MCU Park – Coney Island

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  1. Marlo Antigone Carroll says:

    The show was absolutely phenomenal! I don’t know how any of the guys have any heart left after putting it all on that stage. I went to the previous night’s show as well and it was obvious they were way more into weds night’s crowd. Maybe the rain is to blame for that on Tues. My only complaint is that they didn’t switch the set list up at all, with the exception of adding 1 track to this show “Below my feet” They now have 3 albums and plenty of room to do some change ups. If they ever get to hear this advise it would be Please change up the songs when doing back to back at same venue. You know you have returning fans! Still had a blast at both shows. These guys are F’ing BRILLIANT!

  2. Keelin Burns says:

    Because it’s New York and it was ment to be :-))))

  3. BIlly11111111 says:

    why is mumford playing 2 shows at the same venue 2 nights in a row?