Thank you for your comments so far, sorry for the terrible delay in starting up, we’ve been experiencing some ‘technical difficulties’ – but all aside, let us begin!

I had considered The Book Thief cos I just finished it and was indeed interested, but this week’s book is going to be ‘All the Pretty Horses’, by Cormac McCarthy… More to follow next week, so get reading!


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  3. mumfordian45 says:

    Yay! Out to buy it now (:

  4. merrieheather says:

    This week’s reading? Oh dear. I’ve had that book next to my bed for eight years, and now I have a week to complete it? Maybe this will be what it takes to get me to do it. Marcus said, “get to reading!” Here goes…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Someone has been hounding me to read The Book Thief, and am wondering what your ‘soundtrack’ was for that novel.

  6. LucyTakeABow says:

    lovely book…

  7. OkieGirl says:

    Wondering what everyone thinks of the novel so far. Just about to start Chapter III. Where is everyone else?

  8. harriet.rose says:

    Yay, new book and you guys coming to Australia in January, life is good :)

  9. teacosy says:

    Excellent. I must join this club!

  10. Dingwall says:

    Working my way slowly through the trilogy by McCarthy right now. Steinbeck-y. Well nice.

  11. Anewl says:

    Heading to the UK (from Australia) early next year – hope to catch you guys playing!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like one to check out, I’m not sure if you’ve read this as yet.. but Atonement by Ian McEwan — its one of those books that is almost uncomfortable, and is sooo much more interesting second time round.
    btw LOVE YOUR MUSIC :) My exams start on monday and I’ve been jamming and studying to your music, and I totally love it!!
    anyways enjoy reading Rach x

  13. sthor says:

    Book Thief is an amazing book. I also liked All The Pretty Horses, although is it as good as No Country for Old Men? I’m not sure.

  14. be says:

    I may just have to go out and buy this book, if it’s anything like as good as your music I’ll be a contented soul. I haven’t heard an album so amazing in years! We came to see you guys at The Forum and only wished it was longer. So good to see real talent with artistic heart. Thanks for making me smile, cry and jig over the past few weeks (although not all at the same time).. Genius! Christmas is sorted for all my friends, stockings filled.. sigh no more

  15. kate says:

    Love love love ‘The Book Thief’, it just somehow stands out with the harrowing, stark narration. Made me cry. Alot.
    (although, is it just me or did you think, ‘wait, did she just kiss a dead person? Why do i find that so romantic?’)
    But still, Incredible book.

  16. Jen_Syd_84 says:

    Guys – Love your music, Fantastic Job, I’m going out to buy your album this morning. Keep up the good work, I look forward to hearing more from you. =) Jen – Sydney Australia.

  17. Doo says:

    OOOO a book club??? Nice touch guys! I’ll be out getting teh books as soon as :) Who’s bring the coffee and biscuits next week? Me? Ok then x

  18. Christie says:

    The Book Thief is an amazing read, in my Top 10 books of all time! I’ve not read ‘All the Pretty Horses’ but I have read ‘The Road’ and ‘No Country for Old Men’ both of which were brilliant.

  19. alwaysthehours says:

    book thief…a m a z i n g…definatly one for the club. beautiful book although slightly harrowing.