Rose Garden Arena

06 December 2011 • Portland, OR - USA

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  1. zenriver says:

    @dawnelle13 i believe openers are Nathaniel Rateliff and Apache Relay! .aspx 2nite’s the nite!! 1-2-3-4!!

  2. dawnelle13 says:

    Does anyone know if there is an opening act and who it might be for the Portland show on Tuesday? I can’t find anything.

  3. euskat88 says:

    Come to barcelona please. Barcelona it’s a great place , ! I’m just 15 but I’d love to see you performing in my city !

  4. Dustbowl_Dance says:


  5. AprilDalaman says:

    Driving 30 hrs. round trip for this show. It’ll be my 2nd time seeing you guys, and my best friend’s 1st time. Nothing compares to your music & shows. Thank you for putting out quality art with a message. We love M&S!

  6. mimashead says:

    We are flying all the way from North Carolina to Portland just for THIS SHOW, cannot wait! Saw you in Raleigh, absolutely amazing! There are no words to say how excited I am to see you again much sooner than I thought!

  7. butla6000 says:

    I will be there. I am so excited to see you guys live. Your music has certainly got me through some tough times recently, and coming to this concert is going to be so awesome.

  8. Jacob_ms says:

    You guys should plan a big Europe-tour, I would love if you came to Sweden with your incredible music!

  9. thatssogorman says:

    come to NYC? please??

  10. Anonymous says:

    It would be much appreciated if you would come to Salt Lake City because, I know it sounds strange or something, you actually do have fans in Wyoming and that’s the biggest city near us. This may sound to formal or just plain rude but it really wasn’t intended to be, we’re basically just desperate :)

  11. camille2000 says:

    I really cannot express in words how ridiculously excited I am for this show. I’ve been waiting a long time to have a show near enough that I can go and finally there is one. Just under a month left!

  12. Whatwhathahaha says:

    Sooo not one those crazy stalker people who dnt relly hve nothing better to do then stalk butttt im from jersey n ben lovett u no i had a doodle buddy who looked just like u hmm anyway im festival person so love to no wht fest ull b at cuz i was raised on folk music got sum crazy parents been goin to fest since 3 mnth old literally sooo just leave lil line bout what n when

  13. giorgionadi says:

    When are you guys coming to NYC area? We need to be saved!

  14. kittycat3346 says:

    england please!!!!!

  15. sunflowersandsteel says:

    I saw you guys for the first time at Coachella earlier this year, and was absolutely blown away, especially by Thistle and Weeds. I saw you again at the Bridge School Benefit concert – a short set, but I was in awe again! Please return to CA someday and play your own show! :)

  16. dreeminbig says:


  17. rossie75 says:

    Chicago. Soon. Please.

  18. deedledorph says:

    Dallas, tx! That would make my… well, whole life!

  19. taykief says:

    I really wanted to go but I have a final in corvallis right before and after.

  20. megellison says:

    This will be my third concert and state that I will have seen them in. Saw them at Bridge School Benefit last weekend in CA. They only played for 30 minutes but if was worth the trip. Even ran into Ben walking around the venue. Nice enough to stop and talk with us and take a picture. Highlight of the whole show!!!

  21. dreeminbig says:

    Come to Texas! I’d literally drive anywhere here just to see you guys.

  22. LalaLauri says:

    I know there is a large fan base in the Chicago area (myself included). You should seriously consider a show around here somewhere. Hell…I’d drive HOURS to come and see you live. Simply mesmerizing…

  23. xxsamanthaxx says:

    imma litttle Obsessed witth youuh guys.. Not gonna lie :)

  24. xxsamanthaxx says:

    coome to NYC :) .!

  25. Dustbowl_Dance says:

    come on over to long island!!!!! i’ve been waiting for so long to see you guys!! it would mean a lot to us all :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Boston87 says:

    Please come to Boston!

  27. SchindlerAndSons says:

    My first Mumford & Sons concert, and well, my first real concert. This is going to be AWSOME!

  28. MyNilla says:

    Need a Dallas, TX date!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Come to KY! We Feel Your Music! We are, afterall, the Bluegrass State…mix some of your folk in with us…We Love You!

  30. oliviacaughell says:

    THANK YOU FOR COMING TO PORTLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see you!

  31. Engineerman says:

    any chance of coming back to Georgia soon? i missed your concert at the Fox… i am sad.

  32. JamesHumphry says:

    UK? Anywhere, just come to the UK! Please

  33. kelseymegan says:

    Any chance you can make a stop-off in Tacoma or Seattle? Huge community here of followers who would LOVE to see you folks live!