Winston’s Guide to 2013

We’re still alive! Or are we? Maybe we were all so mentally scarred by the apocalypse that we blocked it all out and we are in fact… undead. Maybe those bastards were right. Does anyone want to try dying just to check whether we are definitely alive? Please nobody actually try, I’ll get done for inciting some new age Charles Manson episode, then I might actually be dead… and all I did was attempt to write a harmless little blog about 2013.

Yes World Wide Web I’m pretty excited that we get to have at least one more year; another bash at this life bit. Why? Cos there were a few things I was getting excited about. First and foremost shall we talk about football?

FOOTBALL. What a wonder season. Football may be the greatest thing the Mayans ever gave the world. FACT (the only time I’ll ever quote Benitez). I’d like to make a request to the Mayans: Please may the next Armageddon happen some time between the end of May and mid-August? Cheers. FA cup now underway, anyone could win. Well, not Newcastle. Bless ‘em. Sorry Geordie readers, too easy. C’mon the Toon! Next year’s gonna be a good one for NUFC. I am now going to over-compensate with complements about the sensationally beautiful City of Newcastle and its extraordinarily wonderful people so as not to alienate or offend them. We love Tyneside, so much so we played there twice last year. My favourite thing about the place? Probably the bridges… good bridges. Favourite one? Don’t make me decide! Agh ok. Probs the gateshead millennium bridge. That’s what’s gonna be big in 2013. The Gateshead Millennium Bridge. Wonder bridge.

Will there be a new series of Geordie Shore? Fingers crossed. I’ve not worked out whether that show is scripted yet or not. I can confirm, and quite sincerely, that it is nothing short of poetry. I wonder if you can buy transcripts.

I digress, soz. Lol. Etc. There’s so much awesome shit about to hit you in the face you better get excited. I’m gonna try listing them. SMASH. The Villagers’ new video for The Waves. POW. Stewart Lee’s new show. KUU-BANG. Dawes’ new album. DING-DONG. This Is The End. NOISES. Superman. I’m only just getting started and I’ve already shat all over your face. Another side-note for you, Shat, the past participle of the verb to shit, is not recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary as a real word. It is very much a real word and I would like to see its inclusion in a revised edition for 2013.

Something I’ve been getting into is The Moth. It’s competitive storytelling. I’ve not been competing myself; apparently I haven’t got anything cohesive or insightful to say, as I’m learning right this moment. I have been to see it though and it has blown my tiny mind. Get involved survivors.

I’m pretty excited about Telluride Bluegrass Festival’s 40th anniversary, wonder-fessie. I’m not sure whether we’re playing yet but I’m gonna be there come rain or shine… moonshine. It’s a play on words. No biggie. That is a great festival. Festivals generally this year are something to get excited about. Here are the lyrics I wrote to a jingle about festivals, you can make up your own melody…

Come big or small
You’ve got to love them all.
They’re not quite as good
As the game football
But festivals are great
There’s no debate
Even if they’re not as good as football

You’re welcome. I’m not sure I’ve got much else to say, I’m not sure I had much to say in the first place. But welcome viral visitors to the year Twenty-Thirteen.

One love.


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  1. kathleen1953mc says:

    Thanks guys for an awesome show @ the greek theater may 31 berkeley,ca. Last nite.
    With encore 3 songs. Hung around after and got one of the playlists from show.
    Only 2 more shows on this summer stampede.Hope to see you all next time

  2. dickandtrudy says:

    Hi Guys would you consider doing a tour New Zealand we LOVE you out here

  3. tenottingham says:

    hope you enjoyed Sasquatch, but skip Portland next time and come to Bend, Oregon. You will be surrounded by beautiful country instead of city. thanks for the music you create. SO GOOD!

  4. bbqchickenwing123 says:

    Really looking forward to your show at the olympic park :) you are all epic, I love you so much ;)

  5. ester says:

    Winston……. you’re unique :D the only thing left on you to reach the perfection would be that you like also Barcelona’s team ;) make me wish come true??? ;)

  6. Laura Swyers says:

    winston marry me k thx <3 >.>
    so excited for you to come to my hometown SIMCOE in august!!! also saw you in hamilton :) see you soon!

  7. LoveroftheLight19 says:

    Winnie, you’re hilarious! Please come to Indianapolis, Indiana USA!! Please!

  8. Hannah :D says:

    Winston, you crack me up :D I love that youtube video of you doing your crazy hyena laugh, haha! :D I have great respect for you as a banjo player, you actually inspired me to learn, and so far I can play almost all of your songs, yippee! Though I think you wrote the rolls for Lovers’ Eyes just to ensure your the only one who will EVER play that impossible song! :D BLOG MORE, and tell the other boys you gotta come to Ottawa ASAP, ok? :D

  9. Hannah :D says:

    Winston, you crack me up :D My favorite youtube video is you doing your crazy hyena laugh, haha! :D I have great respect for you as a banjo player, you actually inspired me to learn, and so far I can play almost all of your songs, yippee! Though I think you wrote the rolls for Lovers’ Eyes just to ensure your the only one who will EVER play that impossible song! :D BLOG MORE, and tell the other boys you gotta come to Ottawa ASAP, ok? :D

  10. DorindaP says:


  11. k8sbug says:

    Aily- i do the same thing and just as i’m shutting it down, embarrassed for causing a ruckus, the peeps around me recognize and comment on the awesomeness of the song and band! M&Sons; uniting the world! :):)

  12. Aily says:

    Hello guys! I’m not sure this is the right place where to write what I’m going to write, but I can’t help telling you this very funny thing that happened to me a few days ago.
    I was at the railway station and my mobile mp3 player was playing “Dust Bowl Dance”…….veeeery loud I suppose because the boy standing next to me told me ” beautiful song! I can hear it!! What’s the title and what’s the band?? I LOVE IT!!” :)

  13. bellamama1971 says:

    I do think you’re a liitle bit crazy, but in a good way :-) Thanks for bringing your music into the world.

  14. bellamama1971 says:

    Winston you are the best!!

  15. GeorginaR says:

    please, come back to Barcelona or Girona! i’ve lost your concert, and I feel so sad!!
    I really love your music, and it’d be great coming and see your concert :)

  16. Jodster says:

    I ordered your CD and a wall print for my mother for her birthday from your website on March 3, 2013. I have been consistantly checking its status since her birthday was March 26th. The items have not yet arrived to us. My credit card was charged on March 4th and I received notification that the items were being shipped. I have even contacted Sandbag as instructed by your website. Still nothing and no response from Sandbag. I am finding this very upsetting. My mother fell in love with your music when she saw you perform on the Grammys. She is a Neil Diamond fan, so when she showed interest in your band, I thought it would be neat to get her your CD. But here it is April 1, and still no CD and no Wall Print. Can you please do something for me? My order number is MNS 12323366. Thank you, Joy Ruonavar

  17. Jhedderly says:

    Can’t wait for New Orleans