US & Canada Tour: Support Acts & Details

Accompanying the band on their US & Canada tour this October and November will be…. 

For the dates marked with a *:

From London… main support: Mt. Desolation (official website | Facebook) and 2nd to play: King Charles (Myspace | Facebook)

For the dates marked with a ^:

From Texas…. main support: Cadillac Sky (Myspace | Facebook) and 2nd to play, same as above, from London: King Charles.

October 2010

Mon 18th – Hollywood Palladium – Hollywood, California *

Wed 20th – Warfield Theatre – San Francisco, California *

Fri 22nd – Crystal Ballroom – Portland, Oregon  *

Sat 23rd – The Vogue Theatre – Vancouver, British Columbia *

Sun 24th – Moore Theatre – Seattle, Washington *

Wed 27th – Ogden Theatre – Denver, Colorado ^

Fri 29th – First Avenue – Minneapolis, Minnesota ^

Sat 30th – Rivierside Theater – Milwaukee, Wisconsin ^

Sun 31st – Riviera Theater – Chicago, Illinois ^


November 2010


Mon 1st – War Memorial Auditorium – Nashville, Tennessee ^

Wed 3rd – Stubb’s Waller Creek – Austin, Texas ^

Thu 4th – House Of Blues – Dallas, Texas ^

Fri 5th – The Republic – New Orleans, Louisiana  ^

Sun 7th – Buckhead Theatre – Atlanta, Georgia ^

Mon 8th – The Valarium – Knoxville, Tennessee ^

Tue 9th – Electric Factory – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ^

Thu 11th – House Of Blues – Boston, Massachusetts ^

Fri 12th – Le National – Montreal, Quebec ^

Sat 13th – The Sound Academy – Toronto, Ontario ^

Mon 15th – Terminal 5 – New York, New York ^

Tue – 16th – Terminal 5 – New York, New York ^


Looking forward to it.



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  1. hehblondie84 says:

    I agree with other comments: COME TO CHARLOTTE, NC! You could easily fill an amphitheater or arena!

  2. ellenfulle40 says:


  3. rainapache says:

    guyz.. we would love you back in canada!! peterborough toronto area.. peterborough has alot of smaller venues.. depending on what your looking for. seriously would love to see you in sept oct november time… please please please!!! lol.. :)

  4. danni.stocking says:

    Yes yes yes!! PLEASE add Salt Lake City, Utah!! I want to see you guys SO bad! I LOVE your music!!

  5. rylanhunt says:

    come to vancouver sooon again plzzz

  6. Skyelar says:

    Vancouver, Canada – The Vogue theatre is way too small! You have so many fans here – couldn’t buy one single ticket! Please arrange for a larger venue next time or more shows so that more of us can enjoy your music live!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m gutted that Kansas City isn’t on your upcoming US tour. I relished seeing you this past June…. *sigh*
    Hey, surprise me and put a KC date on the tour so I can sigh no more. ; )

  8. jennicaB says:

    All the tickets for both your Texas shows are sold out. I died a little bit when I found that out. I have been waiting to see you guys forever. If you want to add more tickets to those shows, Dallas or Austin, I’ll drive anywhere. If you want to add more tickets to more shows in this part of the United States, i mean, i would drive to Oklahoma or Louisiana…or Arkansas if I could see you.

  9. krollins33 says:

    FLORIDA show- please… What an amazing group of talent! So grateful you share the gift & even if I don’t see your tour this time… THANK YOU!

  10. jenni says:

    bigger venue for torontooo!!! or a second show

  11. Anonymous says:

    I second bullock2010’s suggestion….there are several places in Charlotte, NC that would welcome you guys like the Neighborhood Theatre in the NODA (North Davidson) district & Visulite Theatre..I’m sure Whiskey River, owned by Dale Earnhardt Jr, would welcome you as well….I will continue checking for tour dates, just in case you guys decide to swing by..

  12. bullock2010 says:

    Would love to see you guys play in Charlotte North Carolina!

  13. feleciamg says:

    No one amazing ever comes to New Mexico. :-(

  14. courtkelly says:

    I can believe you guys sold out here in Boston, but damn I want to see you guys play. Winter Winds has got to be one of the most moving pieces of music I have ever heard, funny video (intentional or not) Huge fan thanks for the great music. If you have extra tickets cool, if not sall good. Still a huge fan. Peace!

  15. Anonymous says:

    so i just found out you guys are playing at the house of blues in boston, ma nov 11th. i went to go buy tickets and they are sold out! no joke you are my favorite band. i put your music on my mnt/road biking mix and i can spin for hours. “awake my soul” is one of my personal favorites. when that song comes on and i am mnt biking in the middle of the woods with my dog lucas i start singing out loud…its amazing how fast the woodland creatures run when they hear my voice. any xtra tickets? please

  16. goldy says:

    Omaha! Kansas CIty! Des Moines! Somewhere in the Midwest!

  17. Canuck33 says:

    Edmonton Alberta!!! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!! #1 on the Modern Rock station here for like 10 weeks Straight – and that was just your first Single Little Lion Man… now The Cave is playing and people are requesting it ALL THE TIME! Please Consider! Maybe Between your Seatle and Denver Shows? Make it happen Boys! ;)

  18. sandral says:

    WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO CLEVELAND,OHIO? Please. I’m a mom (46) and WE will bring the entire FAMILY—yessiree——ALL FIVE of us know all the words to every song! Why has no one compared you to early JOHNNY Cash? THAT is a huge compliment. Omigod—trumpets—-stories—

  19. sarahacklen says:

    i can NOT express how much grief i am feeling at this moment.
    how are ALL the shows i could go to sold out? i mean, i know why, you guys are the greatest!!
    (sorry, had a crazy fan moment)
    but seriously. please please please add another philly, boston, nyc, washington d.c., baltimore….SOMETHING on the east coast. heck, come to my house in New Jersey!
    with a cherry on top.

  20. mh_headphones says:

    One more show in T dot OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Toronto, please!) ALSO, I couldn’t be more thrilled about you explosive success!

  21. MustacheMonday says:

    you really should add florida! preferably the west coast, say tampa…

  22. Anonymous says:

    Really, Really heartbroken that I don’t get to see you guys in Seattle or Portland. :( One minute tickets were available and the next, Sold Out. I hope you get back there soon. I would absolutley be thrilled to see you live! From videos I have seen of your live performances, I am blown away. I’m trying my damndest to find a way to still get tickets even if I have to miss work and make the trip alone because nobody else I know will go. Best of luck to you fellas on tour and take care!

  23. echolarva says:

    since the philly show is sold out you should add a DC show!!! i just discovered your music and cant stop listening to it…so sad that i cant see you live…anywhere! it looks like almost all your shows are sold out! keep up the good work!

  24. mathias149 says:

    add Salt lake city, Utah!! I know of many people who would love to see a show with you guys! Your one of the most original sounds I have heard in a long time. Keep up the good work!!

  25. chiara.g says:


  26. glitter39 says:

    I see you’re playing House of Blues in Dallas and Boston. A couple of my favorite bands have done entire US tours of House of Blues venues. Perhaps this could get you to Cleveland so I can see you perform live?!

  27. cathybraithwaite says:

    Huge disappointment – your tickets are sold out for NYC – please can you consider adding another date. My daughter and I LOVE your band – we are British expats and enjoy the success you lads are experiencing! Bring it on!!

  28. DebbieC says:

    Add another NYC date PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  29. aggie_kel22 says:


  30. epan says:

    Baltimore, Baltimore, Baltimore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or even DC)

  31. megameep says:

    I have a question: how do we send letters to you guys? like via snail mail? I’d like to know :D thanks

  32. canthelpit says:

    Going to see my fourth and fifth shows in October! I just got my very first tattoo and I used part of your lyrics from Roll Away Stone: “newly impassioned soul.” Sounds creepy, but I promise, it’s not. Your passionate music and lyrics really speak to me.

  33. redlightjessabell says:

    Love your music. Need more tour dates! Maybe some bigger venues too! You’ll sell out in Missoula MT if you come, right on the I-90 tour route between Chicago and Seattle. Not that I’m trying to convince you to come here or anything.

  34. KateH85 says:

    Come to Calgary, Alberta. You guys are fucking fantastic!

  35. Anonymous says:

    I think you young men write and play the most exciting new music I’ve heard since I first heard Van Morrison in (can you believe it) 1969. Yes, unlike most people who claim to remember the ’60’s, I was there.

    Anyhoo, far as I can tell you’ve avoided the Southeast USA completely. We’d love to see and hear you live, perhaps in the Spring after hurricane season is over.