music you all are making. -Terra-

  5. courtkneemichelle says:

    I am so interested in the PERSON that you are and what fills your heart and what soothes your soul. To be able to read your PERSONAL diary entry just made my ENTIRE week. It is really incredible to be able to read such a private thing (but I guess it’s not so private anymore) but to be able to read this; it’s so much more special than reading an interview in a magazine or online. Basically, I loved this and I wish there was more to read. (I already read the PART ONE edition also.) Keep writing and making some of THE most beautiful music my ears have ever had the pleasure of hearing. I love all of you guys for what you do!

  6. cosmicocean says:

    Please come to Vancouver Island, very West Coast of Canada!!! We know how to enjoy music here and especially such amazing music artists as yourselves!! I hope you’ll venture over here one day very soon. xox

  7. shaha.y1961 says:

    Loved the photos! Hope you can come to Edmonton AB sometime… I’d love to see you live.

  8. smitch219 says:

    I enjoyed this. (:

  9. boleksy16 says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    my family is originally from lewis (barvas) never been, but suspect it’s just as beautiful as you’ve described :)

  11. allie.loves.m.and.s says:

    Your music made my life

  12. Anonymous says:

    Never heard of The Low Anthem so I googled them and found some tunes. I must say, they are quite lovely to listen to. Thank you.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I really want to know if the band actually reads these comments. anyway to let me know M&S? I know you have heard it millions of times but your lyrics are masterful and truly connect to people. How cool is it that you are in a position to serve God in a way where you truly know that people are hearing you and effected by what you do and say? I hope yall never lose sight of how small we are and how HUGE god is. Can’t wait to hear more and see yall achieve greatness for Greatness.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Love the Highland pics! I visit often (Scottish roots) and plan to relocate to Oban in the next few years!!! Hopefully you will do another Highland tour while I am there…sadly I missed you guys this year by a month!!! If only I had known….sigh (no more)…Looking forward to hearing you guys in Denver!