A Christmas message from Mumford & Sons

Just thought we’d drop you a note to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012!

It’s been another eventful year for the four of us – getting to see The Northern Lights after playing Saint Magnus Cathedral in Orkney… sharing the stage with Mr Dylan and the Avett Brothers at The Grammys… the Railroad Revival Tour… Glastonbury and then Hyde Park the week after with Arcade Fire!

And in the latter part of our 2011 we’ve been nesting and writing and starting to record our second LP. We’re better friends than we’ve ever been and we’re so excited about the future, releasing more records and getting back out on the road. But taking the opportunity if we may, we’d like to thank our amazing team, all those who work tirelessly on and off the road. You would be amazed at the number of great people we have the pleasure of working with as Mumford & Sons. And first and foremost we’d like to thank You, the folk who support us, come to our shows and listen to the music we make, without whom the past couple of years would have been very different!

With all our love,

Ben, Win, Marcus and Ted

Mumford & Sons

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  2. KatieHolden14 says:

    Me, and so many of my friends would like to send a group request for you guys to do a tour in the US you are so LOVED here and we’re all dying to see you live. Even just NYC would be great! =)

  3. EmmaPriester21 says:

    I absolutely love Mumford&Sons. Hopefully flying to see you in either Nashville or Loch Ness, although it would be great if you came to New York again or Boston. Can’t wait for the second CD. Love everything you’re about!

  4. Anonymous says:

    i got this cd for xmas, my fav band and it wont allow me to watch part 4 on the special disc for some fucked reason i dont know

  5. casajeronimo says:

    I know the gastronomical side of any component of Mumford, tell you that when you come to Spain and especially Madrid culinary discoveries await you that will surprise you, from our typical rice to homemade croquettes, fried eggs with patastas and more. But certainly when you Benicassim Castellon and served only in passing. So we wait.

  6. casajeronimo says:

    Yo se de la faceta gastronomíca de algun componente de Mumford, deciros que cuando paseís por España y sobre todo Madrid os esperan descubrimientos culinarios que os sorprenderan, desde nuestros tipicos arroces a croquetas caseras, huevos fritos con patastas y más. Pero de momento seguro que Castellon y Benicassim os sirvio solo de paso. Así que os esperamos.

  7. iLOVE_mumford says:

    you guys have literally changed my life. please come to philly, i will literally lose control listening to you guys perform live. i love you so much.

  8. jessicamumford says:

    your music made my year more amazing than anything else, heres to a fantastic, full 2012!xx

  9. rgs0088 says:

    With the love you have expressed for country music you guys really need to plat in Texas! You are well loved down here!

  10. Anonymous says:

    ok i have to be the happiest woman right now. i found a app on my phone that has Mumford and Sons songs that i have benn looking for, for along time. i found Lover of light. Finally.

  11. scross812 says:

    Back in June I flew my friend, Amilia, and I to North Carolina from Michigan to see you all in concert. Your concert was on the hottest day of the week and we got there at 4:30 to make sure we wouldn’t have to wait in line too long. It was by far the highlight of my year and the best concert I had gone to. Thank you for putting on such a fantastic show and for all the hard work you put in. I hope to see you again in 2012 :)

  12. Wren says:

    Happy 2012, just wondering if you are considering venues for a tour this year, if so, we’d love to see you return to Blissfields Festival, small intimate little venue where you received the loudest cheers after a stunning performance in 2009. Hope to get to see you soon.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Happy 2012. I am really looking forward to the next album. Would love to see you guys come to Verizon Wirless, Noblesville, Indiana on your next tour. Keep up the amazing work. Extremely inspirational and the best band I have ever heard.

  14. elanvacations says:

    I request mumford come to US

  15. Anonymous says:

    I love your music so much! I listen to it all day everyday and it helps me get through it all! I’m a musician too (saxophone) and wa always looking for good music to listen to an now I’ve found it!
    Thank you SO MUCH!
    P.s. PLEASE come to the south, anywhere in the south is good!I live in Alabama and I can go anywhere my dad can drive me to see you in concert!!!

  16. allieau93 says:

    Hey Mumford and Sons. I am a freshmen at Auburn University and I began to be a major fan of your music ever since I heard Sigh No More. However, it wasn’t until someone told me to youtube y’all doing Sufjan Steven’s Come Thou Fount. Then I fell in love. I am a Christian and the song encourages me so much. Thanks for sharing and I am hopefully going to watch y’all perform one day!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Please come to Oklahoma. Ya’ll are the only band I would like to see in concert. Ya’ll would love it here. I hope ya’ll read all the posts your fans put up. They are awesome.

  18. Anonymous says:

    you should definitely have a concert this year in Nashville! i know yall are doing some of your writing/recording here, so it only makes sense! also, i saw yall at the Beale Street Music Festiival this past year in Memphis, and yall were absolutely incredible! you are sure to have a packed show here in Music City. looking forward to hearing the new music and hopefully seeing you somewhere too! much love.

  19. ckoshak1 says:

    Come to Minnesota!!!! Pllleeeeaaasssee!!!!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hello guys! I missed your concert when you came to the rose garden in portland and it has been my dream to see you guys live!!! U was so upset when i heard i missed you that i started crying and just couldnt stop! I would really truely love it if you could make it this way again! I would do ANYTHING to see you guys live!!! you have truely made me who i am and i cry when i hear a lot of your songs because they touch me so very much! please try to make it this way again! love your BIGGEST FAN IN THE UNIVERSE!!!! ~ Hanna ~ :D

  21. Gaby23 says:

    I have a question. How do we contact your manager? If we’re interested in inviting you to perform? :)

  22. Morgan-Joseph says:

    Can’t wait for the new album, but I do have one small request, tour in England, your home country, alot more than last time! America is awesome and everything, but I don’t live there, aha, I joke, but yeah, can’t wait for new album and tour!

  23. Nee24 says:


    When will the new album be released? I can. not. wait.


    i want mumford to come to canada! (: LOVE YOU GUYS

  25. BanjosAndSmiles says:

    You’ll probably never read this but, I love you and I’d just like to thank you for making your music, nothing makes me smile more than listening to you. I really hope to see you live one day, so hopefully you’re going to tour the UK. Thanks Marcus, Ben, Ted and Win.

  26. daconley says:

    Hey when are you guys posting your tour dates and are you coming to salt lake city, utah in 2012

  27. Brooksanna says:

    Y’all better be at Telluride Bluerass this year!! If not…. I will cry:(

  28. celticwoman85 says:

    Last night I was watching Hell on Wheels. They played Timshell the show is amazing but that made it even better. Way to go guys.

  29. celticwoman85 says:

    Last night I was watching Hell on Wheels and they played Timshell. The show is amazing but that made it that much better. Way to go guys.

  30. reshab says:

    i saw the dharohar project on youtube….u came to india???????thats awsm…plzzz come again….ur following has incresed since ur performance at the grammys and grammy nominations

  31. Anonymous says:

    The twins and I would also like to thank your support staff. Without them, we would not have the priviledge of knowing you…and we do feel like we know you through your songs. Marry me, Marcus.

  32. how.FICKLE.my.HEART says:

    **saw your concert in Atlanta this year! er, 2011.:p
    but it was absolutely the highlight of my year and
    please please pleaaasse come to Chicago soon!
    you will receive much love!! :D
    P.S. I love the picture.

  33. Anonymous says:

    saw your concert in Atlanta this year! er, 2011.:p
    but it was absolutely the highlight of my year and
    please please pleaaasse come to Chicago soon!
    you will receive much love!! :D
    P.S. I love the picture.

  34. starrnevaeh says:

    I absolutely love your music! Every one of your songs speak to me! You have gotten me through so much triumph and for that I am forever grateful! I hope to one day show you my appreciation in person. That would be a dream of mine. I wish you would set up a tour in the US and come to GA or TN so I can see you live! That would make this girls dreams come true. BTW I am about to get a tattoo based around your “After the Storm” lyrics. That song got me through the death of my mother! Thank you for being so AMAZING!

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  39. tree.duck says:

    Hey. I just want to tell you that I love your music. It’s very passionate and I feel when I listen to it. If I feel something while listening to it, it means a lot to me. So I listen over and over :) So thank you! And please keep putting out more!

  40. billyparker says:

    hey guys whens the next album coming out :)

  41. Anonymous says:

    Wow!!! U guys have amazing fans!!! Def time to put a show together!!! Start where u want but hit Chi town plz!! Thanx—- A.K.