Hello friends,

I must apologise for not posting up any new pictures in really quite a long time. I just found a plastic bag in my flat with 12 undeveloped films in it so, today and hopefully tomorrow too, I’ll be posting a mishmash of a few tours we’ve done over the last few months. All these pics were taken on my 70s Nikon with the exception of the obvious Lomo fisheye pics. I have also just invested in one of those new fangled digital cameras so after this post there will be a higher proportion of digital images. I hope that’s ok. It does mean that pictures will move more quickly from the lens to the website instead of sitting in a plastic bag in my flat for a couple of months, however, I don’t believe the Nikon will ever be far from my side. Im already missing that 35mm magic!

Well much love to you all and thanks for stopping by for a Ted’s eye view of the band I call home. The angle from which it appears Mumford and Sons only has three members! I hope you enjoy your short stay xx


These first set of pictures were taken at a farm we stayed on in Nashville a few months ago to do some writing. Most of our time was spent in the front room picking with a few of our great friends, Big Mike from Apache Relay, Gill Landry from Old Crow Medicine show to name but a few of the wonderful souls who’ve helped to make the world a little smaller these last few years.