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Australia – a very hard country to leave.

The past couple of weeks have been very special, from the Belvoir in Perth to the Entertainment Centre in the Gold Coast, via Dungog for the Gentlemen of the Road Stopover and many more cities in between. We saw the barrier reef for the first time and played a show in the stunning rainforest in Kuranda.

Willy Mason was an absolute pleasure to tour with, every night he stood up on that stage and delivered a memorable performance. My favourite show of his was Adelaide, where he seemed to take the whole room with him on a musical journey, with people singing along and clapping. It was great. So too were the Zeros, we love sharing the road with those boys and girls. Kindred spirits from far away, it felt like the essence of the train tour we did across America had come with us to Australia. They’re just one of the best bands in the world, simple as that!

It was in the Gold Coast that I found the time to delve into Lucy’s recipes and pick a meal to cook up for the boys. We have pretty limited resources whilst on the road, both trying to find ingredients but also with equipment. Our friend Wilf, who took over my duties of cooking on the road everyday as of this past summer, has equipped himself with a couple of camping stoves and an electric skillet/frying pan. I used to just about get away with cooking everything in a rice cooker, but it does have it’s limitations, so having a couple of different ways to cook stuff really broadens the menu options.

We had sampled some fantastic fish whilst travelling around Oz but hadn’t yet come across any Barramundi. Sure enough, there it was on sale in the Gold Coast, and we got 12 portions. The four of us, Captain Nick and the Cowboy Ramblers, Ross and some friends and family.

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It was massively straightforward to prepare. We made some slight alterations, making our own chilli dressing for the salad instead of fish sauce, adding some avocado (a tour favourite) to the salad, and shaving corn off whole cobs instead of the tinned stuff. Also, as it was our main meal of the day, we added some tats to fill out the dish – just small, cut up fingerling potatoes, fried off like wedges. Oh, and some blanched Broccoli!

Aside from Wilf’s early prep work, the whole meal took about 20-30 minutes to create, which is ideal when trying to throw a meal together between sound check and the venue doors opening.

The meal was a HUGE success, really delicious recipe, and we were talking about how we’d never tasted fish like Barramundi before, if there was a comparison it’d be somewhere between Monkfish and Perch. And, most importantly, it is a fish which is synonymous with Australian cuisine. The name Barramundi, was actually originally derived from the Australian Aboriginal name for the fish.

And the salad was the perfect compliment.

As it’s a back to back tour with New Zealand, I believe Lucy has already prepared some dishes for this leg, which will be coming soon. Feedback is really helpful, and we’ll try and make it more and more interactive as a blog, the more relevant the feedback is. Basically, suggestions encouraged at every stage!

Love from Wellington, NZ!

B x

Photos courtesy of Mr. Ted Dwane, and Ms. Jemima Janney!

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  1. Kapow99 says:

    The fact you cook makes you even cooler because most people would just hire someone to do it for them.

  2. Kapow99 says:

    Ben, are you dating Jemima or Lucy or neither ?

  3. Kapow609 says:

    The food you write about sounds tasty. Can’t wait to read your next one.

  4. Momogirl says:

    Will never forget you toting around that little rice cooker! Quite impressive that you made so many meals in that thing, such creativity.

  5. miameow2 says:


  6. krose says:

    Amazing! :D

  7. Joann Martin says:

    Ah! This sounds really yummy! I’m a fan of this blog for sure.Can’t wait for more recipes and pictures :D

  8. NicolaM says:


    Rosemary stick
    Bacon strips

    Grab a prune. Push the side in to make a wee cup shape. Fill it with feta and a walnut. Wrap a bacon strip around it. Slide it onto the rosemary stick. Lay them on the bbq. Swear a lot when bacon sticks, and they fall slightly to pieces. Take them off bbq. Restuff, restick. Eat. Yum. Wine. Think your self fancy. Eat another.

    :P x

    -Nicola Michelle.

  9. suzicoin says:

    Wow! So Letterman finally aired the performance of “I Will Wait” that was supposed to air months ago. What a jerk to make us all go online or wait so long. Aside from that, way to go M&S!! You did an awesome job and I hate that I had to wait so long to see that. Letterman is still a jerk… Love Mumford and Sons!!

  10. SandyRocco says:

    My husband and I think you guys are amazing! I have been trying to get tickets to surprise him for Christmas, but they are sold out already at both the Barclays in Brooklyn NY and the Susquehana in NJ. My cousin even works at the Barclays and I can’t get them. Can you please add one more show. I will cook for you if you do!!! A nice Jersey Italian meal!(originally from NY)

  11. EmmaO18 says:

    So I saw your concert on the 10th at the hollywood bowl. Your concert was my first real concert. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen in my entire life. I had a horrible day on Friday, and your concert just made everything so much better. I would love to be able to come to more of your concerts. You guys made a horrible event leave my mind and I cant express how much fun I had. You guys are amazing.

  12. I am so impressed. You guys are gagillionaires and you still cook for yourselves! Beyond Impressed!

  13. hanzooor says:

    the comment below is copied from another tread.