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Gosh… even saying that feels like getting over this mountain of guilt I’ve felt for not staying on top of this little blog of mine. Last post, May 2010, are you kidding me?! There have been a few drafts since then, a few meals documented, but nothing finished. And then as time went on, the significance of the post felt like it needed to be bigger and grander, not because I think everyone in the world cares about what I’ve got to say, but because I know that the second that I post this my Mum’s going to drop me a note with her verdict. Somethings in life never change.

But the great news is that I do have a post of significance, something to share with y’all who are listening, an announcement, if you will?!

After many years of being a bad blogger, I’ve come up with a new idea of how to share my love of cooking and our shared love of great food with those who be keen to hear about it. The new idea comes in the form of my very dear old friend, Lucy. A semi-professional chef currently at a top catering college in London, Lucy and I brainstormed a way to keep me vocal about food, and cooking and documenting regularly whilst being realistic about the fact that up until now, 1 post every 2 years has been the best I’ve managed to do!

So I’m proposing a format, it’s pretty simple, and it’s also adaptable as we move forward with it.

Each tour, Lucy and I are going to research a handful of significant or unique dishes from whichever part of the world I’m in. This part is pretty interactive, all suggestions welcome, and all will be considered. We’re also going to be asking established chefs, local people and looking in cookery books etc. Lucy will then cook up the shortlist of dishes, document it, post pictures and give a little verdict on each dish. 

And then I’m going to attempt to cook, from Lucy’s instructions, one of these recipes whilst on the road and serve it up to the boys for one of our pre-gig dinners. Again this will come with pictures from whatever DIY kitchen I can put together along with a little verdict from the road. We might even be able to film one or two of them.

As I write this, I am in Perth, Australia, on the dawn of our first show of a two and a half week tour of this beautiful country. There could not be a better time to put all of this into action!

All that’s left for me to do, is formally introduce Lucy. The best way to get to know her a bit is on her blog (, but she’s also sent a few words to say hi:

lucy “I’ve loved cooking since I was a little girl. Being the youngest of five daughters, meal times were always a big thing at our house and our days tended to revolve around food a bit more than I would like to admit..! Cooking was always my way of unwinding and taking a bit of time out when things weren’t going so well, but having started a regular office job when i left university, I began to realise that that might not be quite right for me. Every time I thought about what I really wanted to do and what made me happy, it kept on coming back to cooking. It seemed pretty obvious that at some point I was going to have to bite the bullet and just get on with quitting my job and starting chef training. Soo, that’s where I am now. Cooking every day, training and learning all the time about food and hopefully getting better in the process! 
Thanks to my buddy Ben, I now have this chance to learn even more about food and help him to get the band eating food from all around the world. First stop Australia! Let us know if you have any suggestions for the best Oz dishes and I’ll get researching…”

And that’s it. We’re off! Thanks to jet lag for giving me time, when no-one else is awake, to sit in my hotel room and write this post.

And whilst I have your attention, thank YOU, from all of us really, for supporting what we do and encouraging us, and buying our music and coming to our gigs. It’s been a whirlwind in many ways, but ultimately we’re just a few dudes playing songs and you’re the ones who have kicked up the storm that has helped keep us focusing on doing just that. Thanks just doesn’t seem to say enough any more…


B xx

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  1. lawrence547 says:

    What the hell?

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  3. BethanJones says:

    And my obsession with your music is harmoniously linked to my obsession with food :) I am now officially the happiest of happiest bunnies :) Can we have some sort of ‘warming’ food stuff next? It’s a bit chilly…. trying to learn Hopeless Wanderer on my out of tune piano isn’t keeping me warm enough :) Finally, thanks for the best gig of my life, Brum @ the LG in December, you made my 2012 xx

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  5. nb3longbridge says:

    Wow, I don’t watch much tv/ radio, but now & again I check out new releases on iTunes…and I discovered your music. Love it!!!!

  6. natinthehat says:

    So excited to see read your post! I was at your melbourne show and it was bloody amazing! So many people having a crazy time together :D
    Try baking a pavlova! A very Aussie and NZ desert!

  7. mumfordian45 says:

    o my god! luv the album and plan for blogging-tehe, u hav to come back to new jersey!! i didnt get to see u-im so depressed!

  8. JulianOroz88 says:

    Music, Food, and Drink…probably no better combination…at least in public. Is San Francsico on the 2013 tour schedule. If anyone knows please let me know on Twitter (@Seguin_Wines)

    Love your guy’s music! Cheers!

  9. wanu270237 says:

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  10. Hi Gang,

    Honestly, I’m a new fan (but becoming a bigger fan quickly). In my day job I work as the social media director for Urbanspoon. I love that you’re going to start writing bout food on the road. If you ever had any interest in collaborating with us. We have a vibrant community of bloggers, diners & critics. Would love to find ways to include you food posts in our blogging.

    No pressure, just think there maybe some fun ways to collaborate. If you are interested – contact me on Twitter (@urbanspoon). In the meantime, travel safe and eat well!


  11. al2651 says:

    Philadelphia is RAVING for you – Please, Please come visit us and share your gift with this city. I will make sure you enjoy the best Cheese Steak you’ve ever had :)

    Much love – look forward to seeing you in the near future!!


  12. katia says:

    Hi Ben,
    I just saw you in Canberra, you were amazing :)
    What about kangaroo ravioli. I probably wouldnt eat it myself, but its as Australian as you can get.
    Have fun on the rest of your tour!

  13. beckyhodgkins26 says:

    Ive just came home from a year in Australia and something that stuck in my mind while hanging around Perth is eating barbecued shrimp with mango lime mayonnaise, they where the biggest prawns i have ever saw and barbecued to perfection…..naturally.

  14. PeterSimos says:

    Yoo Geys shod be calledd Mamfore and Sunes

  15. You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work!!

  16. Nesdig says:

    Many of us are wondering about the premise to White Blank Page. Can you tell us!

    Tammy in Atlanta, GA

  17. jessiejule523 says:

    I am a huge fan! I am a fan from the beginning!

    What does is take to get the band to come to a small town in Iowa? My husband and I love different music and unfortunatetely we are stuck in a town with not a lot of money but great people!

    We (ourselves) have an income that could maybe support your band coming to our small town with some other support from community members, such as sponsers. I can’t promise you big name support, like big names, but we are a small town with small town support that would make your appearance so fantastic.

    Iowa Falls is a community of a lot of tranplants from larger cities that love your type of music and we are good people. We don’t get to go to a lot of larger cities to see great acts such as yours.

    We would love have Momford and Sons come to our town!

    Pleaee consider us! We love your musIc!
    The Weavers and Iowa Falls

    Mumford and Sons to our “po-dunk” town and if you chose to, we would sell it out!!!

    Let me know what I could do to make that happen!


    Local Director of Fun ( I know that seems silly, but if you asked anyone they would probably give me that title because I head most fundrasisers, funfests, etc. , in town)

    Jessie Weaver

  18. KateProbasco says:

    I have been waiting forever to see you all in concert and have been waiting months. i tried going to your Atlanta concert but it was a bar for 21 and older. Please come to Atlanta, Georgia again in 2013!

  19. i want to see you guys soo badly it makes me want to cry! You should come to Washington or Oregon! Honestly I would sit in a car for as long as it takes, but no one will drive me :( I hope to see you soon!

  20. susiebelle says:

    Think I’ll keep you posted about my foodie experiments – its good to share – loking forward to reading your blod and local specialities … Welsh cakes when you’re in Cardiff, cawl and a Surfer’s Box …

  21. susiebelle says:

    So looking forward to this :)
    I have made something which you boys would need after a gig – to replace carbs used – want to try some ?
    I’ve tickets for the Cardiff venue ( Motorpoint) – I’ll bring some – it’s OK have my Level 2 Food Hygiene & Safety. It’s awesome and so moreish …

  22. Luisa98 says:

    please ((:

  23. Luisa98 says:

    come to Germany !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. phoenixpurple171 says:

    great idea!!!! firstly i am coming to your show tomorrow night in melbourne!!!!! YAY! so thanks for my first proper big concert!!! in terms of aussie food you obviously have to barbecue something meaty but make sure you get it down to a nice blackened crunch that all dads manage to perfect during any family gathering, then smother it in tomato sauce to cover the taste. however if you would actually like something edible/tasty then try some seafood, melbourne has many nice seafood restaurants and is great to get fresh stuff from the Vic markets in the city, all food is amazingly real and fresh there so please go if you have any chance! have a lovely time in melbourne, see you tomorrow night!!!
    imy : )

  25. EvelienV says:

    Just let me know when you’re in Holland and I will make sure you can eat in the kitchen of the best three star restaurant in Holland. The food is absolutely amazing.
    Would like to come along of course :)

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  27. jillnelson says:

    Ben, Hi, Saw your concert here in Hobart last night – awsome.
    Hope that you got to try some of our fresh produce, including our seafood and homemade products. Tassie is renouned for its fab food, if you need try “The Old Woolstore” before you go. Great to see you in Tassie, come again as we love you.
    Jill. :)

  28. windfola says:

    Hey! Can you guys maybe do a concert in Dallas? It would be so amazing, and I would be the firs to buy a ticket! :)

  29. hreed says:

    I love your band and want to know if you would ever reach out and do a wedding :/ My husband and I met when I was 14 and after he was deployed for 9/11 we broke up a short time later, but have found our way back to one another. We did a civil ceremony almost 2 years ago, because we didn’t have enough money to celebrate the way we know our love deserves. After being together 12+ years and 2 years of marriage, 2 wars and 3 kids later we’re finally doing it! It would be beyond AMAZING if I could tempt your band to play…here’s to wishing and hoping.

  30. LisaMumford says:

    When you are in Glasgow you should make Haggis if you haven’t tried it, honestly i’m from Scotland and it is ‘amazeballs’. You should also try a deep-fried mars bar, its fantastic but really sickening after the second bite! A deep fried pizza is also a delicacy in Glasgow!

  31. faify84 says:

    What a fantastic idea!! I am a proper foodie and my cookbook has just been accepted for publication!!! :-D Hopefully it will be coming out in November-any chance you’d fancy having a go at some of my recipes?? I would be so honoured!!
    Have just found this blog today whilst looking for gig tickets-gutted that you are all sold out!! :-( and along with my shameless self promotion I’d just like to say how much I LOVE you guys and your music-listening to Babel as we speak :-) It’s such a great album, I can’t stop listening to it! Some of the songs I already knew from the B sides album following Sigh No More-couldn’t believe it but you have made them even better!!
    Please keep doing what you do, your music is so inspirational and it stirs my sould like nothing else… Have a great tour and sorry I won’t be coming to see you!!
    Love and hugs to all :-)

  32. soniaorozco says:

    Hi guys, I was so stoked that you were coming to the Hollywood bowl in November. My. 21st birthday falls on November 11th one of the days your playing. Sadly, I was too late to grant myself with a ticket to your gig :(. Me being so emotional cried that night (what a baby haha) but I ask for a huge favor. If you can dedicate “I Will Wait or Below my Feet” on my birthday would be the best and most memorable 21st birthday. I don’t know how I will know if you dedicate the songs. I guess I just hope that concert will go ip on youtube or something. I love you gentleman. Please stay safe, and may god bless you guys and your amazing talent. -Sonia Orozco from Torrance CA

  33. Howdy! Saw the SLC Utah show. You guys rock while The Blue Lemon is overpriced. Ever thought of doing a live cover of Lonnie Dunegan? If anybody could pull off “Does Your Chewing Gum Lose its Flavor” it’s you lads. The fans would eat it up. Also I’d like to requst the clean/edit/radio version of “Little Lion Man” on iTunes. I’d buy it and I bet others wanting multiple versions of favorite songs would too. Coriolis Effect is a myth by the way but don’t tell your mates. Have a great day!

  34. kaarli.xo says:

    will you guys come and do a show in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada please. your so talented its insane!!!

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  37. Herve92140 says:

    I am French, 57, and discovered from a french FM radio in my car, yesterday…your fantastic “I will wait”…I had to stop on the side of the road ! This is MUSIC ! Please, do come to Paris, I read a lot of good things about you in french media, many people are waiting for you ! Special congratulations for banjo player, guitar singer playing drums with foot on a different tythm than his right hand, and bass player..every ininstruments..acoustics…Wahooo..thank you for this so great pleasure, you provide…

  38. pandora55 says:

    Wow! Can’t wait to see the recipes!

  39. phoebemyles says:

    we love you Ben! by the way, the new album is amazing!

  40. nyflh5in says:

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  41. DrewVDubb says:

    i had a burgeroo in perth i was bouncing off the walls! but im pretty sure someone put something in it….

  42. DrewVDubb says:

    you guys should pack up the van and head down to san diego and party with us navy folk i got a lot of stories if you need some material and beer and bitches if you don’t. ill bring my guitar and we can make some magic happen. up to you totally your choice. i get a little dirty tho not to toot my own horn or pluck my own string in this instance….

  43. loriel0524 says:

    so happy i was able to get past my extreme jealously & was able to continue reading after seeing the ‘perth australia..2 & a half weeks’ bit…

    this sounds awesome! can’t wait to see what shows up here! xoxo! Lori

  44. zinnia says:

    pavlova is definitely new zealand. no doubt about it.

  45. smoko1 says:

    good bbq with steak,lamb chops,cut spuds and onion and beer. Aussie feast

  46. lucyp says:

    Hello all! Thank you for your suggestions for typical Australian dishes. I’ve been doing my own research as well and have a few good ideas up my sleeve but please keep them coming…
    I hear there’s a bit of a pavlova debate about whether the dish originates in Australia or New Zealand so I hope don’t offend anyone if I don’t choose your country! This is a peaceful blog after all.
    Stay tuned and recipes will be appearing soon, and as i said, suggestions are v welcome x

  47. nyflh5in says:

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  48. nyflh5in says:

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  49. stilja9 says:

    Ripped it up in Perth boys. Whats the chances of covering “Home for a rest” ?

  50. julesred says:

    Fantastic idea! well you’re in Australia so it’ll have to be shrimp and for dessert pavlova!
    Fantastic concert last night, great music, great location. Can’t believe we’re able to see you in such a gorgeous intimate venue here in Perth!

  51. pzed says:

    When will NA tour dates be announced of 2013. Hopefully include stop in Vancouver.

  52. hopmar says:

    Let me know if you need some help in Wellington! Lots of awesome locations and top chefs and dishes here. We have some pretty amazing food here.

  53. dharr0917 says:

    Hello Lucy! Glad to hear Ben has finally gotten some professional help. Hahahaha. Seriously though, this is very exciting and can’t wait to see what the 2 of you come up with! This is soooo cool!!!!

  54. richellephant says:


    I have a close friend in Australia right now that I’ve actually been keeping in contact with and we discuss food there all of the time. Anyway, here are some Australian based recipes that I’ve been wanting to try out for a while now, maybe you can take a dab at one of them, or I can let you know. I’m actually trying to decide on one to cook for my family. Here…



    3. and if you really want to take it easy, this is an easy pasta recipe with the use of Australian macadamia nuts:

    I’m debating between the first two, we’ll see how it goes.


  55. katiejune73 says:

    I’m new to Mumford & Sons. Was introduced this past August. I was truly moved by your sound and lyrics. Look forward to seeing you in concert someday. I live in San Antonio, Texas…maybe we can make the next tour round.


  56. SpareMeYourJudgements says:

    Ben Ben Ben. Food Blogs! I saw you and the boys last night at the concert. I cried in the car on the way there and the whole time i was there, (I was on the far left hand corner. I had my hands in the air the whole time. Didn’t do my arms any good.) and then couldn’t stop crying on the way home. Truth is, I am only 16 and everyone told meI couldn’t get in because it was an 18+ event and I said I NEED to get in. Mumford & sons has been my favourite band since I was 11 and the sigh no more album has been through four of my “relationships” hah, attempted and failed relationships really. But it was all I would listen to all day on the weekends while playing computer games and to and from school on my ipod. Every song could so easily be applied to a situation in my life and I could just release all my emotions with each song. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME EMOTIONALLY. sorry for the long reply…


  57. Myme says:

    Unfortunately I’m a bit home bound lately and it becomes even more essential to eat good and healthy food. I want to spend my spare time more in the kitchen, making a nice meal for my mom, dad and big brother rather than wasting it in boredom. So it’s nice to know I can turn to Lucy’s and your blog for inspiration.



  58. dyna1994 says:

    It was so delightful to receive a blog from you again!! It has been so long since we have heard from any of you boys! Made my day actually! Very excited to see what you and Lucy cook up! Hopefully you will be posting the recipes. Still have yet to try your English breakfast you have posted on here, but will as soon as I find the time! Take care! Hope you guys have a delightful tour in Aussie Country!

  59. Well I can hardly sleep, overcome with excitement and anticipation at the prospect of hearing you guys live today (Sat). Hope the Perth Frid crowd gave you a hearty welcome, the die hard fans are tonight and no doubt will be off the chart….Great idea for your blog!.. I have just made my famous Carrot Cake and it has your name on it (M&S in crushed walnuts) if your keen….Let me know if there is a way we can get it to you…

  60. mom2eight says:

    Ben!! It’s great to see you blogging again!! I love food – eating it and preparing it, so I am excited to see what you and Lucy cook up. Can’t wait to try her recipes from Australia! Thank you for sharing all this with us – your cooking and your music! If you ever need a kitchen in Minnesota, mine is always available, large and well-stocked. Cheers! Have a great time Down Under!

  61. Kat Bush says:

    My stomach is growling! Can’t wait to see what y’all whip up!

  62. musicianmel says:

    This is fantastic! I will look forward to the updates! Keep up the good work Ben & Lucy! …and definitely keep the incredible music coming!
    P.S. please visit the U.S.A. more often. ;)
    ~Mary Ellen

  63. carefulnow says:

    This sounds so interesting. When you’re in NYC, there are quite a few food establishments very much well worth checking out. Not 5 star restaurants. More like 4-5 star on Yelp and you’ll probably get your hands a little dirty ha. Dos Toros, Artichoke Basille’s and Whitmans are a few for ya. Enjoy!

  64. Gelfling says:

    What a wonderful idea!! Will you be posting the recipes too? So we can try them? Thank you, Ben! And Welcome Lucy!

  65. Dawna says:

    I am excited about this! Great idea.

  66. madge.mackley says:

    wish i new how i could get you guys to wish my very obsess with Mumford 6 year old boy Jacob a happy birthday for tomoz. Ps we have bought him his first banjo as a surprise…

  67. lindseyleigh says:

    Great idea Ben! Can’t wait to hear from you and Lucy.

  68. erind says:

    Great to hear from ya again, Ben. Fantastic idea. I can’t wait to see what you and Lucy dream up! Have fun in Australia! And thank you for coming to Dixon :) Cheers, ~Erin

  69. mumfordsdaughter23 says:

    This is a great idea! Very excited to see what you cook up for the boys. Welcome Lucy! :)

  70. anf1211 says:

    I definitely understand that you guys are quite busy and that it’s likely difficult to cook and blog on the road regularly. It’s really awesome that you guys do this blog anyway, so I’m simply thankful for that. I can’t wait for more recipes and I wish you all luck with everything. I saw you guys in Dixon and I want you all to know, even if you don’t read this comment, that it was incredible and I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Beautiful.