Top 5 Bestest Festive Film moments – a Christmas Special from M&S HQ


Sorry, a simpler Simple Simon salutation you will never see, but effectively festive I’m sure you’ll agree.

O hai Santa! For Christmas I would like one low rent couplet please! Christmas came early kids, well happy with that. So happy in fact I might just sit back a moment and bask in the hot-like-lava glow that burns from the fireplace of my genius… Seems the moment has passed. Fleeting and futile. Much like my prep school performance of an infant ‘Inn keeper’, which ran disastrously, and thusly…

Act II, Scene II: Bethlehem. Enter stage left – Mary and Joseph.

(Joseph knocks at the door of the final Inn)

Joseph: “We have travelled many miles and are hungry and tired. My wife is heavy with child. Is there no room for us at your inn?”

Me: (nervous silence) “…There…Room… No… (wets self) sleep with the monkey in a barn?” (deafening silence)

…I never trod the boards again.

A rare and beautiful talent cut down before it blossomed. Clip was a total keeper for the VHS mind, kept Beadle in work for 15 years and me in Kicker’s throughout high school. Lesson: Repeated, ritualised humiliation on prime time TV is a total money-maker – can’t sniff at 250 sheets just for wetting your seven year-old-self in front of an audience of millions. Probably don’t want to sniff my school trousers though.

Such scenes are common place at this time of year, but no domestic disaster, no in-law inflicted incident can hold a Christmas-scented candle to these scenes of seasonal silliness, my Top 5 All Time Greatest Most Bestest Noel Movie Magic Moments:

5. The Muppets’ Christmas Carol – ‘Kid Gets Smashed In Face, Starts A Rumble’

Okay, I could quite happily post every single second of this film, it is absolutely the best Christmas movie ever, but for the purposes of the LOLZ, 1:59 in of this banger, ‘It Feels Like Christmas’, takes some beating. Literally. Absolute sparko. Keep an eye out for the two carol-ers, bottom right. Amazing.

4. Home Alone – ‘Kevin BB-Blasts Harry and Marv’

Another classic, and again; So. Many. multiple. Highlights. All of these are golden but for me, you can’t beat gangsta gunnage to the goolies – very special. Though for everyone ever forced to share beds with leaky cousins (or me), the sheer sinisterness of this scene is quite chilling.

3. Scrooged – ‘It’s a Toaster!’

Murray; a mighty fine man, a masterclass performance. PWND by the Fairy of Christmas Present.

2. Trading Places – ‘Which You Might Find In A Bacon and Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich’

I am a HUGE fan of eighties Eddie. Seriously, I swear I dropped a .1 at uni trading revision for RAW. This is perhaps not my favourite from the film (those have rude words in them) but this clip demonstrates perfectly Murphy’s knowing, bad-boy relationship with the audience with the best ‘look to camera’ ever committed to celluloid – and it is genuinely an increds feel good Holiday movie, I urge you to give it a viewing.

1. Elf – ‘You Did it!/Santa’s Coming!/Throne of Lies!’

A hat-trick of Ferrell hilarity. GET. INVOLVED. BUDDY.

I like to think that in the course of the single year since the release of Sigh No More The Sons have enjoyed something akin to the joy and excitement of waking on Christmas morning every single day: from shifting serious numbers of shiny discs and digital megabits, to selling out tours across continents and reaching more ears and finding more fans than they could have ever imagined, every second has been spectacular and owes as much to your belief in the band as the music itself. Humbled and indebted.

Have a very Merry Christmas, a wonderful New Year and I’ll see you all on the other side of the snow…



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  1. says:

    hi i just had a very close friend of mine pass away in a gas explosion, he was19 yrs old. before he died he begged me to learn your music so that i could sing w/ him in the car . he loved you guys so much. they played your music at his funeral and there were 1000s of people there. Before he died he talked about all of us geting together and going to a concert.i was wondering when you would be coming anywhere near Philadelphia so that we can all come see you. please if you can let me know thank u

  2. lavaallure says:

    Please come to Colorado USA when you guys are on tour! You guys made me fall in love with music again, and reminded me why we need it. You guys are also the first band in an incredibly long time that I’ve even bothered to check tour dates for. Please try and come to Colorado. I love your guys’ music, its genuine. Thank you for it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Really hoping you come back to Canada soon! I feel foolish…but I “bought” tickets to your concert in Toronto online and made the STUPID mistake of paying before I got the tickets. Needless to say I was a little too trusting and not only did I not get to see your concert…but also lost $150! Anyways…I can’t wait until you come back to Canada (and I hope it is soon!) so that I can get tickets right when they come out and ACTUALLY get to see you! I truly love your music…amazing harmonies!

  4. brighteyes101 says:

    You should really come back to Minnesota! I can’t even explain your music. It’s too good. My whole family love you guys and totally want to see you live. Your folky, acoustic mix is just my cup of tea. Hope to see you in Minnesota so i can totally tweak at your concert. But a calm tweak.

  5. chiara.g says:

    Loved you guys since the first time I heard your music.
    But I have to say i’m disappointed. You guys toured the US last year and did not come to Florida. You guys are having some shows and festivals this year and you still have not added Florida. Come to South Florida PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. pieabrosmama says:

    Come to the States-specifically come to REDROCKS in the Colorado mountains!! Would love to see you live!!

  7. stallingsfour says:

    ok, so today I just heard your music for the first time, now I can’t get your songs out of my head and I got your CD right away- PLEASE come to Pennsylvania!!! -Gettysburg Folk Festival, Harrisburg, Hershey, you pick- PLEASE!!!

  8. MsShel says:

    Please come to Australia, Easter 2012 (I know you’re playing in the US in 2011 at this time) and play our National Folk Festival in Canberra. Please?

  9. Anonymous says:

    please do not dicard this entry. I have ideas for an awsome video. please contact me at, I am a low budget director, but i have a great idea for one of your songs. Please contact me. This could be good!? give me a chance.

  10. obe1canobee says:

    Love your music! You really really need to come perform at The Ritz in Ybor City, Tampa, Florida!:) Perfect venue and close to us!:) HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!

  11. gregtaylor says:

    A band playing incredible music with uncommon instrumentations, and who call themselves Gentlemen. I’m happy to join.

  12. ynot says:

    An Idea. Not sure if you have done this or not but here goes: At an appropriate venue, during Winter Winds when the Horn kicks in, have the artist that’s playing it discretely positioned in the crowd towards the back of the venue, security present of course, then have the lights drop from the stage and shine on them for a few seconds…. not sure if the details could be worked out but would really accentuate that part of the song and send the crowd over the top…

  13. Kat87 says:

    Absolutely love ya’ll music! Heard you guys last year at Bonnaroo and was hoping you would make it back this year?? You were most definitely one of the BEST concerts of the summer!

  14. nelly.shmorhun says:

    i reallly love all your music…it speaks to me!!! please come to Paris again, i was supposed to go but in the end could not make it!!!!!!!!!!!! please come to anywhere around Switzerland!!!!!!!! seriously people would love to hear your incredbile music

  15. cangelicbeau says:

    Hold on to what you believe on itunes PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!

  16. peacelady11 says:

    So yea. You guys should come to the states and do a whole tour! Love your music…hits my soul and have been doing some great emotional dancing. I would give anything to see you guys live! I can’t get enough of you!

  17. ReeSki82 says:

    question. found a video on “vimeo” for “dance, dance, dance” love it. tried to find it to download…no go. do you know where i can find it? absolutely dig it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely love the album sigh no more. Unfortunately because I live in the U.S. I can’t purchase the bonus track “hold on to what you believe”. Is there any way of getting around this? It’s a great song, but obviously it didn’t come with my purchase of the album. Are you guys going to release that song in the U.S.? Hopefully I’ll get to see you guys play if you get a chance to come to Northern California on your next U.S. trip. Take care.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Sadly I did not get a chance to see M&S live last year. I had such a bad time last year and im glad to see the back of it. Im determined to make the most of this year and seeing M&S live is at the top of my agenda. Just need some live dates. If they are gracing the stage at Reading festival again Ill be over the moon as I literally live next door to it.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I usually don’t beg…but please please please please come to North Carolina sometime! :D You guys are seriously incredible

  21. zenobia says:

    Really want to see you gentlemen! Arkansas and camping are not my cup of tea in the summertime. Hope you can come someplace nearer to St. Louis, MO.

    Some of the best music all round that I have heard in a long time. And I have been around awhile (56 yrs.) .

    God bless

  22. MMS says:

    Yes, please hit up somewhere in/near South Carolina when you come to the U.S.

  23. karaellen7 says:

    The United States…nice this time of year. Actually, pretty horrible any time of year (but actually quite beautiful during the winter seasons on the New England coast) HOWEVER, I’d love it if you guys were here, rather than New Zealand – you could even coincide it with a trip to the BEST spot in the US (Boston)

  24. Anonymous says:

    New Zealand…nice this time of year. Actually, pretty nice any time of year and we have some great live venues and enthusiastic crowds – you could even coincide it with a trip to the West Island (Australia).

  25. katemelbourne says:

    ‘Kid Gets Smashed In Face, Starts A Rumble’ is spot-on as the greatest ever christmas movie moment- my brothers and I can no longer get through that movie without the repetitive process of rewinding and descending into hysterics. I’m so glad to hear that somebody else appreciates that film!

  26. KaraEllen7 says:

    I’m a huge fan of Marcus’ nose scrunch in the Winter Winds video -makes me melt a little bit!!!!

  27. ruthannabunton says:

    Hey, just wanted to apologise for my drunkeness in Eastbourne after the Holly Ball, think I may have misunderstood the situation and fully appreciate that you are not performing chimps. Looking forward to your next UK dates, might actually get round to watching you play.

  28. Red says:

    You guys are fabulous – consider Omaha, Nebraska or somewhere close by for your next tour PLEASE- I would love to see you guys live.

  29. poncke says:

    Apologies for the typo in my post, I meant Ted and not Ken ;-) Thanks again guys.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I posted a link of a M&S song on my friends Tammy’s Facebook wall and she was a fan from the first note. She has seen you 4 times now in the USA but I havent yet. She met up with the band a couple of times and got them to write these messages for me on a picture and has sent the picture to me for Xmas. Now I need to see and meet you myself whenever you come to Dublin. My thanks go out to Marcus, Ben, Winston, Ken and of course my friend Tammy for doing this amazing thing. All the best for 2011

  31. wckahlke says:

    Happy New Year and congrats on your 2010 success. I am a DJ at a community radio station in New Jersey. Want to play Little Lion Man but can’t find a radio edited version. How can I obtain?

  32. simonleeds says:

    This is Simon who chatted with Marcus on stage in Nottingham way back in October Rock City in 2010 – never had chance to say thanks for the pletrums – or piks as my daughter called them (ageing heathen here!!) Well ive converted just about everyone I know to be Momfordians. We have to know when the 2011 concert schedule is out so I can hire some coaches to wherever u guys are at. – So when the studio gets too boring get yourselves out ‘on the road’!!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    2011 new resolution : to play in BUCHAREST, an exotic place!! I recently like your music and lyrics. So NICE!! And there are so few true musicians who are brave enough to play for the international community of Bucharest :-) ! We can help you finding a special place to play! But… would you be brave enough to come there ??? … :-)
    Anyway, Thanks a lot for your very nice songs and vibes!! I am waiting for the next album!!
    Cheers. Eltonioo

  34. Anonymous says:

    Another Happy New Year to you Gentlemen! I just wanted to say that I recently discovered you via satellite radio and have fallen in musical bliss. And so, I would like to make a small but strong plea to you to come to Canada. Alberta, in fact. I trust your presence here would not go without a warm welcoming. If I am lucky enough to move to British Columbia this year, then hopefully you will at least visit Vancouver. That’s it, that’s all! Thanks.

  35. sianandpebbles says:

    You forgot your roots come home to England and play at my birthday please xxxxx

  36. junebugger81 says:

    Happy New Year to you guys…
    Please come to Arlo Guthrie’s Church (know as the Guthrie Center–was the church Alice lived in from the song Alice’s Restaurant and the Thanksgiving Day Massacree) It is the coolest place to play only holding a mere 100 people…it’s in Housatonic, Ma………please come to Massachusetts this year—if you can’t go there, then central Ma would be great—you don’t have to go to Boston to find fans!!!!! Love your music….sigh

  37. Zelda says:

    I love watching the videos and see the energy that you guys have on stage, the humour at interviews, and the fun you have while you’re doing what you like. And all those different instruments that you all play with just the four of you. And the mandolin..WOW! My uncle, one of the best guitarists in the bluesscene in our country, plays that too besides the vintage guitar collection he owns. I hope to see you live on stage in the Netherlands very soon! XXX “Zelda”

  38. Anonymous says:

    I love watching the videos and see the energy that you guys have on stage, the humour at interviews, and the fun you have while you’re doing what you like. And all those different instruments that you all play with just the four of you. And the mandolin..WOW! My uncle, one of the best (i think he IS the best of course ;-) ) guitarists in the bluesscene in our country, plays that too besides the vintage guitar collection he owns.
    I hope to see you live on stage in the Netherlands very soon! XXX

  39. MumfordLover says:

    Congrats Guys – Radio 104.5 Philadelphia had a survey for their listeners. You guys took hold and won just about every category!! Best Album of the Year, Best Artist of the Year, Best NEW Artist of the Year, Best Studio Session of the Year, and runner up for Best concert of the Year (Muse won first). I voted for you in all these categories too. Love you guys. Can’t wait for more!!!!!

  40. Anonymous says:

    Happy New Year to Mumford & Sons, all at HQ & all who visit this site. Hope 2011 is a good year for all. One of my few resolutions is to go Mumfording this year & try & make it to a live show so that’s exciting! Already feels like a good year! God Bless, SamanthaAnnxxxx

  41. Alf83 says:

    Hi All!, loving this Musicians, they evoke such great Vibe, By the way any thoughts on Gathering of the Vibes 2011???? 40 years for Jimi, Janis and Jim…

  42. IGaveyouAll04 says:


  43. IGaveyouAll04 says:

    Come to boring ol’ North

  44. MMcCann16 says:

    My Christmas break from college has included working on my book and listening to Mumford and Sons on vinyl. Needless to say it has been a great couple of weeks. I have heard authors say that there were bands that wrote their book for them. I never believed that until I found this record. I wrote 4 chapters of my own book over this break. It used to take me a month to write one. If I become a famous author there will be a place in my thank-you’s for M&S. Happy New Year, everyone!

  45. kimh says:

    Thank you so much for bringing back really cool, fantastically melodic music!!!! I can’t believe I’ve only known about you for the past 6 months or so and, as an old bag now, at 38 years of age, my much younger, 25 year old, rock band loving siblings were the ones to first introduce me to you and they too love you! I was stoked to find that Marcus is a bookish boy;) and blogs and runs a book club. I’m in love but in an extremely respectful, non-freakish fan kind of way. thanks so much:)

  46. samstaley says:

    PLEASE come to Shamrock Fest in Washington, D.C. on March 12, 2011.

  47. sorrelapha says:

    Went to see you in October in Portland Oregon with my sisters and brother-in-law and i have you say that you grab deep into our souls with your music. Best concert i have been to ever and i really can’t wait for you to come again. I will make sure i am at everyone when you are here. Have a great new year and hope to see you soon!