I Will Wait video

Directed by FRED & NICK and using footage taken at Mumford & Sons’ Red Rocks performances 2 weeks ago, may we hereby present to you the official video for ‘I Will Wait‘!

The track is taken from the new album ‘Babel’, released in precisely two week’s time, and available to download from iTunes now in the UK, US & Canada.

M&S HQ x

UPDATE: Germany, you can now watch the video too. Click here to watch it on Tape.tv.

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  1. billy s says:

    Absolutely love the I will wait video and song, of course.

  2. hcamilleri says:

    You guys made my whole year when you were in Portland in August. I totally agree that you make my heart happy. That is the best way I can describe it. You make it break and mend and break again with every word of every song of yours that I hear. Keep doing what you’re doing (making amazing and inspiring and heartbreaking/mending music), and come back to Portland, ME again really soon!!!!!!!!! <3

  3. frabel says:

    Hi guys!! Thank you so much for the great concert in Italy!! We will wait for you next year!
    but.. I was just wondering.. Have you saved the book that I and some friends of mine have given to you??? TED YOU SHOULD KNOW SOMETHING! just to know if you have it with you :) anyway.. a big hug to everyone!! see you asap!

    P.S. I forgot to tell you the most important thing! my three-year-old brother wants to put your cd and sing your songs as we go by car!! It’s unbelievable!


  4. elleonora says:

    the best one! I hope to win a ticket for I tunes festival!!! <3

  5. conover.dawn says:

    agree with the first comment! You make my heart happy! LOVED the Bristol stopover..every song had every person singing and dancing. Every lyric in every song has meaning, depth and power. I can’t wait for y’all to tour again to the states..although..I would travel to the UK just to see you guys perform live!

  6. M&S, you consistently redefine the art and true raw talent it takes to make music. I thank you for bringing such happiness into my life and those that I love. Keep raising the bar…no one is close to catching you:) rock on! xoxo

  7. pandora55 says:

    This is a amazing! Catches the spirit of being there and of the song! With every new song and every new video makes me love you all the more! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to see you again!

  8. loelra0524 says:

    so so soooooooo awesome mumfords! so much fun!! cannot wait until 9/24! love you guys! xo! Lori

  9. Gelfling says:

    I LOVE THIS!! I can’t wait to see you boys live again!

  10. tlloyd1024 says:

    this is just amazing! I hope one day to be able to see you live. Thanks guys for another great song… looking forward to the new album.

  11. teresamonteiro says:

    Great performance, great crowd and great job from Fred & Nick. Well done. Can’t wait to be part of the audience again.

  12. casajeronimo says:


  13. songinalullaby says:

    Cant wait to see M&S again soon!

  14. Jill Pawlak says:

    So blessed to be at this concert FRONT AND CENTER!!!! Amazing concert and amazing song & video!!!!

  15. cmscarlett says:

    Your music and the passion you share are beautiful! Thank you!

  16. davison403 says:

    That crowd is amazing! Thank you, Fred & Nick for another great Mumford & Sons film. This makes me so happy. :D

  17. Sofia says:

    So incredible, and so worth the wait!

  18. This is fantastic!! I love you guys, :)

  19. SophieHill118 says:

    An amazing atmosphere! You guys looked like you enjoyed it, which you should have because you deserve it!

  20. mnugget says:

    Amazing video! I love you guys so much!