A message from Ted

Bear with a sore head! Thanks so much for all the well wishing, it seems to be working! I’m home.

Ted xx

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  1. melgajraj says:

    I’m so glad you’re doing better

  2. levsgob says:

    Watched Glastonbury on TV ( as a poor mum of 6 I can’t afford to attend in person ) , it was so great to see you well on the road to recovery Ted xxxxx

    Many more years of good health is what I wih for you xxxx

  3. Karleehare says:

    So glad your recovery is going good! I cannot wait and hope to see you guys perform live one day soon!

  4. emily_mumford says:

    Saw you at the olympic park – so glad you’re making a good recovery Ted!xxxxx

  5. jmak says:

    Ted, I’m so glad to hear you are having a speedy recovery, what a blessing. My husband and I have the priviledge of visiting Ireland for the first time this weekend and will see M&S in Phoenix Park on Sunday. We are elated! We celebrate our birthdays on this trip (57 and 60) we don’t act this old. Last night we bought tickets to see M&S in Atlanta’s Olympic Centennial Park on Sept 10. Life is great! Thanks for sharing your music and yourselves with the world.

  6. The olympic park was rocking yesterday best day ever!!!the cover songs were amazing..im on fire especially my new fav… loved it. . Did not want it to end.. thank you guys for a an amazing festival. Yr biggest fan xx

  7. NaTashattack says:

    You guys were a-mazing last night, I found it incredible that you managed to make a 60,000 person festival feel like an intimate gig (Olympic Park). Loved the one microphone songs, ‘I’m on Fire’ = New Favourite! And ending on Fleetwood Mac…big smiles and cheering all round, Ted smashed that iconic rift beautifully! I know you’re all very humble and modest but you really do deserve a massive pat on the back and a beer ;-). Thank you

  8. Aspen says:

    I don’t mean to sound like mom but don’t you dare to try to do something uncalled for

  9. kitten72 says:

    You have been in my prayers. So glad you’re well. You guys are an inspiration for me and I pray for your recovery. Much love love!

  10. How scary for you. I am so happy to hear that you are healing. Keep positive. It is amazing how far that energy takes you. Be sure to rest yourself though!!

  11. halcyon says:

    if i told you´get well soon,´it wouldn´t be soon enough. get well now.
    you are needed. best wishes

  12. peig27 says:

    I lost my 21year old son to brain cancer recently, so I’v been a bit down lately. Sean was an avid music lover, and wore his precious Breats, pro edition all through his illness. I just happened to be flicking through the TV when I came across you at Glastonbery. You certainly brought a smile to my face and had me singing along. I think you were amazing. Keep up the good work but mind your health. My son wrote in his diary that his illness made him more inspired musically which he tried to see as the positive of a very negative situation. He passed away 3 months ago. He would have loved you as well. Thanks for a great preformance

  13. PrimoCHEdaONE says:

    TRUE STORY!!!!!!
    Apparently I must of been on another planet, but yesterday I first heard your song “I’ll Wait”, MANNNNN!!! amazing song. So i spent all last night looking up as much of your music as possible. My wife kows how much i love all types of music, and I just wanted to say to you all… GREAT JOB!!! This is the best music of all the types out, that really caught me by surprise. It nice to see a band that just loves to play and not worried about things around you. I saw your “Live on Letterman” show and you guys really put on a great performance. Just wanted to express that to all of you. “Lover of the Light” is by far your best song BTW….lol.. Congratulations on all of your sucess and hope to have you guys in the Washington DC area soon.

  14. Bladetech says:

    Watching u guys at Glastonbury at home on my tv was awesome I just wish I could have been there for real keep up the good work chaps just pure class :)

  15. pollox says:

    My god you are one hell of a band never heard anything much of your stuff until glastonbury since watching that downloaded all ur albums and having a good catch up play in band on the isle of skye wish we had ur energy but we are all in our 60’s still goin strong though. Lost my best mate to the big c last year a bass player so your stunning set brought a tear to the eye well done guys all the best to yer

  16. wadeellis says:

    hope you r better

  17. MumfordGrl2012 says:

    Praying for you Ted, it was so hard not to cry when i saw your bald head bcuz the day i first heard your music was March 2, 2012 the day after i lost my step father to cancer and he as well had a bald head from the chemo. All of you are in my prayers for safe travles and you especially for good health <3 You guys really helped me through a dark time in my life, helped me feel less alone and i will always be a fan just for that reason and the fact that you are all very talented <3 meagan :)

  18. Kpierce says:

    I had a stroke myself in 2011. I understand what you are going thru. Know that you r my thoughts.

    Kiersten Pierce

  19. Suzi04 says:

    So glad that you are healing! Being a cancer survivor myself I understand what a struggle it is! Thank you for sharing your journey. It has kept me motivated and given me strength to heal; not only with your music, but your courage to share. Thank you for giving me peace.
    Much love,
    Suzi Pinnelli

  20. amylarman says:

    Oh Ted you have many many many more Glastonbury’s to come… And I will be there!

  21. TimeWatcher says:

    It’s hard to kill off LEGENDS, the always live on………..Fantastic show at glasto, love you guys