Thank you – a post-tour message

Well thank you everybody, once again, for an incredible tour. We cannot begin to tell you how much we love what we do and how lucky we feel that we’ve got to spend these past 6 years touring around the World, playing our songs to good people who have supported us the way that you do.

Much Love!

Ben, Marcus, Win & Ted

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  1. Rajesh_Arts says:

    hey,, your music is o melodious thanks and we are waiting for another one.. career after 12th

  2. Brenda32 says:

    Dear Marcus, happy birthday for tomorrow. I hope that you will have a wonderful day and may there be many, many more. You have one of the most beautiful, soul wrenching voices of our time and the world is a better place with you in it. Love Brenda xxx

  3. Ray_Jett says:

    I believe that Mumford & Sons are quite possibly the Greatest musical group in the history of the Cosmos.

  4. Christief12 says:

    Please visit York! Or somewhere close eg Leeds or Manchester! I absolutely love you and it would be the best experience of my life coming to see you – I will come with my friends and it can be my birthday present! Please, please, please come!!!!!

  5. camillini says:

    (i’m italian so i don’t speak english very well) I invite you to Pesaro, a small city, between the Adriatic sea and hills, wonderful place for it simplicity. Here you can come to relax and eat italian food, very good food… pizza… spaghetti… and more and more excellent food (proprio una cosa fantastica). I wait for a reply, and how we say in Italy: ci vediamo.

  6. SophieBabyBoo says:

    I love your music and every song seems to touch my heart, all i can say is thank-you!! xx

  7. n1kolee says:

    I Love Your Music! Please come to Washington DC (Verizon Center), or The Barns at Wolf Trap in VA…..anywhere close to DC “I Will Wait For You!”

  8. dmbarajas12 says:

    I’m so blessed to have gone to see you all play! Take all the time you need to your families and continue to make music, letting it come organically and not forcing anything out. We’ll be here, waiting patiently and being comforted by tunes you already gave us. Love you guys! Thanks for sharing your art with us!

  9. jaime floyd says:


  10. Thuany says:

    We’re waiting for you guys here in Brazil.


  11. amy_trotter says:

    Any hints for when you might be touring again?? :)

  12. Any chance you’ll be coming to Boston?

  13. tiggr10ike says:

    Please come to Dodgertown Stadium in Vero Beach, Florida or UCF Arena to play sometime in 2015 so I’ll be able to come see you all again, awesome concert at St. Augustine, Fl this year, you all have made my world turn around, thanks for my boys who have hooked me on modern young peoples music, Merry Christmas & God Bless you all

  14. Brenda32 says:

    I would like to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year especially Marcus. Miss you sooo much still. Hoping that we will hear from you in the new year. Love Brenda xxx

  15. KrgKatie5 says:

    Come back! Just got Babel on Vinyl im obsessed! We need more mumford!

  16. miskwedo says:

    F f f f f fabulous music guys.
    Southend on Sea, Essex, is a quintessential British sea side town with a great venue for bands/shows. Cliffs Pavillion looks out onto the mouth of the river Thames.
    You should check it out. X

  17. Mumford and sons=perfect says:

    Can you please come to Belgium!

  18. Brenda32 says:

    It is wonderful to hear Marcus sing again on the Lost on the River album, it fills my heart with joy, hopefully there is more to come from you guys as a band, can’t wait!!
    Miss you sooo much. Love Brenda xxx

  19. Ben Warner says:

    What in the hell are you guys waiting on? If it is driving people mad, it is working. Strike whilst the iron is hot. You guys are individually superior – no question. The third album – alas…sigh…

    My value is hearing new music before I die.

    To some people, there is no value that can be placed on what you sing. Buying it is inconsequential. I hope you realize that.

    It is your cross to bear :)

  20. Clara Darwin says:

    Hi Mumford and sons !
    My boyfriend, Adrien is crazy about you, he follows you since the very beginning and his biggest dream is to see you on live. For his birthday (I’ll turn 20 !!) I wanted to buy him tickets to come to see you (we live in France) but you don’t make any concert :(
    So I’m asking you if you could make a short video just to wish him “happy birthday”. I’m sure that will be the best gift for him !!
    Please help me to make the best birthday ever for his 20 !!!!
    Thanks you xxx

  21. jlsolis says:

    I so wanted to thank you for your music. It touches my soul. I cant wait to see what you have next from your 6 years tour in store for us on a new album. Here’s cheers to you and your family and much graciousness from a kind follower of your music.

  22. Brenda32 says:

    Miss you so much. Love Brenda xxx

  23. milelle says:

    Please come to Prince George, BC, Canada!!!!! Or at least Surrey, BC Canada again :D Would love to see you guys in concert xx

  24. Tanya1971 says:

    We would love to see you in Big Sky, Montana. I would give anything to hear you live. The song that has a lot of meaning for my husband and I is I will wait. Our beloved dog passed away on 2/27/2013 @ 3:27am in our arms and when my husband started the car so we could take her to be cremated this song came on. We are not religious people but this song just gave us hope that just maybe when we die she will be waiting for us. She meant the world to us.

  25. jbmsl says:

    Please do a UK tour!

  26. Evenmatre says:

    My one big thing i want to do before i die, must be to watch you guys live! And ofcourse do i have some songs wishes, like Thistle and Weeds, Broken Crown, Lover of the light and Lover’s eyes! I can not begin to say how your songs make me feel! Just the best! Ever! The lyrics of your songs are deep, and make me think and relate, and they can be cheering me up or just making med feel better on good days! No band has ever done that for me.
    Hope you guys give out another album, would be fucking amazing! And i really hope, to see you in Norway sometime soon. :)

  27. bkilligrew says:

    Love to see you guys in Colorado at Red Rocks or in Noblesville, IN at Klipsch Music Center Please come back.

  28. Hi Mumford and sons!
    At first I would like to thank you for the great and unique music. I and my fiance really love to listening your music. In all your lyrics song is always something what impresses me. It’s like a feeling of life wisdom every time. I didn’t found some your email address anywhere so I write to you here and I hope that you will receive this message. Maybe it will be sound a little weird but I gather the courage to ask you for something.
    Next year we will get married with my fiance Martin and I would like to give him some great and meaningful gift at our wedding day. He follows you on FB, listen your music and watch your music videos on youtube with me. your lyrics helped him very much. I know It’s a audacity but I would like to give him your autograph because I know it means so much for him but I missed my change on your concert last year and I guess that you don’t plan concert here again. Please… Do you help me make one amazing person happy? I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you for your time and I’m sorry for non perfect English, it’s not my strong suit. Please if you can answer me…

    I wish you the best! <3

  29. KryssyT says:

    Please tour again! Preferably to Australia but I’ll travel anywhere to see you again! I MISS YOU!

  30. amyers says:


  31. sgendron says:


  32. England 1776 says:

    Please play Berkeley again…. I am 66 & never heard a concert like that in my entire life… saw The Dead. Stones. & everyone in between & you guys energized me more than any of the greats… went with my daughter and need to do it again to put a stamp on my bucket list !!!! Just play anywhere & I will get there cause life is too short to miss your passion for music, life & the great beyond !!!!!!!!!!

  33. imichel says:

    Time for another tour! See you in Los Angeles! Won’t take no for an answer!

  34. Cassia7 says:

    Hello guys, this feels awfully silly posting this on here, but I don’t know where else to put it so you guys can see it; though I doubt you will. Anyway, as a school project we have to “job shadow” or interview someone in the career field you wish to be in. I know we don’t have any major bands or professional musicians with albums that have made it was far as yours have in my little town in New England, Maine. Plus, Mumford and Sons is pretty much the reason I’m looking to be a musician. So, I figured, what the heck, why not ask? If there is anyway in heaven or on earth I could shoot you an email, you have no idea how honored I would be.
    Here’s to taking risks.

  35. tuna91 says:

    YOU MUST come back in Italy!! PLEEEEEASE!

  36. tuna91 says:

    We MUST come back in Italy!! PLEEEEEASE!

  37. J Corley Ackley says:

    Where are you??? God, I miss me some Mumford and Sons, even though not a day goes by without listening to you on my I-Pod or watching you Live at Red Rocks. I think I speak for the masses of M&S fans when I say, we would rather know if you are not going to resurface than to be left dangling. I, for one, having family in the entertainment field, certainly understand that your primary responsibilities are to family and self. But, God we miss you!!!! Saw you in Taos. The accessible area for people with disabilities was located way back in East Jesus, so I just put my power chair on full throttle, and this 62 year old grandma took off across the fields with my family chasing me yelling, “You are going to tip over”! But, I know how to drive that bugger, and made it all the way down to about 5 rows from stage. One of the most outstanding nights of my life!!!! Love from this southern U.S. girl transplanted to New Mexico.

  38. valli EV says:

    May the long time sun shine on you
    all love surround you
    and the pure light within you
    guide your way on

  39. PLEASE, please, please, come to London………Ohio! Sister city to London, England! We LOVE your music and would be incredibly grateful for you to do a small city stop in our community!!! The U.S. wants you back!!

  40. waitinginfl says:

    I would love to see you in concert! I live in Florida…will you be coming this way? My 2 1/2 year old son loves your song ” I will wait”. I catch him in the car bopping his head when it comes on!

  41. JackSparrow1981 says:

    Good Morning!

    I want to know if there are already dates for upcoming concerts in 2014/2015 in particular in Italy and where?

    How to buy tickets?

    Thanks Jack

  42. Ciscokid says:

    planning a US tour anytime soon? And coming through Arizona? How about the Red Rocks in Sedona? Heaven on Earth!!

  43. Brenda32 says:

    Miss you soo much. Love Brenda xxx

  44. mikelcolakoglu says:

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  45. belwat630 says:

    Hope to get to see you one day!!!!!

  46. MrsPitlik says:

    we love you down under…. Come back soon…Please

  47. Lanamoon says:

    When are you in London again, so need to see you’s guys, you are just fantastic xxx

  48. Should hit all the major city’s in canada first starting from east to west!!!

  49. Freda love says:

    I think it is time to start a tour in Canada,starting in Newfoundland, home of the famous band ” Great Big Sea” and travelling right to Victoria BC. Get in touch with the boys from “Great Big Sea”, I am sure they will give you great tips. Canada would love to see you in concert

  50. Ecuador needs Mumford & Sons too, was been great that you known our amazing country and delight whit your wonderful music. Pleaseeeee!! Good luck!!

  51. musiclover2000 says:

    Can’t wait for you guys to come back to Colorado! Loved your show at Red Rocks! Miss you lots! :)

  52. Andrea Kurz says:

    Are you planning to go on tour again?

  53. Hey guys I’m waiting for you in Ticino (Switzerland)!!! :D hope to see you soon!!! Bless you, all the best!

  54. Brenda32 says:

    I read on MTV UK that you guys are starting to work on a new album. That is the best news I have had this whole year and it has made the rest of my year. I cannot wait to hear the new album and the wonderful voice of Marcus again!!!! Your most devoted fan from South Africa. Love Brenda xxx

  55. rafaelammar says:

    Brazil needs Mumford & Sons!!! We’re waiting for you guys!

  56. makena says:

    Can’t wait for you guys to come back. My husband and I rode over 900 miles on our motorcycle to see you in Tennessee/Kentucky and would do it again to enjoy the energy and spirit you give when you perform. Love you guys.

  57. William Fahl says:

    Well, how can i say it…. When you guys will came to Brazil??? i´m sure you will love to play here… lot´s of people whould like to hear your music…

  58. kate904 says:

    Where in the US will you be?

  59. carole661 says:

    Just my luck…I live in Canada and am going back home to Newcastle for a visit in Sep. and was hoping to see u guys in concert while im there, but looks like u will be in the USA so sad :( xox

  60. andythenurse says:

    Sadly my daughter and I missed the tour, she was a late convert to your music. She was wondering what are your future plans and ventures, as she is seriously in to your music and it has inspired this music mad 13 year old to write some of her own stuff (heaviley influenced by yourselves). Thanks Andy (The mad music man of theh East Riding)

  61. Brenda32 says:

    Your music is some of the most beautiful I have heard in my life and Marcus’s voice is sooo powerful, soulful and brings me to tears. I miss you sooo much and really hope that you decide to start making music again. Your most devoted fan from South Africa. Love Brenda xxx

  62. mship1983 says:

    You’re sweet, soulful music saved my life! I live for the day to hear your voices live. I thank you with all my heart!

  63. ViniciusBrazil says:

    B,M,W and T, thank you so much for the songs, they mean so much for me! I never thought i would fall in love with a band after Freddie Mercury´s death, even though i´m 24 years old and never saw him alive.
    My dream is to see a M&S live concert here in Brazil or somewhere in the world, but if the future doesn´t allow that, there would be no problem because you´ve done already a lot for me.

    Thank you so much and best wishes whatever decision you make.
    God bless!

  64. Kaccsa968 says:

    A voice from East Europe from Hungary. Well, really beutiful music. Plan you to visit in Hungary maybe?

  65. ingolein1 says:

    Take all the time you need to relax, hang out or whatever you want to do, but please come back at some point. Your songs are the essence of excellent folk music, the world needs your sound and lyrics. All the Best!

  66. Kaitlyn Byrne says:

    Intellectually beautiful and somewhat poetic music. I have been to two of your concerts and they were fantastic. Hopefully you will tour next year in Ireland or Philadelphia.

  67. bvagle says:

    I NEED me some more of Mumford & Sons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for the new music, although your past two albums will never get old… and I can’t wait to see another concert!!

  68. kbankovsky says:

    my husband really loves your music, being a musician himself he appreciates your musicality and what you bring to the music world, we live in Jersey and would travel
    anywhere on the eastern seaboard to see you guys let us know when you’ll be in town~