Ryman Auditorium Nashville shows announced

In a world full of uncertainties, it’s good to know there are some things you can be sure of i.e, in this case, the fact that Mumford & Sons are not ones to stay away from the road for long. Sooner rather than later those feet, hands and hearts start to twitch, they reach for their amp leads and head out in search of some fellow music fans and a stage…
And this time where they’re headed is Nashville, a city whose musical heritage and warmth occupies a very special place in each of their hearts. Here’s where and when you can catch them…

Tue 6th March | Ryman Auditorium 
Wed 7th March | Ryman Auditorium
Thu 8th March | Ryman Auditorium
Tickets go on general sale on 4th February via www.ticketmaster.com and will cost around $49.50. Please see below for paperless ticketing information.
Very much looking forward to seeing as many of you who can make it as possible.
Ps. in other news, to check out the latest edition to the webstore click here
Ticketmaster paperless ticketing information:

These shows will use Ticketmaster’s paperless ticketing system.  Paperless ticketing is a fulfillment method that completely eliminates the need to print a ticket. Ticket buyers complete their purchase online with a credit card and their card immediately becomes the form of entry for the event.  When entering the venue purchasers must have their entire party together, a government-issued ID and the credit card used to purchase tickets.  After the credit card is swiped and validated, entry is granted for the number of seats purchased and seat locator slips are printed that guide the guests to their seats.
All tickets will be sold via internet only.  There will be a strict 4-ticket per person limit for each show.  Multiple orders are forbidden and violation of this policy will result in cancellation of orders.
For more information: http://www.ticketmaster.com/paperless and http://www.ryman.com/about/tickets.html

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  2. cumber says:

    Tickets have been sold. After all the responses I finally found someone from Nashville, so they got them.

  3. csebastian says:

    Where can I bid on the Nashville tickets…..comments from Feb 19th and 17th.

  4. cumber says:

    Still have tickets that were from the presale for sale. Taking bids, won’t be in town to go so need to sell

  5. Anonymous says:

    OK. I have 3 tickets for the Tuesday March 6th show and 1 for Wednesday March 7. They were bought with a WalMart Visa gift card specifically for this and is now empty so I’ll send it with the tickets to be able to use to get it. I have been burned with online purchases so I only use the Visa Gist cards now instead of a debit card. It really sucks that I can’t go due to unforeseen events, so I’ll be taking bids. If the anyone is tied for highest bid, decision will be made on why you want to go and where you’re from(preference will be given to Nashville residents) Hope whoever wins enjoys the show as much as I was going to.

  6. jennyjo says:

    Supply, meet Demand.

    M&S are a really popular band. The Ryman is a small, intimate venue. OF COURSE tickets are going to be hard to get because everyone wants to go! Read the message boards, check Twitter, this thread. Fans are traveling from all over the USA for these shows. When purchasing tickets, you weren’t just competing with fans in and around Nashville. You were competing with super fans from Boston and Wisconsin and Florida and Atlanta and SC.

    Yes, scalpers bought some tickets but they are by no means responsible for the shows selling out as quickly as they did. We are!

  7. Anonymous says:

    All the haters on here can now say their voice was heard. All orders that were placed on Stub Hub have been canceled. My buddy paid $250 and just got an email that they were not sending them. Hate that for him and for the people that can’t go. Well done M&S well done.

  8. JenSobo says:

    Just an FYI for everyone saying the pre-sale sold out in minutes. Absolutely NOT TRUE. People can put tickets into a shopping cart and only have so much time left to complete the transaction. When it times out, or people don’t like the tickets, those tickets are released. You must keep refreshing or coming back. There were tickets to all three shows still available an hour into the sale. In fact, Friday night I was able to still pull up singles. Please keep this in mind for the next pre-sale – and don’t believe the “sold out” banners!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m really impressed that M&S is doing smaller shows–even if it means fewer of us get to be there. I hope the lucky ones have a good time. On a side note, Atlanta’s not that far from Nashville, maybe M&S could just swing down? Plsplsplspls?