Hopeless Wanderer

We are delighted to present you our new video for the song Hopeless Wanderer.

A massive pair of thumbs-up to Sam Jones for directing and his cast of young budding actors. We’re sure they all have bright futures a head of them.

Much love,

Winston, Ted, Marcus & Ben x

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  1. valoriemaddox says:

    Amazing take on an amazing song! Jason Bateman playing Winnie is the best! Congrats!

  2. mitchmcc74 says:

    just had my 3yr old daughter jumping round like a maniac watching this & singing at the top of her voice. PURE QUALITY

  3. emzy_flano says:

    This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! Watched it over and over!!! My favourite song along with Below My Feet ever!!!!! It is sooo good i cried!

  4. mumface says:

    splendiferous – my new way to get through the day xx

  5. JustineChiba says:

    If anybody ever needs an explanation as to who Mumford and sons are.. i’ll refer them to this video! It’s perfect.

  6. juannisv says:

    The funniest music video ever!!! it was perfect :)

  7. Akasora says:

    Loved it, sooooo funny !! Bravo !

  8. MaBrown says:

    Just watched it again to show hubby and still laughing :-D xxx

  9. mnj79 says:

    As if I needed another reason to love you guys more than I already do, this video is hilarious!!!! And the actors are the greatest! Thanks again Mumford for being the best ever!!! Love you guys!!

  10. Hayleycake says:

    Such an amazing song, to have one of the funniest music clips to accompany it is Amaze Balls!!! That is all!!!!!

  11. MaBrown says:

    That has got to be the funniest music video love love love it!!!

  12. NannyOgg says:

    I don’t think that Jason Bateman has ever looked sexier than when playing Winnie :)

  13. jullie3 says:

    Hilarious!!! These guys nailed it.

  14. Emma Skinner says:

    just watched the new Hopeless Wanderer video with my hubby…… we pissed our pants!!!!!

  15. mandypeep says:

    Love it! Love your music! Love you!

  16. Tess Jellema says:

    The link on the forum doesn’t give me the hopeless wanderer spoiler.. it just gives me http://www.m.mtv.com, can’t find it anywhere..

    Comment on the video:
    I don’t get why there’s so much talking about hating the video, it’s really funny.
    If you don’t like it, then just don’t watch it.. As simple as that :)
    Well, I laughed my ass off, good job!

  17. Crispy Bubbles says:

    You are either confused, hated the video, or loved it so much that you kept playing it over and over again.
    Go on forum under General chat about Mumford and Sons> look for “Hopeless Wanderer Spoiler!”> then read it and comment. It has important information that all people of Mumford must know! and it says Spoiler for a reason ;)

  18. elizabethsamson says:

    wow, just saw your hilarious video. Youtube almost send me a request to stop watching your video in loop. Hope you will come back in montreal soon. I missed your perfomance at osheaga festival .. actually it would have been difficult come see you because i’m injured since april. I just got operated recently at the hospital. I love what you are doing, your music gives me the courage to face my day. Sorry for the mistakes, i’m a “quebecoise ” :)

  19. Bros1990 says:

    Loved it, laugh every time I watch it!

  20. crfrech says:

    Again, I am in love with how you choose to present yourselves to the world. How refreshing to have a brilliant group of oh-so talented young men who can have such a fabulous sense of humor about themselves! Individually, you guys may just be four lads from London, but collectively you are magical genius. Can’t wait to see what is next. Much love.

  21. Kellymyers says:

    Hilarious!!!! Love it!

  22. temarall@gmail,com says:


  23. anonymous1 says:

    Thanks for a good tune!My boyfriend may or may not relate to this one.

  24. SheenaC says:

    At first I was just listening to the song, and I loved it. When I played it again, I watched the video. I could not believe how hard I was laughing. LOVED IT! Thanks for helping me feel good today.

  25. slaclair says:

    about the 5th time I’ve watched and am still “cracking up!” Kudos! I needed a good laugh today.

  26. loriel0524 says:

    ~silently laughing maniacally @ my desk @ work~

  27. mstrickland says:

    I am so bummed that I missed you coming to the DC area in February… Will you be coming ANYWHERE in Virginia in the near future? Preferably, Richmond…. you have tons of fans who want to see you play!

  28. burtha says:

    what a stupid video,you should be ashamed of yourself,but i guess that’s what fame does for one self

  29. MrsCameron says:

    I can’t. Stop. Watching. Love this video. Well done!

  30. Mum_fan says:

    Please please add a show to the toronto tour! I don’t know how I missed it. I’m truly heartbroken!!! Please come back I’ve been waiting 2 years to see you guys!! Love ya!

  31. Great song and great video, saw this online and found your site. Downloaded the song and would like to see you in Colorado. Not sure you can come this far but I will be getting the album this week,

  32. 3blackburns says:

    This is AWESOME! Thought I couldn’t love you guys any more than I already did, but now I do! CANT WAIT to see you LIVE next month in South Carolina! Chills just thinking about it!!!! :)

  33. kathleen1953mc says:

    Very funny,laughed thru whole video. Loved your humor. Proved again MAS are an awesome group of young men. Rest up for awhile,enjoy your family & friends and come back strong and wow us again!!!!

  34. Candace Ray says:

    LMAO!! That was hilarious!!! It’s one of my top 3 M&S songs and now I have an image burned into my brain that will make me smile even more when I hear it.

  35. Artist :) says:

    This video is AWESOME! I laughed my a** off through the whole thing.

  36. AndreaMarks says:

    As if you guys weren’t already so very talented, hard working, poetic, creative and honourable, but now we see this lovely sense of humour, this ability to not take yourselves too seriously – bravo! Impressive men are you all. :o)

  37. moerelly says:

    Awesome video. Finally these actors are in a film that has a good film score! Constructive criticism: Forte plays so loud!

  38. bpadgett31 says:

    This made my day! Good luck at your show in Noblesville! I wish I could be there, I am trying my hardest to see you all in concert; however, I’m having leg surgery and I’m sure a concert would not be crutch friendly. :) Happy to hear that Ted has made a speedy recovery. Keep up the absolutely amazing work!!!

  39. hilander26 says:

    Genius, Hilarious, Brilliant, LOVED IT! –x-Kristin

  40. kdavis41 says:

    I am extremely upset about the ticket by invitation. I have been a huge mumford fan for years and was SO EXCITED to see you guys coming to South Carolina and the tickets not a bad price at all but unfortunately NO ONE in my family received an email so I won’t be able to go. I don’t see how the invitation on sale is benefiting anyone. It’s not fair at all.

  41. Mumfordlover98 says:

    Hilarious!!! Just great XD

  42. AeonEchelon says:

    Jason Sudeikis, Ed Helms, Will Forte, and Jason Bateman; brilliant! Sublime. Live on and play on Mumford & Sons. Brilliant.