Gosh… even saying that feels like getting over this mountain of guilt I’ve felt for not staying on top of this little blog of mine. Last post, May 2010, are you kidding me?! There have been a few drafts since then, a few meals documented, but nothing finished. And then as time went on, the significance of the post felt like it needed to be bigger and grander, not because I think everyone in the world cares about what I’ve got to say, but because I know that the second that I post this my Mum’s going to drop me a note with her verdict. Somethings in life never change.

But the great news is that I do have a post of significance, something to share with y’all who are listening, an announcement, if you will?!

After many years of being a bad blogger, I’ve come up with a new idea of how to share my love of cooking and our shared love of great food with those who be keen to hear about it. The new idea comes in the form of my very dear old friend, Lucy. A semi-professional chef currently at a top catering college in London, Lucy and I brainstormed a way to keep me vocal about food, and cooking and documenting regularly whilst being realistic about the fact that up until now, 1 post every 2 years has been the best I’ve managed to do!

So I’m proposing a format, it’s pretty simple, and it’s also adaptable as we move forward with it.

Each tour, Lucy and I are going to research a handful of significant or unique dishes from whichever part of the world I’m in. This part is pretty interactive, all suggestions welcome, and all will be considered. We’re also going to be asking established chefs, local people and looking in cookery books etc. Lucy will then cook up the shortlist of dishes, document it, post pictures and give a little verdict on each dish. 

And then I’m going to attempt to cook, from Lucy’s instructions, one of these recipes whilst on the road and serve it up to the boys for one of our pre-gig dinners. Again this will come with pictures from whatever DIY kitchen I can put together along with a little verdict from the road. We might even be able to film one or two of them.

As I write this, I am in Perth, Australia, on the dawn of our first show of a two and a half week tour of this beautiful country. There could not be a better time to put all of this into action!

All that’s left for me to do, is formally introduce Lucy. The best way to get to know her a bit is on her blog (http://whatlucyatenext.blogspot.com), but she’s also sent a few words to say hi:

lucy “I’ve loved cooking since I was a little girl. Being the youngest of five daughters, meal times were always a big thing at our house and our days tended to revolve around food a bit more than I would like to admit..! Cooking was always my way of unwinding and taking a bit of time out when things weren’t going so well, but having started a regular office job when i left university, I began to realise that that might not be quite right for me. Every time I thought about what I really wanted to do and what made me happy, it kept on coming back to cooking. It seemed pretty obvious that at some point I was going to have to bite the bullet and just get on with quitting my job and starting chef training. Soo, that’s where I am now. Cooking every day, training and learning all the time about food and hopefully getting better in the process! 
Thanks to my buddy Ben, I now have this chance to learn even more about food and help him to get the band eating food from all around the world. First stop Australia! Let us know if you have any suggestions for the best Oz dishes and I’ll get researching…”

And that’s it. We’re off! Thanks to jet lag for giving me time, when no-one else is awake, to sit in my hotel room and write this post.

And whilst I have your attention, thank YOU, from all of us really, for supporting what we do and encouraging us, and buying our music and coming to our gigs. It’s been a whirlwind in many ways, but ultimately we’re just a few dudes playing songs and you’re the ones who have kicked up the storm that has helped keep us focusing on doing just that. Thanks just doesn’t seem to say enough any more…


B xx