California (Los Angeles)

Here’s another Christmas show for you California, this time as part of KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas in Universal City on 11th December. Tickets go on sale 10am this Friday 18th November via livenation
Find out more about the line up here on the KROQ website

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  1. Nee24 says:

    CONGRATS TO MY FAVORITE BAND EVER for the GRAMMYS! You guys so so deserve it:) can’t wait to see your beautiful faces at the grammys. HOPEFULLY, THIS YEAR WILL BE A GOOD ONE WITH A MUMFORD AND SONS US TOUR!! Specifically California!!! (San Diego, LA, OC) XOXO Nee

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am sick I missed you guys when you were here in Arkansas, USA. Will not miss your next US tour. I love your style and original music. This morning had radio for background but when I heard your song Roll away Your Stone my ears pricked and had to turn it up. Have you thought of doing a cover? I would love to hear you do “I’ve just seen a face” .

  3. AwakeMySoul_333 says:

    Billings, Montana. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. tiziano says:

    PLEASE COME TO ITLAY!!1!!!!!!!!!IN MILANO……..WE NEED YOUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    So I was looking through the “Please come to_____” forum, and good old New Zealand keeps popping up… you guys have fans here who are DESPERATE!!!!! We have been asking nicely for a while now, but once more won’t hurt: Pretty PLEASE come to NZ with a cherry on top. Even better: Dunedin, South Island, Forsyth Barr Stadium is a new world class venue which has hosted rugby world cup games, and Elton John – with more awesome gigs to come. Will be well worth the visit, promise!

  6. LeahMusic says:

    I’m waiting in never-ending anticipation for a U.K. gig! :)

  7. Stipeac says:

    Congrats on the Grammy nods fellas – MUCH deserved! Hope to see you on the podium (and performing too)!!! :) xxoo from Walnut IA. Amy

  8. Rachael101 says:

    Not sure why my comments don’t show my name. Previous post was from Rachael Fleming in Canada.

  9. Anonymous says:

    So happy for your nominations for the Grammys. Can’t wait till then and hopefully will see another awesome grammy performance from you. Still so thrilled I got to see you in Toronto…thanks again for an amazing night!

  10. trina789 says:

    Hell yea congrats on the grammy nod……well deserved def should win…

  11. shawnawelsh says:

    A Vancouver BC (Canada) Gig on your tour would be rad, you have a good fan base out here!

  12. Yo...Johanna says:

    dang…that was too long I guess:
    I was too late buying tickets for your show in Cologne (quite a while ago…) and the radio didn’t give any away last minute either. Anyhow, now I’m volunteering in the Dominican Republic for a year. So, if you guys are ever in the US, it would be more than fantastic if you would consider dropping buy there. I don’t know if that actually makes sense for you, but the people are incredibly open and friendly here. Life is an adventure and it’s an amazing place to visit. There’s lots to discover aside from all-inclusive hotels.