Ben’s Food On The Road Blog… Gold Coastal Cooking

Australia – a very hard country to leave.

The past couple of weeks have been very special, from the Belvoir in Perth to the Entertainment Centre in the Gold Coast, via Dungog for the Gentlemen of the Road Stopover and many more cities in between. We saw the barrier reef for the first time and played a show in the stunning rainforest in Kuranda.

Willy Mason was an absolute pleasure to tour with, every night he stood up on that stage and delivered a memorable performance. My favourite show of his was Adelaide, where he seemed to take the whole room with him on a musical journey, with people singing along and clapping. It was great. So too were the Zeros, we love sharing the road with those boys and girls. Kindred spirits from far away, it felt like the essence of the train tour we did across America had come with us to Australia. They’re just one of the best bands in the world, simple as that!

It was in the Gold Coast that I found the time to delve into Lucy’s recipes and pick a meal to cook up for the boys. We have pretty limited resources whilst on the road, both trying to find ingredients but also with equipment. Our friend Wilf, who took over my duties of cooking on the road everyday as of this past summer, has equipped himself with a couple of camping stoves and an electric skillet/frying pan. I used to just about get away with cooking everything in a rice cooker, but it does have it’s limitations, so having a couple of different ways to cook stuff really broadens the menu options.

We had sampled some fantastic fish whilst travelling around Oz but hadn’t yet come across any Barramundi. Sure enough, there it was on sale in the Gold Coast, and we got 12 portions. The four of us, Captain Nick and the Cowboy Ramblers, Ross and some friends and family.

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It was massively straightforward to prepare. We made some slight alterations, making our own chilli dressing for the salad instead of fish sauce, adding some avocado (a tour favourite) to the salad, and shaving corn off whole cobs instead of the tinned stuff. Also, as it was our main meal of the day, we added some tats to fill out the dish – just small, cut up fingerling potatoes, fried off like wedges. Oh, and some blanched Broccoli!

Aside from Wilf’s early prep work, the whole meal took about 20-30 minutes to create, which is ideal when trying to throw a meal together between sound check and the venue doors opening.

The meal was a HUGE success, really delicious recipe, and we were talking about how we’d never tasted fish like Barramundi before, if there was a comparison it’d be somewhere between Monkfish and Perch. And, most importantly, it is a fish which is synonymous with Australian cuisine. The name Barramundi, was actually originally derived from the Australian Aboriginal name for the fish.

And the salad was the perfect compliment.

As it’s a back to back tour with New Zealand, I believe Lucy has already prepared some dishes for this leg, which will be coming soon. Feedback is really helpful, and we’ll try and make it more and more interactive as a blog, the more relevant the feedback is. Basically, suggestions encouraged at every stage!

Love from Wellington, NZ!

B x

Photos courtesy of Mr. Ted Dwane, and Ms. Jemima Janney!

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  1. Kapow99 says:

    The fact you cook makes you even cooler because most people would just hire someone to do it for them.

  2. Kapow99 says:

    Ben, are you dating Jemima or Lucy or neither ?

  3. Kapow609 says:

    The food you write about sounds tasty. Can’t wait to read your next one.

  4. Momogirl says:

    Will never forget you toting around that little rice cooker! Quite impressive that you made so many meals in that thing, such creativity.

  5. miameow2 says:


  6. krose says:

    Amazing! :D

  7. Joann Martin says:

    Ah! This sounds really yummy! I’m a fan of this blog for sure.Can’t wait for more recipes and pictures :D

  8. NicolaM says:


    Rosemary stick
    Bacon strips

    Grab a prune. Push the side in to make a wee cup shape. Fill it with feta and a walnut. Wrap a bacon strip around it. Slide it onto the rosemary stick. Lay them on the bbq. Swear a lot when bacon sticks, and they fall slightly to pieces. Take them off bbq. Restuff, restick. Eat. Yum. Wine. Think your self fancy. Eat another.

    :P x

    -Nicola Michelle.

  9. suzicoin says:

    Wow! So Letterman finally aired the performance of “I Will Wait” that was supposed to air months ago. What a jerk to make us all go online or wait so long. Aside from that, way to go M&S!! You did an awesome job and I hate that I had to wait so long to see that. Letterman is still a jerk… Love Mumford and Sons!!

  10. SandyRocco says:

    My husband and I think you guys are amazing! I have been trying to get tickets to surprise him for Christmas, but they are sold out already at both the Barclays in Brooklyn NY and the Susquehana in NJ. My cousin even works at the Barclays and I can’t get them. Can you please add one more show. I will cook for you if you do!!! A nice Jersey Italian meal!(originally from NY)

  11. EmmaO18 says:

    So I saw your concert on the 10th at the hollywood bowl. Your concert was my first real concert. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen in my entire life. I had a horrible day on Friday, and your concert just made everything so much better. I would love to be able to come to more of your concerts. You guys made a horrible event leave my mind and I cant express how much fun I had. You guys are amazing.

  12. I am so impressed. You guys are gagillionaires and you still cook for yourselves! Beyond Impressed!

  13. hanzooor says:

    the comment below is copied from another tread.

  14. hanzooor says:


    Because of this mornings fiasco created by, one of the biggest ticket distributers in scandinavia, hundreds of thousand swedish fans are disappointed. We are all aware that M&S do not hold any responsibilities to what has happend, but ask from the bottom of our hearts for another concert here in Stockholm.

    As Timmy explained in his comment below, there were hardly any fans that could get a hold of the tickets at 10:00 a.m. this morning (9 November)., even though they won’t admit it, managed to sell the majority to third party websites like viagogo, without leaving any for the actual fans. This means that your concert got sold out within 30 seconds, without filling any of the seats. They are now being sold for 5 times the original price instead.

    I, for one, has been super excited about the choice to have the concert at Cirkus Stockholm as it truly is a beautiful venue. It seems like it has been an active decision to have all your european concerts at smaller theaters, instead of areans, this coming tour, which I totally love! I therefore suggest you do not switch to Stockholm Globe Arena but consider an extra concert instead. If this were to be possible, do not use, sell the tickets through your own website instead.
    If you, by any chance, can sort this whole mess out, we would be forever grateful!
    Thank you for sharing you beautiful music with the world, it is beyond amazing!!

    PS. I missed you at Hultsfred this summer because of the broken hand incident and can’t bare to miss you again!! PLEAASSEE book another concert!!!

  15. marbetedston says:

    Hi Ben! I saw you guys perform at the Sydney Entertainment Center last month–Best night of my life so far! I can’t want for your next tour in Australia.

    p.s. Keep cookin, good lookin ;) –

  16. LisaMumford says:

    Yous definitely need to make haggis, neeps and tatties when yous come here!

  17. mariafigueras2 says:

    I really hope this is everything a joke.. It can’t be true.. I thought one of my biggest dreams would be fulfilled at last, but obviously not. Please Mumford and Sons I’m from Barcelona and I REALLY need to listen experience your music live. If not, I really think 2013 is not gonna be the same.

  18. sabresandy says:

    I and hundreds of others from this area would love to see you play in Wisconsin. Please put it on your tour list soon. We are Mumford & Sons fans in Spencer, Wisconsin and love you guys.

  19. Goosegirl says:

    Seriously disappointed that your date for Madrid is sold out!! The venue is tiny and I’m sure you have many fans here in Madrid like me that would have loved to experience your music live. Any chance of another date in Madrid??

  20. rdizz says:

    Just real quick. What do you have against ole Seattle WA? I know it can’t be our increasingly high street crimes. We have a space needle for christ sake. Come check it out and and show your North West fans some love. We’re pretty cool. Word to the food blog.

  21. Rage1 says:

    I am incredibly disappointed. The concert in Munich was sold off so fast that I no chance had to get a card. Why do you play in such a small hall if you are liked so? Your music gets under skin to me every time if I them hears. You know to make it simply good music them touched. Unfortunately, I will not be able to experience them life. :-(

  22. SRK_Marcus_Mish says:

    Ben your food is looking great man. Love that you like to cook. Great pics…but where is Winston?:)

  23. alison.fairhurst says:

    wondering if I should bring a bottle of ‘Henderson’s relish’ all the way from Sheffield when we see you in Nottingham? A must have for a stew n’ dumplings!!! – Can’t wait to see you – just itchin to jig!!!! (I know this is a bit off subject but does anybody monitor your Fb site as some offensive images have been posted on there recently)

  24. MelissaNL says:

    By the way, Ben, your food looks awesome ;D

  25. MelissaNL says:

    Tickets for Ziggo Dome were sold out before I even got through to the website:( I’m lucky that I’ve had the opportunity to see you in the Heineken Music Hall, which was absolutely amazing. But I would have loved to see you again :) (Would a second show be an option??:D (please, please, pleaaase!))

  26. colinda says:

    I am also onboard with you guys coming to Canada. I live in Saskatchewan but would gladly drive to Alberta, that’s nearly 6 hours to come see you…..really….you should consider it!

  27. MrsJess says:

    That would be roasted pork and sausage with red cabbage and the best Sauce ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………..the kind you eat with a spoon after the meal but before dessert…………………

  28. MrsJess says:

    I’d wish I could prepare a Danish Christmas meal
    (roasted pork)for You guys, now that You’re coming to C-hagen in April- will see You there;)

  29. SandraSimmons says:

    It would be really nice if you guys would come see your fans in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. I’d even drive to Calgary, Alberta, Canada–three hour drive.

    Please consider it,

    A big fan, Sandy

  30. mom2eight says:

    Ben, the food looks great!! Half of making a great meal is making it look good, imo, and you did a great job! I’m not a big fish fan, but I’m glad y’all enjoyed it. Nice job on the pics, Jemima & Ted! Love the picture of Ted taking a picture of the food :-) and the one of Marcus looking quite puzzled at his plate! Keep the food blog rolling!!

  31. Hughcity88 says:

    I know you guys are popular but both shows at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center are sold out, in one morning. I susgest you guys ask ticketmaster whats going on. Bruce tickets were all taken last summer by brokers who long ago hired computer engineers to get around the passwords. They buy all the tickets and then mark them up a lot on the rest of us. thx

  32. juliet plasschaert says:

    Hello guys! I have a big problem, because I can’t go to your show in Belgium in March because I don’t have a ticket. Me and my friend our computer crashed and we are waiting from almost 2 years to see you! We love you, but we’re so sad that we can’t go. Can you please do something for us? Put us on the guestlist, arrange 2 tickets. We would love to see you! Please help us?

  33. utdave says:

    Guys! You have to come to the Tampa/Orlando FL area during your 2012 tour. You would love it here and you have so many fans down this way. I saw you guys in Nashville, TN, at the Ryman, and your set was incredible. You would have such a huge turnout if you came here, please try and make it!

  34. alivk says:

    Was going to surprise our 14 year old son with tickets to see his favorite band at the Patriot Center in Fairfax…already booked hotel for the night…presale tickets not available right at 10am and public sale tickets not available on 11/9. I checked stub hub and all the others and they have plenty of tickets but at almost $200 each. I have a great video of my son playing Winter Winds on his mandolin…He taught himself…Would love to be able to surprise him!!

  35. rentro says:

    Hello gentlemen,

    I am commenting as Megan Meinberg did in an earlier post how I too am hugely disappointed. I had also tried to purchase tickets via the presale password I was e-mailed, to no avail, and then at 4 past 10:00 (US east coast time) when the tickets went on sale, none were available. I am so, so disappointed…. for reasons beyond my control, my 14 year old daughter, who is a huge fan and I were unable to attend your show when you were in the US earlier this year, so I was ecstatic when I saw that you were coming back. I had wanted to get tickets to the Feb.2 show at the Patriot center for a Christmas surprise….making me the best Santa ever! Again so, so sad……I was so looking forward to having this experience with my daughter. Hopefully we will get another chance in the not to distant future.
    Warmly, Renée

  36. gmourer says:

    Everyone is having ticket trouble in Fairfax except for the stubhub sellers… Why is this such a scam? Can there be a new date where the tickets are all held just for fans… no scalpers? The band doesn’t make any money I would imagine when stubhub scoops up all the tickets, does it? What a racket!

  37. blueyedbethie says:

    i love you guys! i wanted to see you when you come to my hometown Fairfax, VA in february. i was at my computer at 9:56 AM waiting for tickets to go on sale at 10AM. within 7 minutes they were bought out by scalpers. i didn’t get any and now they only way to see you guys is to pay triple to ten times what your tickets actually go for! i am so sad! :(

  38. JohanNormen says:

    David > Genom att lägga ut dem på tradera och inte på Blocket så kan du ju helt plötsligt göra dig en hacka också, auktionen går ju bra. Du är ett jävla rövhål, det är vad du är.

  39. DavidGrinneby says:

    Jag köpte 2 biljetter för mycket till mumford i Sverige. Ligger självklart ute till inköpspris på tradera.

  40. mumford and sons 92 says:


  41. isaeide says:

    Hi, this is about your concert in Norway 11.04.13!

    I have to say that I am really upset, because it’s only for those who are 18+. Well, what about us other huge fans? I have been dreaming about seeing you live in two years now, and when you’re finally coming to my country, I can’t go because I’m 16, not old enough? That really sucks, and I know that there are sooo many other people who feel the same as I do.

    What I want you to do, is to set up a concert in Norway where people under 18 can come too. A lot of people would really appreciate it. I know you might never read this, or you might not even bother if you do, but PLEASE. It would make us all happy. I know that it is maybe possible to go to Denmark or Sweden to see you guys, but my parents won’t let me do that. So the only option I have is to try to write to you, and just hope that something will happen.

    Love from Norway
    -Isa Eide Edvardsen

  42. meggsmutts says:

    Guys!!! I posted on your Facebook wall too. I went online at 10am, bouncing in my seat from excitement, to get tickets to your Patriot Center show on Feb 13. I was unable to get a ticket in presale, with the password, and apparently no one else was able to either!! I went onto stubhub and 93 tickets were available from $159-$600!!! That makes me very sad!!! I can’t afford that but would gladly pay if I could! You guys are my favorite band on the planet. I have never enjoyed music as much as I enjoy every single one of your songs. Can you make things better for your real fans??—Megan Meinberg

  43. uggstand says:

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  44. patythegreat says:

    I love yall so much please come to south florida on your 2013 tour! you have so many fans here

  45. Ginnocently says:

    Hi Ben and Lucy,

    Thank you so much for writing these blogs and cooking the meal for real, it’s such a great way to share your discoveries with us and tempt us to do the same! It’s 11pm and I’m hungry :-P The pictures are great as well.
    Do you think you could try to cook some sugary stuff once or twice too? I have a sweet tooth and I’d love to see some pastries’ recipes from all over the world, and bake them myself :-) Thanks, greeting from Geneva, Switzerland

  46. Ronan McCann says:

    right lads, hows it goin ? im from Omagh, County Tyrone in Northern Ireland. I’m a big big fan of yours, i’ve watched all performances and interviews on youtube and bought both of your amazing albums. I’ve been following you for years now, from the amateur recording of Roll Away Your Stone in a fruit shop (before Ben was with you) to performing on Letterman. My formal is coming up here on the 1st of December. I believe if you came to the Tullyglass Hotel, Ballymena on the 1st December you would be showing fans all over the world how appreciative you are of their loyalty. We have organised the formal for the 1st as we know your November dates end on the 27th and your December dates start on the 4th. The 1st of December is the perfect date and if you’re true to the words which you said on “The Big Easy Express” – ‘its all about the music’. If you’d like to follow up on this invitation and prove your love for your fans, email me on
    Dont let your biggest fan down.

    Lots of love,
    Ronan x

  47. CelloLady says:

    My band would love the opportunity to open for you on the US East Coast (we’re from Philadelphia). Anytime we are likened to someone, we are likened to you. I think we are similar enough that fans would love it, but not so similar that we would sound the same.

  48. colourmyworld says:

    Very Impressive!!!
    I’m excited to see what you’ll make here. We hope you’ve had an awesome time in Aotearoa and come back soon! :) x

  49. Fostermykicks says:

    Keen to see what you cook as a NZ recipe, Ben. Hope you had a grand time here, it meant a lot to me for you guys to come all the way out here. Next time you’re here, and have more time, you should make a Hangi, haha.

  50. EBB says:

    You guys should really come to Florida, please please please, I’m dying to see you guys in concert.

  51. MissAbigail says:

    I’m happy to see you were able to find time to write, post, but more importantly cook! Excited for the next one :) The dinner looks delicious…

  52. AlistairBeverley says:

    To the Guys

    There is a very big crowd here in Durban southafrica and the vibe is all about Mumford & Sons and we must all get together and comut with a concerte . Best time to come is in the summer so hurry down boys we are waiting for you.


  53. Absolutely loved seeing you guys Monday night in Wellington! Thank you guys! An amazing night.

    Hope you get to enjoy some kiwi cuisine while here! xx

  54. ShakyEye says:


    Fantastic post! I enjoy food as much as I enjoy music, just can’t get enough of either one. Thank you for taking the time to share both with us. 

    We saw you guys in Hoboken and already have tickets for Camden in February. I have the perfect opportunity for a foodie blog post. We are huge fans of our smoker (the weber smokey mountain) we have created the best BBQ I’ve ever had on that thing. But good smoked meat is so much more than that. It’s a labor of love, the best excuse to spend the day in good company, listen to good music, have a good drink, smell the apple wood and meat fill the air, and last but not least have the most amazing meal. We would live to host you guys for some traditional South Philly fare: slow smoked pork sautéed spinach and garlic, sharp provolone and roasted red peepers on a Philly roll. The only thing we need is you guys and Teds camera. I have pictures and info (

    Thank you and the rest of the guys for all you do for your fans. You have brought much joy to our lives here in Pennsylvania. 


  55. JenSobo says:

    Marcus looks a little perplexed over what you’ve given him!! :)

  56. mazznorton says:

    Yumm… Thanks for sharing the menu AND the pictures!
    My family is hoping to score tix for the Boston show in February… Maybe I can help Lucy with a recipe for New England Clam Chowder (or, as we say here, Chow-dah!) !!

  57. dslawsby says:

    BEN! Do you do weddings and bar mitzvahs too? That looks magically delicious! The next time you’re making breakfast, try one of my faves –

    Sauteed sweet potato with onion, coriander and avocado!

    Find some nice-looking yams (sweet potatoes). I scrub them clean and leave the skins on, but you can peel them if you prefer.

    Add a little bit of coconut oil to a large skillet. Enough, that when melted, will coat the potatoes. I use a cast iron frying pan. Add diced or sliced sweet potato to the pan and sautee until potatoes begin to soften and slightly brown. Add diced onion to the sweet potato – enough to your liking. Continue to sautee on a medium high heat until potatoes and union are browned a bit.

    Remove pan from heat. Sprinkle ground coriander to taste, along with salt and pepper, over mixture.

    Portion out a serving. I like this is a main dish, but you can serve it along side salad or an omelet, quiche or some other egg concoction. Slice fresh avocado on top and voila! YUM! The cool/hot combination of the cooked mixture and the frest avocado are sublime. OR, if you want, I can pick up all the ingredients and make it for y’all in Hollywood next week!

    See you at the Hollywood Bowl! 5 days to go! MUMS THE WURD!

  58. jujubug40 says:

    What a saint for taking the time out to do this! Thanks for sharing…but do you seriously wear those gloves the entire time? I guess with talented gems like those you have to protect them; but I’ve cooked in restaurants and would HATE to wear em (even if that’s what people would like to hear) Have a safe trip & look forward to the next post. You really need to add the south USA to the Feb. dates; then you can have some AMAZING meals and post!!!!!

  59. 16ellie97 says:

    This is great, we really appreciate you taking the time to write these, instead of what most people do and hire someone to update their twitter page. Thank you, eagerly awaiting your next post!

  60. erind says:

    This is lovely, Ben :) Thank you for taking on this little project and for offering fans a glimpse into your world. It means a lot. I look forward to your next post!

    Lots of love,


  61. pandora55 says:

    So awesome that you were able to finally cook something while on the road! Can’t wait to hear what you cook next. Thanks for updating us…I know you are so busy, but it really means a lot to us to hear from you!

  62. saarrdegraaf says:

    Awesome Ben! You and Lucy really inspire me to cook different sort of food. I normally eat the standard British food or Italian. But this looks very tasty, I’m gonna give it a try. Thanks Ben & Lucy :-)

    See you soon in the UK !

    X Sara