The location is Dixon, Illinois and the date is August 2012. Mumford & Sons are in town for a Stopover show…

The buzz of the crowds and the stands and the bands they’ve asked to play fizzes around them. The weather is hot and they seek a little refuge indoors, finding an empty high school auditorium.. Daytrotter are in the premises, recording equipment in tow.

It being the only multi-day Stopover date Marcus, Ben, Ted and Winston find themselves in a rare position of circumstance; a quiet space, all their instruments plus a whole load of talented musician folk on hand and with a little time to spare. So Daytrotter hit record and thus, here we have today… The Stopover Sessions.

They consist of a mixture of originals, covers (Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan) and interpretations of traditional folk songs and include recordings by not only by Mumford & Sons but also contributions from HAIM, Abigail Washburn, Apache Relay, Dawes, Gogol Bordello, The Very Best and Nathaniel Rateliff., laid down either in the auditorium or the lounge of the band’s tour bus.

Daytrotter members can now download all of these sessions over here. If you’re not a member it’s still possible to stream the tracks by signing up for a free trial.

The Stopover Sessions come in a number of parts; Mumford & Sons and Friends, Stopover Sessions Part 2 and Stopover Sessions Part 3, Gogol Bordello’s Stopover Session and The Very Best’s Stopover Session.

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