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  1. AbiJoy says:

    I love the juxtaposition of the horseback rider and the horse with the words of the song. And the music is unspeakable.

    Any plans to be in Central/ Southwest U.S in the near future? Wishful thinking

  2. Rebecca_Lynn2 says:

    So in love with this band!

  3. micaellishotmailcom says:

    I’m from Brazil and just discovered Mumford & Sons. What a great band! I’m in love with you, guys! Thank you so much for the great songs!!! Hope to see you on tour in here too!!!!

  4. Julia_Kaiser says:

    Amazing show at the Los Angeles Forum last night! Wish I could go again tonight! Cheers! ❤️

  5. AEUser120462 says:

    Are you kidding me?  This band continues to amaze me with their deep, heartfelt songs.  This is the first time I’ve heard this song.  As a husband and father of two little girls (and soon a boy!), I sit here watching this wonderful video with tears rolling down my face.  It’s bringing up the same freeing sensation of being truly alive; to sit with no judgment of what I see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.  To be just here, now, watching it without flinching like being totally engrossed in a great movie. The silent explosion of joy.

    This is LIFE.  This is SPIRIT, expressed.  Bravo Mumford & Sons, you’ve done it again.  Fantastic accomplishment. 

  6. AEUser115801 says:

    Can’t wait to see the best in one of the best places in the world. Mumford & Sons in Salida, Colorado. I will wait for you.

  7. Jesiejane says:

    Wow! Beautiful Lyrics & melody to enhance the extraordinary video of a wild magnificent horse and an incredible horse whisperer. They learn each other quickly, believe and trust each other. Quite like this passionate band of Mumford & Sons.

    I Thank you . !!! Your music is wildly inspirational, unique and full of LIFE !! XOXO

  8. Monique_Knight says:

    What an awesome song , love it , and what great horsemanship in the video …superb. Cant wait to see you guys in Brisbane been waiting a very long time :)

  9. Maaike_Meijer says:

    My two favorite things: Mumford & Sons / Horses,  in one video! Just the best <3

  10. mcmeza288 says:

    One of my favorite songs in the album! Loved the video! Love this band! They are the best!

  11. AEUser112184 says:

    хорошая песня и отличный видеоряд с национальным колоритом) наслаждайтесь!

  12. alberox says:

    The best

  13. Michelle_Pajerski says:

    Amazing video for an amazing song!  I was lucky enough to see them play live twice this year.  Wish I could make it three times.

  14. Pieter_Wet says:

    Love it Guys!!!!!!!!!! Come to South Africa you have a big following here!!!

  15. Joel Lino says:

    Great video for my favorite song of the album

  16. Suzie_Bracey says:

    fantastic,can’t wait to see you guys in brisbane,

  17. Hannah_Coyle says:

    Wow!! This video is amazing !! Made me smile too, just great !!

  18. Adriennewingfield says:

    Perfect visual for my fave song on the new album. Appreciate the background on the video. Thank you Alex & M&S. Brilliant!

  19. Fiona_Gorman says:

    Brilliant lads!! Love it!! Gorbro playlist now!! xxxxxx

  20. Betty_Roux says:


  21. Pia_Alvarez says:

  22. Maria_Rosa_Nascimento_Silva says:

    Such a beautiful and strong video as the song itself is beautiful and strong. Congrats!

  23. vivian_pee says:

    I love it! Can’t wait to see you guys!

  24. thomriversidemednet says:

    WOW !!!!!!!

    I was having a bad day and when I saw this video I remembered to just KEEP trying.  Thank you M & S for such amazing and inspiring music

  25. Amanda_Linnea_Gustafsson says:

    Absolutely Amazing!