Hello friends,

So as you may or may not know we are in the studio! After a couple of years on the road it feels like a genuine treat to be sleeping in our own beds and getting coffee from the same place every morning. We decided we wanted to record here in London so that we can catch up with friends and enjoy this city we loosely call home. We are doing the bulk of the work at Eastcote studios where we recorded Sigh No More and this first batch of photos are of my daily walk from my home to the studio.

A few people have been asking what cameras I use and a few people asked a really long time ago so I’m sorry to keep you waiting. The answer is simple. My family is full of photographers to the point where I thought my uncle was a Cyclopes and my mother spent so much time with that Nikon in our faces that I resorted to stealing it. She often asks for it back and the other day I went and had it fully serviced with the true intention of returning it to her in better shape than when last she saw it. Unfortunately, having grown up holding and using this camera it now holds an unsurpassable familiarity and while many cameras have come and gone, my 1986 Nikon F301 is a true companion.

Sorry mum.

I have also just got myself a Holga which I have been having a lot of fun with. All the 120 stuff in this batch was taken on the Holga using slide film from the lomo shop. It’s a wonderfully simple camera which encourages creativity with inbuilt functions like the multiple colour flash. Multiple exposures are a common threat when not remembering wether or not you wound the film on or not, but it’s this element of unpredictability that needs to be embraced when your cameras got a plastic lens. Light leaks are also a common Holga feature to the point where the camera is supplied with electrical tape to tape the door shut after you’ve loaded the film. The results are always exciting with a Holga!

Look after yourselves and each other, no one else will. More photos of the studio soon to follow.

Ted xx