A Ted’s Eye View of the Windy City

Friends. Time has been flying by and as I enjoy this stolen moment in a Cafe on the Charing Cross road I realize that actually a great deal more time has flown by than I at first thought. In fact, so much time has flown by that I now have a mountain of pictures waiting to share themselves with you and over the next few weeks I will be utilizing every spare moment to post more.

We have just arrived home in London from Chicago where we played Lollapolloza festival which was great fun. The Windy city is among my favorite places in the world and during our short stay there I was sure to let my camera take me for a walk. It was about 5pm and the light lent itself to high contrast shadow laden pictures. I love how the scale of the city is exaggerated by this dramatic light…

Chicago sidewalk

With love,



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  1. carpinteyrojxw says:

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Ted, these are brilliant. And I wanted to thank all you boys for helping me see the world through your music and now, Ted, for helping me see the world through your camera lens. Absolutely brilliant. Keepin’ my fingers crossed for this next year’s tour!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Interesting fact about “The Windy City” I learned the other day from a book I received as a gift: Chicago is not called “The Windy City” because of the winds but was coined “The Windy City” in 1858 during the first World’s Fair by a journalist who called Chicago “The Windy City” referring to it’s residents as being perhaps a bit too boastful about the World’s Fair. Of course, the strong wind didn’t hurt in making the nickname stick.

  4. Ariel says:

    Love the perspective in these!!

  5. Meg says:

    What type of camera are you using? I realise this is a question that’s more than likely been asked and answered before and is amongst the archives of comments but decided to chance my arm and try a bit of Irish luck to ask again! X

  6. rosieeosings says:

    absolutely breathtaking photos of my city! Thank you for posting.

  7. how.FICKLE.my.HEART says:

    I live in the suburbs of Chicago, so this kind of made my day.

  8. Soto says:

    These are simply amazing i feel like ive been there when i ahent:)

  9. amyrad says:

    your photographs are brilliant my friend!
    keep exercising that creative eye.
    also, my dearest T-Bear, I would like to present you with an offer. I will paint you a beautiful rendition of one of your photos, in exchange for a ticket to your hollywood show. I am a poor little art student and would give anything (including my art!) to experience one of your shows. your music is beautiful, and a catalyst for change. I think that’s why it’s so powerful . please email me at amy.radcliffe@asu.edu

  10. sarahbuck24 says:

    LUSH. reminds me of Steiglitz and the work of the precisionists.

  11. clownd says:

    I love black and white photos!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I love your photos TEDbut I have a GREAT photo that I think your band would love. I was on vacation this summer and found a port o potty with the words Mumford & Son Inc Portable Toilet written on it..It’s read and actually pretty nice as far as port of potties go. I have a great pic. of it with these barricades next to it. Thought it would be a great idea for your next album cover………..ALSO I WOULD LOVE TIX. TO ONE OF YOUR NY SHOWS…how do i get them???

  13. electricvelvet says:

    WARNING Photo Nerd!!! lol. Anyway, what sort of camera do you use to shoot with? I love the first shot, its a beautiful b&w subject. I like to a 6 cross filter on my D-SLR when shooting things like this. It transforms the light so beautifully. Keep the perty pictures coming, we love them!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’m a 15 year old canadian girl, and buying your cd “Sigh No More” was the best choice i’ve ever made.
    Also, i’m a big fan of Oasis, and i’m not sure if this is correct, but i thought that Oasis might have been one of your inspirations. An example would be in your song Dust Bowl Dance where the lyrics say “steal my heart and break my pride”, in the song Cast No Shadow by Oasis the lyrics say “as they took his soul, they stole his pride”. You both come from the same place, and make great music.

  15. LolaaLandd says:

    I’m listening to your evening on Radio 1 right now. I saw you all at Reading and it was possibly the best moment of my life so far – I don’t know what it is about your music but it blows my away. Thank you for existing.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait for you guys to come back to the UK listening to you guys at Mumford and Sons and Friends

  17. wca16 says:

    Thank you so much for your music.

  18. lollypalooly says:

    Those are just gorgeous! It seems you have a gift for seeing a level beneath everything. Lovely.

  19. passionatecyn says:

    love your photos i am also a photo buff/ artist.

  20. Ange10 says:

    My husband and I saw you at Rock City, Nottingham, last night – thanks so much for an amazing show, you were brilliant.

  21. Anonymous says:

    beautifully done your pictures. the light of the sun between the buildings and the shadows of the people.
    sweet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hope you still find time to photograph ??????????????????


  22. Anonymous says:

    Soulful, commanding , audacious music. I can relate, hope you do not mind… I am a wee girl born in Belfast- N. Ireland immigrated to the USA with family. Later married a Hungarian and living in Kentucky, USA. We both listen and love. xxxxoooo

  23. Komjathy05 says:

    I was born in N. Ireland -Belfast, Immigrated to the USA with my family, later married a Hungarian who is also an immigrant like me and now living in Kentucky. Addicted to the Soulful, commanding , audacious music . I am a wee girl from Belfast, No. Ireland and I hope you do not mind………. I relate….. xxxxoooo

  24. dingwallst says:

    1st Oct O2 Academy Glasgow Outstanding!! The place was jumping..Hurry back….

  25. lanceholmes says:

    We need a bigger venue for Denver or add a few more shows, I’m sure you won’t have any troubles filling the place. Great tunes!

  26. jakisner1 says:

    I just got my husband addicted to you guys! You all are so talented and refreshing, we absolutely love you!!! We just went to about 7 stores this weekend trying to find your CD- every place was sold out! We finally found one and haven’t put it down since! Please come to Charleston, SC! It’s very beautiful here and the weather is always awesome! Or just come to anywhere on the east coast of the US- we’ll come to you! =) Keep rockin it out! Y’all are awesome!!!!

  27. Operalove06 says:

    You guys need to come to Phoenix Arizona!!! Or Flagstaff….(I think you would do better at the university in Flagstaff)…but you have a great following here. Also because, sadly, not many can come to England to see you guys play! But your photos are awesome and your guys’ music is so raw and emotional! I love it!! See you in Arizona…one day!

  28. artangnan says:

    Within minutes your tickets sold out in Minneapolis. The price was very reasonable. Now they are being resold over the internet at eight times the price. This is unfortunate. Others profit from your artistry and a lot of your great fans can’t afford to see you in person. Hopefully next time.

  29. emilymag says:

    I just started listening to you guys. Pretty amazing. Sad all your shows are sold out. Come back to Chicago soon!

  30. ciarasstudio says:

    Love your music – it inspired this http://www.flickr.com/photos/ciarasworld/5037494571/

  31. nswen10 says:

    wow!!! i LOVE your photography! and i love chicago :D you should com by more often

  32. savagepatience says:

    I feel like your photographs are quite intimate despite the dramatic lighting. This is the way I see my city. Great photos.

  33. hallohierangela says:

    Still dealing with the hangover of not having seen you performing at Pukkelpop!
    Love the pictures, can’t wait to see you play in Amsterdam…. maybe….soon?? Ok? Ok!!

  34. Marthaa says:

    Dear Ted,
    What a great photos. They give me inspiration. Just like the music. You wouldn’t believe how many pictures I made while playing Mumford&Sons on the background.

    And since I’m writing now anyway, I’d have to say: I really enjoyed hearing and seeing you guys in de Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. All of you play with so much passion but also a little humor in it. If you wish to see how you guys inspired me, then check: voirphotography.net .. thank you so much guys!