North American Tour Dates Announcement & how to take part in the ‘Invitation Onsale’

Sasquatch, Bonnaroo, Telluride, Osheaga festivals – Mumford & Sons, you may already have heard, are there. Also lined up for the summer are the now sold out Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers in August and September too. 

And now we are pleased to throw some more dates into this heady mix – along with some important information about when and how to get tickets.
Mumford & Sons will be visiting these places to play these headline shows throughout May-June:


5/21 – Calgary, AB @ Scotiabank Saddledome*
5/22 – Edmonton, AB @ Rexall Place*
5/24 – Surrey, BC @ Holland Park*
5/26 – George, WA @ Sasquatch Music Festival
5/27 – Portland, OR @ Rose Garden Arena*
5/29 – Berkeley, CA @ Greek Theatre*
5/30 – Berkeley, CA @ Greek Theatre*
5/31 – Berkeley, CA @ Greek Theatre*
6/02 – San Bernardino, CA @ Glen Helen Regional Park*
6/03 – Chula Vista, CA @ Sleep Train Amphitheatre*
6/05 – Phoenix, AZ @ Desert Sky Pavilion*
6/06 – Taos, NM @ Kit Carson Park*
6/08 – Austin, TX @ Austin 360 Amphitheater*
6/09 – Austin, TX @ Austin 360 Amphitheater*
6/11 – Dallas, TX @ Gexa Energy Pavilion*
6/12 – The Woodlands, TX @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion*
6/13 – New Orleans, LA @ Mardi Gras World*
6/15 – Manchester, TN @ Bonnaroo Music Festival
6/17 – Bonner Springs, KS @ Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre*
6/20 – Telluride, CO @ Telluride Bluegrass Festival
8/02-04 – Montreal, QC @ Osheaga Festival
8/23-24 – Simcoe, ON @ Gentlemen of the Road Stopover SOLD OUT
8/30-31 – Troy, OH @ Gentlemen of the Road Stopover SOLD OUT
9/06-07 – Guthrie, OK @ Gentlemen of the Road Stopover SOLD OUT
9/13-14 – St. Augustine, FL @ Gentlemen of the Road Stopover SOLD OUT

*w/Michael Kiwanuka, Mystery Jets

Tickets. Ok folks, so this time we’re trying something a little different, something we hope will make things easier and fairer for everyone to get tickets, and to try and stop those scalpers. So this is what you need to know.

If you’d like the chance to buy tickets for one of the North American headline shows, head to NOW and register for an invitation. 

Please make sure you check your email and if you receive an invitation, you’ll be at the front of the queue to purchase tickets when they go on sale on April 5th. It’s not a pre-sale as such, but if you do receive an invitation you’ll have a chance to buy your tickets a bit earlier that everyone else. 

The plan is part of our ongoing efforts to put as many tickets as possible directly into the hands of M&S fans, and to try and give people a fairer shot at getting tickets. There will also be a normal onsale for those of you who like it that way too, starting 5th April.

Registration is open now, and will close at midnight on Sunday March 31st. More answers and info at

Finally we’re thrilled to say that Michael Kiwanuka and Mystery Jets will join the guys as support too.

Much love,
M&S HQ x

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  1. Jane 1975 says:

    Please come back to AUSTRALIA in 2014

  2. momofno1fan says:


  3. Joey Lollar says:

    Just out of curiosity, if we do not get an invitation on July 8, will there be general on-sale? Thanks in advance! Glad Ted is recovering smoothly! Please welcome him to the Fraternity of the Shaven Head for us!

  4. stephyd1989 says:

    It saddens me that I had to support the scalping industry just to support my favorite band. I bought your albums happily hoping to encourage what you do for the entertainment industry, but I’m still failing to see the difference between scalping and piracy. Scalping tickets from your fans is scalping support to you. I managed to get tickets to your Edmonton show at a crazy price. The real sting was when the ticket was shipped to my house with the original price and the scalpers name right on them. I know there is only so much you can do but there has to be some thing that can be done?

  5. donabaron says:

    I missed out on the lottery for the Sheridan Opera House in Telluride on Saturday night (Night Grass) at the Bluegrass Festival. Anyone have a ticket that they want to sell??

  6. dianedeagler says:

    My better half scored tickets for May 29 in Berkeley! The best 35 year wedding anniversary present EVER!

  7. iambaldjohn says:

    If there are any fans with a couple of extra tickets to the Friday May 31st show I would rather pay you than a ticket broker. Yes, I was dumb and not able to prepurchase.

  8. sanaa101 says:

    Great seat* lol

  9. sanaa101 says:

    If anyone is interested in purchasing one (1) ticket to the May 21st show in Calgary, Alberta at the Saddledome, please email me at Great seats, section 112, row 7, seat 5.

  10. sube1522 says:

    EVERYONE STOP COMPLAING!! especially for those who had the chance to get get lawn ticket but pass them up cause they are “bad seats” cmon!!! If you really want to see them you would go no matter where u sit!! I’m done..PEACE

  11. I want to say “THANKS for the early invite!!!” I was able to get 2 reserved seats which is awesome because not only does my husband have a disability that makes it hard to walk, he is also completely deaf. He wears a Cochlear Implant but being on the lawn – well he can’t really hear. So despite the fact that he is not the greatest lover of music (totally understandable since he’s deaf), we both wanted to see y’alls show!!! VERY VERY EXCITED!!! See you June 12th in Houston. Oh, and welcome to Texas!!

  12. Jess5122 says:

    The news is saying that the Calgary concert was sold out in 51 seconds. Not sure how that is even possible, but the band IS awesome! (Regardless, I am still heart broken I didn’t get tickets…)

    Anyway, as an update for the Alberta fans… Service Alberta, an area of the provincial government which is responsible for ensuring fair consumer marketplace, is reviewing what happens when brokers are able to buy up lots of tickets, shutting out the rest of us. They are looking at legislation other provinces have put in place, to hopefully one day, create a more fair system. Cross your fingers for Mumford and Sons 2015 Tour!

  13. dishwishy says:

    Unfortunately I think the intended outcome for the “invite only” pre-sale didn’t work out. I received an “invite”, but was sold out by the time I was able to get to my computer to purchase them. The other days are sold out now as well and looks to be a bit of a frenzy on stubhub and craigslist already…fail.

  14. devans says:

    No new jersey shows :(

  15. Liz Tremain says:

    The pre-show ticket sales to the Bonner Springs Ks show was a bust. 4 of us signed up for the tickets. 4 of us got 3 different 3 mails with different codes. each offered the same seats for sale over 3 days. none of the seats could be purchased. only the “lawn” seats or standing room seats could be purchased. Now all the fixed seats are sold out and only available through the ticket brokers at 4x’s the face value of the seats. Again.

  16. VaSt says:

    Dear Gentlemen!

    First of all, please excuse my bad English ;)
    When my sisters and I saw your awesome show at Hurricane Festival 2012, we decided to buy tickets for a show as soon as we could, because it was the highlight of the festival! So we did and we expect a show like at Hurricane. Your performance in Hamburg last thursday was great, like Hurricane, and yes, everybody sang a birthday song for Ted (this time his real birthday, because of the cake???) – Excellent!!
    But there were three things, which disappointed us: first we thought, you were not there, so we anticipate the show was over before it began!:( And then you only played one hour and a few minutes with breaks, in which you were on stage, but it was silent. Maybe you could talk to your audience or similar next time.
    All in all, we got a reminder of the most brilliant bands by far joined with a negative show and that’s in my eyes badly sad!
    Hope you are taking it to heart.

    Yours faithfully
    a big fan.

  17. jujubees says:

    I agree with the last comment by nhillier! I was able to get tickets for the Phoenix show thru the invitation presale! Thank you for doing an amazing thing so people do have a chance to purchase tickets without paying the outrageous prices that scalpers charge….. which NO artist has control over! I saw you when you played in Arizona in 2010! I can’t wait to see you again!

  18. iambaldjohn says:

    I did more than my share for trying to connect to ticketmaster @nihillier. Ticketmaster is to blame. Question though. 4 ticket max, 1 room mate, 16 tickets purchased. Explain the math?

  19. nhillier says:

    I am really disappointed in how many people are putting up angry blogs about not getting tickets on here. Maybe it was different in other places but me and my roommate bought 16 tickets released at the general public time in Phoenix and are selling them for face value to friends and family. I feel like if you stayed committed on the ticket site tickets were available, so please stop being negative and hating on Mumford and Sons because they don’t have control of scalpers or who does and does not get tickets.

  20. MissNepper says:

    I snagged two tickets to your Edmonton show (on opposite sides of the arena, but I digress), but many were not so lucky. Within minutes of the tickets going on sale, Ticketmaster was saying no seats were available. Now thousands of tickets are being listed on scalper sites for exorbitant amounts of money. This honestly breaks my heart to see greed take over something that was meant to be so wonderful.

    I believe by keeping ticket prices low and using things like the pre-sale code and paperless ticketing, you really were intending to keep the tickets where they belonged, with the true fans. But sadly, the opportunists still got in there. It makes me so incredibly sad that someone can try to profit off of someone’s hard work, talent and contribution to the world.

    So regardless of where my seats are, I feel incredibly grateful to have gotten tickets and to be able to see your show. Your music has been a mainstay in my life since I discovered it. It has gotten me through some tough times and given me hope in the darkness many times. And some days it literally moves me, as some of my favorite running tracks come from Sigh No More :)

    You offer a truly beautiful thing to the world and I am so thrilled to be able to take part in it. Thank you so much for choosing to come to Edmonton. I hope our little Prairie city treats you well and inspires you with it’s unending skies. I am excitedly counting down the days until May 22!

    Wishing you all the best!

  21. Hey Mumford and Sons, I tried to by tickets to your Houston Show June 12, Seven mins after they went on sale NONE was Available :( NOW has them a 30 dollar ticket is now 175 dollars!! and a 60 dollar ticket is up to 1,218 dollars!!! I understand that this is out of your hands and its not your fault!!! BUT it sure makes it hard to explain to your 6 year old FANS!! Just wish it was different!! Peace and Love always! June 12 we will be DANCING in our living room and cheering you on!!!

  22. ambodle says:

    I submitted for the invitation sale, but apparently a day too late. My friends got their invitation, but i had signed up a day later and missed out. I was waiting online at 10am and could only get one general admission ticket. Normally I would be happy that I got the one, but the fact that stub hub has tons of them on sale now for at least double the price kind of pisses me off. The real fans would use the tickets, not try to profit off of them.

  23. iambaldjohn says:

    Ticketmaster was a joke yesterday. I was on 2 computers, an iphone app, as well as on the phone at EXACTLY 10am PST to purchase tickets for May 31st Greek Theater show, and Ticketmaster just kept spinning saying to wait for 3 minutes, then 4, then 15, and eventually apologized and said nothing was available. I have been a loyal Mumford fan for years, I loved the GOTR tour last year, and had the best concert experience ever in Monterey. I was hoping to take my teenage kids to their 1st concert for this show, and sold out. I refuse to purchase from ticket brokers, since they are the main reason that tickets are not available for their fans. Ticketmaster just sickens me that they close most of the counters to purchase hard tickets, yet make it impossible for fans to purchase tickets to shows. Prior to yesterday, I listened to Mumford everyday, and now I can’t bring myself to listen to them because it frustrates me

  24. iambaldjohn says:

    Ticketmaster was a joke yesterday. I was on 2 computers, an iphone app, as well as on the phone at EXACTLY 10am PST to purchase tickets for May 31st Greek Theater show, and Ticketmaster just kept spinning saying to wait for 3 minutes, then 4, then 15, and eventually apologized and said nothing was available. I have been a loyal Mumford fan for years, I loved the GOTR tour last year, and had the best concert experience ever in Monterey. I was hoping to take my teenage kids to their 1st concert for this show, and sold out.

  25. Loverofthelight2013 says:

    I totally agree with the Alberta fan’s even though I got tickets no probably for the Surrey show Ticketmaster need’s to be investigated. There is so many times when one goes to buy ticket’s that you see them on scalper’s site’s even before the sale on ticketmaster. IT is because they got them through the presale offer OR they have yearly seat’s for that venue. If they have seat’s for the venue they sell tics for concert’s hockey games , olympics anything that is showing in that venue there is corporate people that have the whole section on a yearly base’s that half the time are empty when you go to a show . These people should also have to show ID to prove they are part of that corporation or proof of their yearly membership when they enter a venue for these people sell off their seat’s if they are not planning on attending and when they ask a outrageous price for a ticket guess what…….their yearly club seat’s are paid off pretty dam fast sooooooooo don’t just make me show that I’m the owner of the visa that purchased your tickets to this amazing show coming to Surrey when you play at a in door venue make those club seat member’s also prove that they are the owner’s or associate’s of those seat’s cause THAT’S where the scalping is mainly happening……………….See ya May 24 with I.D in my pocket woot-woot

  26. owl316 says:

    Hey… I am a 51 year old KISS fan in Calgary, I have to speak out for the young mumford fans and parents. Very few of your fans were able to get tickets in Calgary for your show, unless of course they hace $1000.00 for after market ones. I challenge you guys to stand up for you fans, ticket master needs to be investigated for why hundreds of tickets end up on scalper sites seconds after going on sale!! It is so unfair that your fans will not get to see you, as i saw KISS in 1979, a huge memory for me, please do something for them and help find out why tickets are gone in mear seconds… Thanks and all the best to you on your tour…

  27. megadcock says:

    So incredibly disappointed not to get tickets this morning, I was braced and ready at my computer for the minute they went on sale and nothing but error messages for the next forty minutes. Only to go to ticketmaster and they tell me no tickets available for sure. Saw tickets at other sites for the show on sale for $300-900 each, talk about a terrible let down. Just wanted to see my favourite band with my mom and it stinks having greedy people take the joy out of it and stop the experience from happening altogether, so so unfortunate

  28. keap says:

    It’s nice of you guys to try to do that pre-sale thing, but us fans are still feeling disappointed. Tickets to Calgary AB sold out in minutes, and as people have said below, now websites and online ads are all selling them for crazy prices. Guess us fans have to miss out on your great music because there is not enough being done to give fans the opportunity to actually purchase real affordable tickets.

  29. netbme says:

    I’m so excited bought tickets to Guthrie Oklahoma then found out about Dallas Texas oh got those too <3 <3 <3 best year ever i love you guys js

  30. Lily Varner says:

    Hey. I’m a 14-year-old Mumford and Sons loving girl. Totally obsessed. Marcus Mumford is my idol, but of course I love Winston, Ted, and Ben too. Gigantic, gigantic, huge fan. This may not get through to anyone, and I know it’s pointless and difficult to do this for one “little” girl. But it is my dream to go to a Mumford and Son’s concert. But, I live in Michigan, USA. And I doubt they’re ever coming here because we aren’t one of the heavily populated states. So, if possible, please, send them, and all their unworldly awesomeness to Michigan. Or meet me half way, and send me some tickets. Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaasssseeeee!!!!!! <3

  31. reduska says:


  32. Kenny Rioux says:

    In prep for the Edmonton show May 22nd, I am watching a concert you did in New York back in mid-2010. You guys played a song called,”Nothing is Written” which would later become, “I Will Wait”. It’s just so cool how fast you guys have progressed in popularity! :)

  33. vanloon-a says:

    come to winnipeg!!!

  34. carlyc says:

    Feeling ripped off in Edmonton! Show sold out in minutes only to have other sites selling the tickets at crazy markups! Missed out on the presale and cannot justify spending over $700 on a floor seat! I’m still confused on how a scalper can sell a paperless ticket when supposedly the person who bought the ticket with their credit card has to be present to get access into the show? Shame on ticketmaster, they are the bigest scammers of them all!!!!!

  35. countrysunnie says:

    So are Michael and Mystery Jets going to be at the Portland concert also?

  36. Avi Stricker says:

    I was intending to go to Mumford and Sons at the greek theater and I got into the website and I was offered offered me the tickets, but ticketmaster denied my credit card, even though I just bought tickets the day before on ticketmaster. Now scalpers are them for 5 times face value and its absolutely rediculus

  37. bastionboogervip says:

    You guys want to know what is ridicoulous? Going to the izod center and paying $4.25 for a Water, a freaking water. I guess if they have the right to scalp water, scalpers have the right to scalp tickets.

  38. gabychaidez says:

    thank you @heyitsmonicaaa

  39. Kiki2269 says:

    I’ve been reading these comments for the past few days and have really felt bad for the people that didn’t get tickets. This however has nothing to do with the band themselves. Unfortunately, until people stop buying tickets to events through Stubhub, or other “legal scalping” sites, this problem will never end. I myself bought 300$ tickets to M&S in February because I wanted to go so bad, but am realizing that I just added to the problem. The problems with these sites is that they allow whatever mark-up a seller wants to put. Here is some info I read about how this is legal…”In 38 states, reselling event tickets is legal as long as the sale does not take place at the event site. The other 12 states have varying degrees of regulation, including registration requirements and maximum markups.[5] StubHub, Ticketmaster, TicketNetwork, and others have begun to lobby state legislatures to repeal or modify the stricter anti-scalping laws”. So the major companies now want to change some of these laws to make it even more beneficial for them. It is just sad that fans of any event can’t go because they are priced out of the market from the beginning.
    I implore M&S Ticketing staff to look into other ways of getting tickets to fans. A good example is Dave Matthews Band. For about $40 a year you become a member of their fan association. You get some little special gifts yearly (like special live cd’s, posters, etc) and you are also able to request to be put in an early lottery for tickets. The lottery entrance date is typically announced a few weeks before regular ticket sales. You can put in for 2-4 tickets, GA or reserved, and sometimes special VIP. Once everyone has their entrance by the deadline, there are two ways the lottery can go – the fans never know which method is used. Sometimes tickets will randomly be awarded, while other shows they employ a seniority lottery. I’ve used it a few times over the years, and was denied many times at first, but did recently get some shows in the last year. Your tickets have your name on them and are special, and while they do allow you to resell them, they do not allow you to mark them up. They say if you are caught marking up their tickets, your membership is revoked. While I did get upset the few times I was denied, at least I knew the tickets went to fans and not scalpers. There are plenty of scalpers that then get the regular tickets, but if you have to pay to be a member of something and get some little perks, most people are not in it to make a profit. Again, the only way to stop this is if people boycott buying from the big conglomerates – or at least buying tickets that are marked up more than 5-10%.

    I hope all of you who didn’t get tickets have better luck in the future. That feeling of being ripped off is the worst, but please don’t be angry at the band or their staff – it truly isn’t their fault – they tried their best.

  40. heyitsmonicaaa says:

    I got paperless tickets for the San Bernardino show but my friend is seeing them at Berkeley and she is getting hers in the mail. I think its for certain shows… @gabychaidez

  41. gabychaidez says:


  42. gabychaidez says:

    question: are all the events paperless? i tried to get tickets for Bonner Springs, KS, through the invitation thing and the actual sale but wasn’t able to get any. i have been waiting years to see them and see that people are selling tickets on stubhub, but i am wondering how that works because the tickets are paperless, right…? if not, then i may buy scalped tickets because i would really like to see them but they are rarely around the Mid-Missouri area and Kansas is as far as i am allowed to go :/

  43. esomers says:

    My brother introduced me to M&S back in 2009, before Sigh No More was released. I have wanted to go to a concert so badly to see M&S live and was really bummed this morning. I was on my computer right at 10am when tickets went on sale and waited 30 minutes to find out that all tickets were already gone. Really sad and wishing I could see you guys. Have an amazing show at The Greek.

  44. DaveHines says:

    Do M&S have any control over how many pre-sale tickets they can give through their website? Can they come up with a different system for selling tickets for their next tour… this tour has already been trashed by scalpers!!
    I would like to hear a comment from M&S on the situation.